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Skanda Shatkam Lyrics in English and Meaning | Lord Murugan Shatkam

Skanda Shatkam in English:

Shanmugam, Parvathi puthram,
Krouncha shaila vivardhanam,
Deva Senathipathim devam ,
Skandam Vande Shivathmajam. || 1 ||

I salute Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva,
Who has six heads and is the son of Parvathi,
Who broke into pieces the Krouncha mountain,
And who is the God who was the commander of Deva armies.

Tharakasura hantharam,
Mayurasana samsthitham,
Shakthayanincha devesam,
Skandam Vande Shivathmajam. || 2 ||

I salute Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva,
Who killed the asura called Tharaka,
Who travels on his steed, the peacock,
And who is the God armed with Shakthi.

Visweswara priyam devam,
Visweswara thanuu bhavam,
Kamukam, kamadham , kantham,
Skandam Vande Shivathmajam. || 3 ||

I salute Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva,
Who is the God who is the darling of Shiva,
Who rose from the body of Lord Shiva,
Who is a lover, giver of boons and stealer of mind.

Kumaram muni shardhoola ,
Manasanthara gocharam,
Valli kantham Jagat yonim,
Skandam Vande Shivathmajam. || 4 ||

I salute Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva,
Who is a lad visible to great sages.
As sacred joy in their mind,
Who is the consort of Valli and the progenitor of the world.

Pralaya sthithi kartharm,
Adi kartharameeswaram,
Bhaktha priyam, madonmatham,
Skandam Vande Shivathmajam. || 5 ||

I salute Skanda , the son of Lord Shiva,
Who causes the final deluge ,
Who is the God who recreates the world,
Who likes his devotees and is greatly exuberant.

Visakam sarva bhoothaanaam,
Swaminam, krithika sutham,
Sada balam jada dharam,
Skandam Vande Shivathmajam. || 6 ||

I salute Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva,
Who was born in Visaka and is the lord,
Of all beings, is the son of Kruthika stars,
Who is forever child and has a tuft.

Skanda shatkamidham stotram,
Midhamya padeth srunyas thadha,
Vanchithan Labhathe Sathya,
Anthe Skanda puram vrujeth. || 7 ||

He who reads or hears,
This sextet on lord Skanda,
Would definitely realize all his wishes,
And in the end, go to the land of Skanda.

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