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Shamirpet Lake Hyderabad Telangana Tourist Places

Apart from the palaces, forts, museums and temples, Hyderabad also has beautiful lakes with scenic beauty. These artificial lakes were built damming the Musi River by the Nizams of Hyderabad to fulfill the water needs of the residents of Hyderabad and its neighboring towns. The lakes are also home to the migratory birds that flow across in winter, making it the best place to visit in Hyderabad. One of these is the Shamirpet Lake in Hyderabad. It now has a small dam with some flood gates.

Shamirpet Lake

Situated 24 kilometers north of Hyderabad, this imitation lake built by the Nizam falls in the Rangareddy district. As the spot is away from the city, one can come and enjoy some private moments here. This place of Hyderabad is set in a marvelously rocky landscape and is very well known for its magnificent sunsets and forms a perfect tourist spot in Hyderabad.
If you are a writer or a poet wanting isolation from the droning and usual agenda of the city, visit Shamirpet. The silence at the lakeside may zero your stress also and gives you a good decision taking time.

The migratory birds make this lake their home during the winters. This place is beyond doubt a photographer’s delight and a perfect picturesque spot as you can find the setting sun, the pleasant waters, the rocky terrain and the birds in flight.

Shamirpet Lake Hyderabad

The Jawahar Deer Park, situated half kilometer away from the lake is home to different species of deer, peacocks and some other beautiful birds. There are flowering plants, information on the birds that can be seen here and a clearly defined path. This Shamirpet Lake is the favorite among picnickers due to its cool environment and its shady groves are perfect for a warm morning.

There is also a small temple devoted to the local deity, Katta Maisamma at the entrance of the dam. ‘Katta’ means ‘bridge’. The deity is said to provide safety to travelers who pass the bridge. Small idols of Hanuman and other Gods dot the rocks surrounding the lake. To add to the beauty of the lake, there is also a small stream flowing over the bed of rocks. Many Telugu movies have been shot in these rocky areas against the calm background of the lake.

Shamirpet Lake is also well known for its fishing business. Shamirpet police now takes care and also warning boards have been placed around the lake as a few drowning cases were reported in the past. Two of the country’s most prominent educational institutes, Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) and Nalsar University of Law are situated near the lake. Sometimes, patients from Mediciti Hospital are brought here to let them enjoy the fresh atmosphere.
The Hyderabad Tourism Board has tried to develop the lake and its surrounding as a good tourist spot. Celebrity Club, Alankrita Resort and a resort opened by the State Tourism are available for people interested in withdrawing from the crowded city. Although there are guest cottages here, picnickers prefer to carry their own food.

This usually isolated Shamirpet Lake transforms into a typical Hyderabad tourist location on holidays and weekends. If you want to spend some quality time alone engaging you in a few conversations or want to go on a family picnic, drive away to this lake and enjoy this weekend tourist getaway spot.

Shamirpet Lake Hyderabad Telangana Tourist Places

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