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Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple Pooja Booking

Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple is a unique temple in Kerala. It is the oldest and the biggest Sree Vishnumaya Swamy temple in India situated at Peringottukara, Thrissur District, Kerala. Peringottukara Devasthanam is the only one of its kind which attracts its ever-growing devotees to its Sreekovil or altar, offering unconditional relief, solutions and peace redressing them of their deep sorrows, curses and mental agony. The temple has been attracting devotees from all parts of India and abroad. This popularly known ‘KaliyugaVarada temple’ is visited by thousands of devotees to redeem themselves from deep sorrows and diseases.

Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple is the pioneering Sree Vishnumaya Swami and Sree Bhuvaneswari Devi Temple with the tradition of centuries. We are the 5th generation to follow the holy steps of ParamachariyaVelumuthappa Swamikal, the first devotee who brought lord Sree Vishnumaya Swami to Peringottukara village. Today our family temple has become the shelter for devotees of all castes and religions. All devotees in India come to the temple as a pilgrimage for solving their problems. Here there are blessings for all and solutions for all problems of mind and body. Sree Vishnumaya Swami, the divine child of Lord Siva and Parvathy Devi disguised as Koolivaka, who wished to live with human beings amid suffering and misery, is the main deity of Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple. Blessing of Sree Vishnumaya Swami and SreeBuvaneswari Devi will drive away the miseries of devotees and will fill their life with the divine light of hope and success. Blessings are showered on the devotees by Sree Vishnumaya Swamy to get rid of miseries due to business failure, unpleasant married life, sorrow due to not getting married or having no children and misery due to ill-effects of Navagraha (Nine Planets) or Curse of some unknown or known powers.

Take shelter in the refuge of Sri Vishnumaya Swami. Don’t worry about your caste or religion, you will be saved. Legendary Sree Narayana Guru visited Peringottukara and we follow his words ‘No caste No religion and Goodness is all’. The will of God here is against asking the status, caste, dignity, or religion of the seeker of refuge. Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple gives importance to Parama Bhakti and total surrender. Here ‘God and devotees are alike’. Here devotees come to materialize the dreams of marriage or to have blessings to have children, to enjoy happy family life, overcome family quarrels, escape from bad friendships and poverty to cure the problem of education for children, and escape from failure to attain success due to the evil-effects of Navagraha or curses of any kind. Visit the temple and have the vision of Lord Vishnumaya swami in the dancing form. You will be relieved of any illness and cured of all problems Blessings of Vishnumaya Swamy will bring eternal happiness and salvation. Visit the temple during pooja timings and prospered. I feel contented to see the happy faces of devotees after the fulfillment of dreams. If you can’t visit the holy place and conduct poojas, worship Sri Vishnumaya Swami and Sri Bhuvaneswari Devi as per our proper advice and lead a happy life let the blessings of Lord SreeVishnumaya Swami and Sree Bhuvaneswari Devi be showered unto you all.”

Sree Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Devi Temple

Sree Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Devi Temple Sub Deities:

Sree Bhuvaneswary Devi
Kukshikalpa Samadhi
Damodara Swami Samadhi
Sree Bhuvaneswary Rakshasu temple

Whatever your problem contact us through telephone or email You will get a solution from us without any payment.

A haven for Consolation, Peace for all devotees:

Loss or Sorrow in Life:

Are you suffering from loss, sorrow, miseries, or unluck due to the ill- effects of the nine planets or the evil powers?

Facing Issues In Normal Life:

Are you facing estrangement from normal paths of life and be blamed as Good for nothing?

Influence of prayer by enemies:

Are you suffering when normal life is upset due to the influence of prayer by enemies or of the effect of evil powers?

Marriage Issues:

Are You facing difficulty to get a good marriage alliance due to the sins of a previous birth or ill effects of evil powers?

Business Issues:

Are you facing insecurity and fear due to ill-vision by evil powers when doing business/enterprise?

Disturbed family life:

Are you having a disturbed family life? Is your wife or husband not loving you?

Infertility Problems:

Are you having no children due to the curse of forefathers?

Want to be Successful:

Not getting success in life due to the deeds of the enemies

Bad Luck:

Stagnation in normal life, marriage life, study and work due to bad luck or the ill effects of nine planets.




Velumuthappan Swamy is the pioneer devotee and the Chief person behind the divine presence of Vishnumaya Swamy at Peringottukara.


Following the footsteps of Velumuthappan Swamy, Velukutty Swamy ascended the steps of worshipping Vishnumaya Swamy.


Veluswamy bequeathed his wholehearted blessing on Damodaran Swamy& he took over the charge of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy’s worship.


Dr.Unni Swamy, Head of Devasthanam, is the torchbearer of this Century of Sree Vishnumaya Swamy Cult.


Devotees who are planning to visit Peringottukara Devasthanam must book their appointments a minimum of one day previously

Peringottukara Devasthanam is the same as the above images temple, we don’t have any branches or relations between other temples or madoms situated in Trichur or other places, devotees must identify themself they reached Peringottukara Devasthanam ONLY


How to Reach Sree Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Devi Temple:

By Road: call us to get the shortcut routes (send a message SHARE MAP from your WhatsApp number to +919544337703 you will get the Google map location.

Trichur round to west fort which leads to kanjani road through mother hospital, to arimbur you will reach kanjani center take a left via andhikad, puthanpeedika to peringotukara 4way junction straight 200 meters towards deva theatre road.

By Bus: Trichur town From sakthan tampuran busstand, Bus #3 which goes to kanjani, andhikad, Puthenpedidika, get down at Peringottukara 4-way junction, 200-meter walk towards Deva Theatre Road.

for more information Please contact this number +91 9744777222.

Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple Address:

Brahmasree Unnidamodaran, Peringottukara Devasthanam
P. O. Kizhakkummuri,
Kerala – 680 571.

Call Us: 0487-2329000, Whatsapp +91 95443 37703
Email: devasthanam44@gmail.com

Peringottukara Vishnumaya Bhuvaneswary Temple Pooja Booking

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