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Sree Ramar Story | Sri Rama Tale | The Story Sri Ramachandra Swamy

Sree Ramar Temple Timings:  

From 6.00 am to 12.00 Noon and 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

The story of Sree Ramar is considered as one of the greatest epics in Indian history.

Singapore-Sree Ramar Temple

Centuries ago, King Dasaratha ruled the great city of Ayodhya. After ruling the prosperous city for several years, one day he decided to retire. He decided that his eldest son Ramar would be the best person to take over the throne as his successor.

But, Ramar’s stepmother Kaikeyi wanted her son Bharata to become the next king. She reminded King Dasaratha of a promise he had made several years ago that he would grant her any two wishes as per her choice.

She demanded King Dasaratha that Ramar be exiled from the kingdom for 14 years and Bharata should be crowned as the king.
King Dasaratha unwillingly agreed to her wishes and Ramar, without any protest, accepted his father’s decision. Ramar’s wife Seeta and his brother Lakshmana also decided to join Ramar in his exile. Thus, Ramar, Seeta and Lakshmana proceeded to the forest.

When Bharata understood what his mother had done to Ramar, he went to the forest, searching for Ramar. He begged Ramar to come back to Ayodhya and rule the Kingdom because it was he who really deserved it. However, Ramar refused to act against his father’s decision and asked Bharata to rule the Kingdom.

Bharata then told Ramar that he would rule the kingdom till Ramar came back from exile. Bharata asked for Ramar’s sandals, which he would like to place on the throne, representing Ramar’s authority, till Ramar’s return from exile.

Later on, during the exile, Ramar met the demoness Surpanakha, who fell in love with him. But Ramar rejected her desire. The upset and angry Surpanakha rushed to her brother Ravana, who was the King of Lanka. The vengeful Ravana decided to capture Seeta. With the help of a powerful magician, Ravana kidnapped Seeta and took her to his kingdom.

Ramar and Lakshmana sought Hanuman’s help to rescue Seeta. With the help of Hanuman and his army of monkeys, Ramar and Lakshmana attacked Ravana’s kingdom aggressively. At the end of a long battle, Ramar killed Ravana and rescued Seeta.

By that time, Ramar’s 14-year exile came to an end. The triumphant Ramar returned to Ayodhya and ascended the throne. Under Ramar’s rule, the people of Ayodhya became happy and prosperous.

Festivals Celebrated in Sree Ramar Temple:

# Sree Hanuman Jayanthi
# New Year Pooja
# Vaikunda Yekadasi
# Thirukarthigai, Vaiganasa Dheepam
# Sree Ayyappan Poojai
# Sree Dakshinamoorthy Maha Yagam
# Sree Muthu Mariamman Thiruvillaku Pooja

Sree Ramar Temple’s Community Services:

# Wedding Facilities and Services in Event Hall.
# Registration of Marriages.
# Priest Services for Home Prayers.
# Scholarship and Bursary Awards.
# Bharatha Natyam Classes.
# Yoga Lessons and Practice Sessions.
# Bhajans Practice
# Welfare Assistance to Needy Families.

Singapore Sree Ramar Temple Address:

51 Changi Village Road,
Singapore – 509908.
Telephone: (65) 6543 1463
Fax: (65) 6542 6593

Sree Ramar Story | Sri Rama Tale | The Story Sri Ramachandra Swamy

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