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Shri Dayananda Mangalashtakam Lyrics in English

śrīdayānandamaṅgalāṣṭakam Lyrics in English:

sriramajayam ।
Om sadgurusrityagarajasvamine namo namaḥ ।

atha sridayanandamangalasṭakam ।
satakumbhahrdabjaya satayurmangalaya ca ।
satabhisekavandyaya dayanandaya mangalam ॥ 1॥

sahasrabjasudarsaya sahasrayutakirtaye ।
sahajasmeravaktraya dayanandaya mangalam ॥ 2॥

gangadarsanapunyaya gangasnanaphalaya ca ।
gangatirasramavasadayanandaya mangalam ॥ 3॥

vedopanisadaguptanityavastuprakasine ।
vedantasatyatattvajnadayanandaya mangalam ॥ 4॥

suddhajnanaprakasaya suddhantarangasadhave ।
suddhasattattvabodhaya dayanandaya mangalam ॥ 5॥

damadisamarupaya yanandavakprabodhine ।
svamine sattvabodhaya yathanamne sumangalam ॥ 6॥

aksaraguptasadvanipurnaprasadavagmine ।
aksaraslokamalaya dayanandaya mangalam ॥ 7॥

tyagabrahmagurusvamisisyapuspasugitaye ।
dayanandasupurnaya purnayuse sumangalam ॥ 8॥

iti sadgurusrityagarajasvaminaḥ sisyaya bhaktaya puspaya krtam
sridayanandamangalasṭakam gurau samarpitam ।
Om subhamastu ।

Shri Dayananda Mangalashtakam Meaning:

1) The one whose lotus of the heart is gold; the one who lives a hundred years; the one who is blissful; the one to be revered by ´sat¯abhiseka.

2) The one who has witnessed a thousand moons; the one of manifold glory; the one with a naturally smiling face.

3) The one of auspicious vision of the Ganga; the one whose is the fruit of bathing in the Ganga; the one whose residence is the ¯a´srama on the banks of the Ganga.

4) The one who throws light on That Eternal Reality hidden in the Vedas and Upanis.ads; the one who knows the Reality of Truth in Vedanta.

5) The one radiant with pure knowledge; the s¯adhu whose mind is pure; the one who teaches the true principle of pure Reality.

6) The form of the six virtues like self-restraint and equanimity; the one who teaches the Gita, the expression of the Lord who is the delight of Lakshmi; the ascetic; the one who teaches the nature of the existing Reality; auspiciousness unto the one who is just as the name (Day¯a and Ananda ¯ ).

7) The eloquent one, with the full grace of Sarasvati, who is latent in these aks.aras (letters); the one with the unfading garland of these ´slokas.

8) The one for whom is this song by Pushpa, the disciple of Sadguru Sri Tyagabrahmam; the one in whom compassion and bliss are full; auspiciousness unto this one with a long, full life.

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