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Home / Hindu Mantras / Ashtaka / Shri Vrajanavayuvaraja Ashtakam Lyrics in Hindi with Meaning

Shri Vrajanavayuvaraja Ashtakam Lyrics in Hindi with Meaning


Shri Vrajanavayuvarajashtakam in Hindi


श्रीव्रजनवयुवराजाय नमः ।
मुदिरमदमुदारं मर्दयन्नङ्गकान्त्या
वसनरुचिनिरस्ताम्भोजकिञ्जल्कशोभः ।
व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ १॥

कलिततनुरिवाद्धा मातृवात्सल्यपुञ्जः ।
र्व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ २॥

अखिलजगति जाग्रन्मुग्धवैदग्ध्यचर्या
प्रथमगुरुरुदग्रस्थामविश्रामसौधः ।
र्व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ ३॥

अपि मदनपराअर्धैर्दुष्करं विक्रियोर्मिं
युवतिषु निदधानो भ्रूधनुर्धूननेन ।
र्व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ ४॥

न्मथितगहनराधाचित्तकासारगर्भः ।
र्व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ ५॥

अनुपदमुदयन्त्या राधिकासङ्गसिद्ध्या
स्थगितपृथुरथाङ्गद्वन्द्वरागानुबन्धः ।
व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ ६॥

त्रिजगदपरतन्त्रोद्दामचेतोगजेन्द्रः ।
सुखमुखरविशाखानर्मणा स्मेरवक्त्रो
व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ ७॥

त्वयि रहसि मिलन्त्यां सम्भ्रमन्यासभुग्नाप्य्-
उषसि सखि तवालीमेखला पश्य भाति ।
इति विवृतरहस्यैर्ह्रेपयन्न् एव राधां
व्रजनवयुवराजः काङ्क्षितं मे कृपीष्ट ॥ ८॥

व्रजनवयुवराजस्याष्टकं तुष्टबुद्धिः
कलितवरविलासं यः प्रयत्नादधिते ।
परिजनगणनायां नाम तस्यानुरज्यन्
विलिखति किल् वृन्दारण्यराज्ञीरसज्ञः ॥ ९॥

इति श्रीरूपगोस्वामिविरचितस्तवमालायां श्रीव्रजनवयुवराजाष्टकं समाप्तम् ।

Vraja Nava Yuva Rajastakam Meaning:

“May the young prince of Vraja, whose bodily luster defeats the pride of a monsoon cloud, the luster of Whose garment defeats that of the filaments of a lotusflower and the moon of Whose childhood becomes afflicted when he sees the sun of His adolescence rising, fulfill my desire!” || 1 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Who constantly stirs innumerable life-airs of His father, Who is the embodiment of His mother’s great maternal love, and Who is the nectar wick for the eyes of His favorable superiors, fulfill my desire.” || 2 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Who is the foremost and most splendid guru of all charming arts in the whole universe, Who is the most elevated resting place of valorous transcendental bliss and Who delights His innumerable friends with all His matchless attributes, fulfill my desire.” || 3 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Who, by twanging the bow of His eyebrows, causes waves of agitation in the minds of the young girls that are hard to generate even by trillions of Cupids, and Who is the ocean in which the fish-like hearts of His dear friends play, fulfill my desire.” || 4 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Whose goad-like eyes blissfully strike and agitate the elephant of erotic desires, thus causing it to wreak havoc in the depth of the lake of Sri Radha’s heart, and Who is the bumblebee who relishes the honey of rasika loving pastimes, fulfill my desire!” || 5 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Whose constant love for Sri Radha defeats even the constant passionate love of the pairs of Cakravaka flamingoes (since they are separated at night, while Krsna can meet Radha day and night) and Who is the ocean wherein all the honey-rivers of sweetness stream, fulfill my desire!” || 6 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Whose indomitable lordly elephant-heart, which cannot be checked by anything within the three worlds, is bound by the strong and crooked ropes of Sri Radha’s glance, and Whose face smiles as He hears the blissful jokes of talkative Visakha, fulfill my desire!” || 7 ||

“May the young prince of Vraja, Who by embarrasses Radha by revealing His intimate pastimes with Her, telling one girlfriend: “O sakhi! Just see how Your sakhi’s waist bells shine, even though She quickly and hypocritically put them on again after suddenly meeting you in solitude at dawn!”, fulfill my desire!” || 8 ||

“Sri Krsna, Who knows the flavors of Sri Vrndavanesvari Radhika’s prema, will be pleased with anyone who carefully and with a satisfied heart, recites these eight verses, that describe the excellent enjoyments of the young prince of Vraja, and will count him by name amongst His own intimate associates.” || 9 ||

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