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Siruli Mahavir Temple Timings, History | Siruli Hanuman Temple

Siruli Mahavir Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is located in Siruli Village, Odisha. Siruli Mahavir Temple is 20 km from Puri Shri Jagannath Temple and 65.2 km from Bhubaneswar. The unique aspect of the temple is that the Mahvir Hanuman always looks with his left eye at the Neel Chakra above the Puri Jagannath Temple.

Devotees believe that the Mahavir Hanuman murti is was Swayambhu (which appeared on its own), the statue is 10 feet tall and faces west. Lord Hanuman holds a short dagger in left hand and gandha mardana mountain in right hand. Anjana, the mother of Lord Hanumana is in the right side of the pedestal. The present temple is in five acres of land was constructed by Cholaganga Dev in the 6th century AD. Some scholars believe that it was created in the 12th century AD.

Siruli Mahavir Temple Timings:

Morning: 4:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Siruli Mahavir Temple History:

A legend about the divinity is always fresh and popular with the locals, the left eye of Lord Hanuman is towards the temple of Puri Jagannatha and the right eye towards Lanka, the birthplace of Ravana. A seven-cap snake canopy, Shiva Linga, is on the top of the figure’s head. The figure of Lord Mahavir shows Lord Rama and the goddess Sita in his torn heart.

Siruli Mahavir Temple

The temple faces south and is constructed with laterite stones and sand. Two huge lions are installed on each side of the main entrance door. The outer walls of the main temple contain figures of Hanumana, Ganesha, Mahisamardini Durga, Siva Linga and bull. The figures of nine planets (navagrahas) are carved above the entrance on the east side of the temple. There is a very old peepal tree in front of the temple.

People have great faith in Lord Mahavir/Hanuman and the devotees visit this temple in large numbers every day and festive seasons. Festivals such as Makara Sankranti, Rama Navami, Dola Purnima are observed in this temple with great interest and splendor.

Siruli Mahavir Temple Address:

Odisha 752012
Phone: 094390 50520

Siruli Hanuman

Siruli Mahavir Temple Timings, History | Siruli Hanuman Temple

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