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Shrivasangam Mandir | Shrivasangam Temple Mykolaiv, Ukraine


About Shrivasangam Mandir:

Although many people feel the presence of God in their own heart, still, for millennia people are trying to visit special places – temples, churches, mosques, churches, etc. What is the attraction of these holy places for a believer? What is the difference between an ordinary house and such a place of pilgrimage, bringing fearlessness and inspiration to a person who is seeking God’s peace, giving him answers to difficult life situations?

Shrivasangam Temple Mykolaiv, Ukraine

The most important part of any temple is the sanctified image of God that is present in it. In some traditions it can be an icon painted in paint, a sculpture carved from stone, written by a beautiful image of the names of God. Although, as it seems, all these sacred objects are material, yet, the scriptures affirm that since the Lord is absolute and wholly spiritual, there is no matter for him or spirit. Possessing supreme power and commanding all energies, He can manifest Himself anywhere and in any way. The Bible contains an episode describing how the Supreme Personality of Godhead manifested Himself before Moses in the form of a burning thorn bush, and the Vedic tradition contains a detailed description of the Divine appearance of Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and detailed instructions on how to make His sculptural image,
Thus, the properly sanctified image of God becomes nondifferent from the Lord Himself, granting a person who aspires to find God the highest good – the ability to occupy his mind, body and speech in the service of God and so receive His mercy and help, to rise to the level of pure existence, free from material of filth.
Such a manifestation of God in the form of Deities in the temple is an expression of God’s compassion for a man who has lost the ability to see the spirit because of his ignorance. Worship of such an authoritative form of God has strictly scientific foundations and is carried out in accordance with the directions of the scriptures. The result of such worship is that by offering their service to the Deity, the worshiper gains the divine qualities. That is why, temples, mosques, churches and monasteries have always exerted a special influence on a person – elevating it, making it purer, more correct, wiser, more spiritual. This is something that is so lacking in the modern world, which has everything except peace and happiness.

Sunday Festival:

Every Sunday, all the inhabitants of the city, the region and not only the region have the unique opportunity to visit the colorful and unforgettable Vaishnava festival.

You can “dive” into the oldest, cleanest and most beautiful tradition of personal development, personally experience the Vedic culture, its traditions and rituals, its delicious bhajans and incendiary kirtans, enjoy culinary masterpieces Vedic cuisine. More importantly, communicate personally with the rarest representatives: the people who have dedicated their lives to cultivation and dissemination.

Sunday Festival:

2-00 PM – Beginning of the program, lecture on Bhagavad-gita
3-00 PM – Dance kirtan


5-8, Sudostroitelny pereulok,
Ukraine – 327052 Phone: +380 (51) 0351734, +380 (51) 2479422
Email: vandya@iskcon.aip.nikolaev.ua, vicaksana.das@gmail.com

Shrivasangam Mandir | Shrivasangam Temple Mykolaiv, Ukraine

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