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Sixteen Upacharas | 16 Upacharas

During the worship of the Lord 16 types of services/honourings are done to the Lord. Evidently these are the outpouring of love that are channalised and suggested by the Agamas.

Avahana – Welcome/installation
Asana – Giving seat
padya – Washing the leg
arghya – Washing the hands
Achaman – Water to drink
madhuparka – Sweet (honey) mixture to eat
snana – Bathe
vastra – Clothe
upavita – Offering holy thread
gandha – Scenting
pushpa – Floral decoration
dhUpa – Incence smoke
dipa – Light decor
nivedana – Offering (food)
karpura – Camphor light
pradaxina namaskara – circumambulation and salutation

Sixteen Upacharas | 16 Upacharas

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