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Sarpavaram Sri Rajyalakshmi Sameta Sri Bhavannarayana Swamy Temple | Best Rahu Ketu Pooja Temple

Shri Rajyalakshmi Sameta Shri Bhavanarayana Swamy  Temple at Sarpavaram is a famous temple for Rahu Ketu Pooja, Sarpa Dosha Pooja which is near kakinada Andhrapradesh.

This temple is situated at a distance of 5 km from Kakinada and the story of Sarpavaram is described in the Brahma Vyvarta Purana. The great sage Agastya narrated this story to Saunaka and other saints of the Nymisha forest.

The great saint Kashyapa married Kadru who gave birth to thousand serpents. Kadru, with the intention of making Vinata, the second wife of Kashyapa her maid, ordered her sons to go and embrace Uchai Srava, the white horse of Lord Indra. Not liking the idea of duping Vinata, they refused to obey their mother. Kadru then cursed that her sons should perish in the fires lit in the serpent sacrifice to be carried out by Janamejaya. Ananta, a devout and polite serpent out of the thousand sons of Kadru, wandered searching for an apt place to perform penance to please Lord Vishnu by whose compassion he wanted to save himself. He thus found this place and started penance here. Pleased at it, Lord Vishnu appeared and agreed him to work as a cozy bed for Him. Lord Vishnu then affirmed that this place would be called after him as ‘Sarpapura’ and that He along with Goddess Lakshmi would be duly set up there by sage Narada. The place thus got its name Sarpapura from the great serpent, Ananta or Shesha.

Sarpavaram Sri Bhavannarayana Swamy Temple

One day, sage Narada approached Brahma and heard from him that the whole world was all masked in the delusion of Lord Vishnu from which fleeing was impossible. To this, Narada without a pause proclaimed that it was possible for him. Brahma, on hearing his ego, chided him and turned him away. Narada while wandering the world came across the beautiful lake at Sarpapura and wished to take bath in it. The strange moment was when he had a dip in it, sage Narada turned into a damsel. He forgot the past and being a lady, was looking out for a companion. Prince Nakunda of Pithapuram reached there for hunting at the same time. On seeing each other, both fell in love and he took her to Pithapuram after marrying her. In due course of time, sixty sons named Prabhava, Vibhava, etc (Telugu years names) were born of her who grew up to be brave men.

Later, another king Ripunjaya invaded Pithapuram and killed Prince Nakunda and all his sons in the battle that followed. The lady heard the heartbreaking news with anguish and saw the captor marching towards the place. Then, Lord Vishnu appeared before her dressed like a holy Brahmin and recited the tale of despair and asked her to take a bath in the lake. She had a dip as advised and this time turned back into Narada. Narada realized his fault and prayed to Vishnu begging His forgiveness. Lord Vishnu then proclaimed, “Let this lake be known as “Mukti-Kasara” the lake of salvation I command that all holy places in all the three worlds should stay on here”.

Total view of Sri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple – Sarpavaram – Kakinada: This Lake is said to wash away all the sins of people bathing here. Out of all months, Karthika, Margasira and Magha and out of all days Saturday and Sunday are considered to be very propitious for the bath. The Lord said, “I shall remain here along with my consort Lakshmi. Please install me in with all Vedic rites”. And hence sage Narada set up the Lord here. He then came to be called ‘Bhavanarayana’, the God who grants salvation to His devotees even by just thinking of this place. Then all the saints along with the Gods Brahma and Siva appeared and sang praises of the Lord Bhavanarayana who affirmed as follows:

“I shall always remain here with Lakshmi, Neela and Bhudevi.

Out of the hundred and eighty holy places of my worship on the Earth, this is the best. Those who reside in places ten miles around this place are all my devotees. One who stays here for three days will reap the good of a hundred horse-sacrifices”.

This is just a brief importance of Sarpapura. From ancient times, this place has been commended as the best ‘Punya Kshetra’ and it is believed that great saints like Agastya and Vyasa visited this place. The Rajas and Maharajas of Pithapuram revered the deity by spending extravagantly on the holy celebrations taking place in the temple.

In the Main Temple Lord Bhavanarayana Swamy along with his consort, is the presiding deity.

This temple is also known as Thrilinga Kshoni Vaikunth as there are three pratishthas in the shrine:
1) Lord Bhavanarayana Swamy with his consort Rajyalakshmi, manifested by Saint Narada
2) Moola Bhavanarayana Swamy manifested by Anantha, a snake.
3) Pathala Bhavanarayana Swamy in the form of Vishnu on the Garuda Vahana, who is self-manifested.

2 lakes are there called Muktikaasaram and Narada Kundam.

Temple Timings: 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM and 5.00 pm 8.00 pm

How to Reach:
Nearest Domistic Airport is Rajamundry 56 km
Nearest International Airport is Vizag 156 km
Nearest Railway Stattion is kakinada 7 km

Poojas And Festivals at Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple:

  1. Chaitra Masa:- Special poojas are performed on Ugadi (Telugu New Year Day) in the morning. The Panchanga Shravanam is done in the afternoon.
  2. Vaisakha Masa:- Kalyana Utsava is celebrated in a grand manner from Shuddha Ekadasi to Krishna Padyami.
  3. Jyeshta Masa:- Pooja is performed by the devotees.
  4. Ashada Masa:- Special Poojas are performed by the devotees in Shudda Ekadasi (Tholi Ekadasi).
  5. Shravana Masa:- Birthday celebrations (Thiru Nakshatram) of Goddess Shri Lakshmi take place for the first three days of the month.
    Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on Ashtami, during Krishna Paksha of the month for two days.
    Grand Kumkum Poojas are offered on all Fridays of the month by the devotees.
  6. Bhadrapada Masa:- Poojas are performed on Ekadasi.
  7. Aashvayuja Masa:- Devi Navarathris are celebrated as well as Gramothsava and Jammi Seva is performed on Dasami.
  8. Karthika Masa:- Shri Manavalla Maha Muni Thirunakshatram is celebrated in a grand manner for the first five days of the month.
    Dheeparadhanas and poojas are offered on Karthika Somavara, Poornima and Ekadasi.
  9. Margasira Masa:- Dhanurmasa Vratam starts from 15th December.
  10. Pushya Masa:- The Vaikuntha Ekadasi as well as the three-day Pongal festival (Godaa Kalyana on Bhogi, Pongal on second day, Kanuma on third day) are celebrated on a grand scale, on each of the respective dates.
  11. Magha Masa:- The temple festival is celebrated on four Sundays of the month. The Radhasapthami, Bhishma Ekadasi, Pournami are celebrated in an impressive manner.
    The Adhyana Utsavas and Gramotsavas are celebrated from Bahula Ekadasi to Amavasya.
  12. Phalguna Masa – Poojas are offered on Shuddha Ekadasi.

More information concerning to the details can be procured by contacting the temple authorities at:

Executive Officer,
Sri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple,
Kakinada Rural Mandal
Phone No: 0884 – 2372734 (R) 9705551825

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