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Shri Minakshimanimal Ashtakam Lyrics in Oriya with Meaning

ଶ୍ରୀମୀନାକ୍ଷୀମଣିମାଲାଷ୍ଟକମ୍ Lyrics in Oriya:

ମଧୁରାପୁରିନାୟିକେ ନମସ୍ତେ
ମଧୁରାଲାପିଶୁକାଭିରାମହସ୍ତେ ।
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ଵିଧେହି ଧନ୍ୟେ ॥ ୧॥

କମଲାସେଵିତପାଦପଙ୍କଜାନ୍ତେ ।
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ଵିଧେହି ଶାନ୍ତେ ॥ ୨॥

କୃପୟାପାଲିତସର୍ଵଜୀଵଲୋକେ ।
ମଲୟଧ୍ଵଜସନ୍ତତେଃ ପତାକେ
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ନିଧେହି ପାକେ ॥ ୩॥

ଵିମତାମୋଟନପୂଜିତାପଦାନେ ।
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ଵିଧେହି ଦୀନେ ॥ ୪॥

ତୁହିନପ୍ରାୟମହୀଧରୋଦରସ୍ଥେ ।
ମଦନାରିପରିଗ୍ରହେ କୃତାର୍ଥେ
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ଵିଧେହି ସାର୍ଥେ ॥ ୫॥

କଲିତାନେକଜଗନ୍ନିଵାସିରକ୍ଷେ ।
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ କୁରୁ ପ୍ରଵୀଣେ ॥ ୬॥

ମନସା ଭାଵିତଚନ୍ଦ୍ରମୌଲିସଵ୍ୟେ ।
ତରସା ପରିପୂରିତୟଜ୍ଞହଵ୍ୟେ
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ଵିଧେହି ଭଵ୍ୟେ ॥ ୭॥

ଜଗଦମ୍ବ କଦମ୍ବମୂଲଵାସେ
କମଲାମୋଦମୁଖେନ୍ଦୁମନ୍ଦହାସେ ।
ମୟି ମୀନାକ୍ଷି କୃପାଂ ଵିଧେହି ଦାସେ ॥ ୮॥

ପଠତାମନିଶଂ ପ୍ରଭାତକାଲେ
ମଣିମାଲାଷ୍ଟକମଷ୍ଟଭୂତିଦାୟୀ ।
ଘଟିତାଶତଚାତୁରୀଂ ପ୍ରଦଦ୍ୟା-
ତ୍କରୁଣାପୂର୍ଣକଟାକ୍ଷସନ୍ନିଵେଶାତ ॥ ୯॥

ଇତି ଶ୍ରୀମୀନାକ୍ଷୀମଣିମାଲାଷ୍ଟକଂ ସମ୍ପୂର୍ଣମ୍ ।

Shri Minakshimanimal Ashtakam Meaning :

Salutations be of You. O Minaksi, Who is the ruler of Madhurapuri, Whose hands have a sweetly conversing parrot and abhirama (delight), Who is the daughter of Paṇḍya ruler Malayadhvaja, and Who is bestowing wealth! Cast (Your) benevolence on me. || 1 ||

O Minaksi, Whose tresses defeat the darkness of black clouds, Whose ends of lotus-feet are served by Kamala (or lotuses), Who is the consort of the dear one of the Madhurapura (Śiva), and Who is quiet! Cast (Your) benevolence on me. || 2 ||

O Minaksi,1 Who has protected all the living-beings of world by benevolence, Who is the highest flag (or best) in the lineage of Malayadhvaja, and Who is honest! Cast (Your) benevolence on me. || 3 ||

O Minaksi, Who is the playful vehicle to conquer the exertion due to fate, Who is crushing hostility (of disagreement) and Who is worshipped by noble works, Who became a fish to look (continuously) with delightful eyes, and Who is thin! Cast (Your) benevolence on me. || 4 ||

O Minaksi, Who is at the bank of warm lake with lotuses, Who is situated inside a mountain which mostly has snow, Who has accepted the enemy of Madana (Kamadeva) as a consort, Who is accomplished, and Who is opulent. Cast (Your) benevolence on me. || 5 ||

O Minaksi, Whose tongue is deft in making sounds like a melodious parrot, Who is the protector of numerous living beings in many created worlds, Who is holding the hand of He Who quickly ended Kamadeva (Madana) by deep fire of forehead, and Who is perfect. Do (Your) benevolence on me. || 6 ||

O Minaksi, Who is worthy of service by Visṇu (enemy of demon Madhu), the world and Brahma (creator of the world), Who manifests to the left of Śiva (Whose forehead has the moon) by Her own wish, Who by (Her) energy completes the offering of a yajña, and Who is beautiful! Cast (Your) benevolence on me. || 7 ||

O Minaksi, Who is the Mother of the world, Who resides in the root of Kadamba of existence, Whose face cheers the lotuses and Whose smile is like moonlit rays, and Whose beautiful glance win over the temple of Madurai! Cast (Your) benevolence on me, who is your servant. || 8 ||

In the morning, he who reads this eight-type of wealth giving maṇimalasṭakam everyday–he is offered devised hundred dexterities because of (or owing to) the presence of glance full of compassion (in Goddess). || 9 ||

Shri Minakshimanimal Ashtakam Lyrics in Oriya with Meaning

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