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Sreemad Acyutashtakam Lyrics in English With Meaning- Sankara Bhagavatpada

Sreemad Acyutashtakam Lyrics in English:

acyutacyuta hare paramatman
rama krushna purushottama vishno |
vasudeva bhagavannaniruddha
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||1||

vishvamangala vibho jagadeesa
nandanandana nrusimha narendra |
muktidayaka mukunda murare
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||2||

ramacandra raghunayaka deva
deenanatha duritakshayakarin |
yadavendra yadubhooshana yajna
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||3||

devakeetanaya dukhadavagne
radhikaramana ramyasumoorte |
dukhamocana dayarnava natha
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||4||

nitya nirguna niranjana jishno |
poornaroopa jaya sankara sarva
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||5||

gokulesa giridharana dheera
yamunacchatatakhelana veera |
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||6||

dwarakadhipa durantagunabdhe
prananatha paripoorna bhavare |
jnanagamya gunasagara brahman
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||7||

dushtanirdalana deva dayalo
padmanabha dharaneedhara dharmin |
ravanantaka ramesa murarae
sreepate samaya dukhamasesham ||8||

acyutashtakamidam ramaneeyam
nirmitambhavabhayam vinihantum |
ya patedvishayavruttinivrutirjanmadukhamakhilam sa jahaati ||

Sreemad Acyutashtakam Meaning:

1) Oh, the unlapsing Lord, the unswerving being, Hari, the supreme self, the handsome Sri Rama, the dark-blue Krishna, the best Purusa, the all pervading God, the one enveloping all and residing in all, Bhagavan possessing the six essential characteristics, the unabated and unobstructed Lord, the Lord of Goddess Sri, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

2) Oh, the most benevolent and auspicious Lord of the universe, the all pervasive being, the sole controller of the world, the endearing child of Nandagopa, the Lord who took the descent of Man lion form, the greatest Nara (i.e. Sri Rama), the supreme being who confers mukti, Mukunda, the destroyer of Mura, Lord Sripati, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

3) Oh Ramachandra, Scion of Raghu’s family, the almighty, the one God approached by all the poor and destitute, the Lord who eradicates sins, the supreme Monarch and beautiful adornment of Yadu’s race,

4) Oh, the son of Devaki, the forest fire that devours (all our) miseries, the endearing Lord of Goddess Radha, the God of enchanting and bewitching form, the destroyer of agonies, the ocean of mercy, the overlord, Sripati, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

5) Oh, Lord Sripati, the eternal being, the one above all limiting characteristics, the unstained, imperishable and undiminishing Lord, the victorious sovereign, , the embodiment of victory, the well wisher of all, the all supporting and all cognising Lord, Oh Chakora bird (in relation) to moon-like faces of Gopikas, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

6) Oh, the one Lord of Gokula, the one who lifted the Govardhana hill, the courageous Lord, the valourous warrior who sported on the pure banks of the river Yamuna, the Lord Sripati whose feet are adored by great sages like Narada, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

7) Oh, the Emperor of Dvaraka, the repository of all merits in abundance like the unfathomable ocean, the sole Lord of all selfs, the only one who is ever complete and full, the destroyer of samsara, the Lord who is attainable only through jnana (supreme wisdom), the ocean of virtues, the supreme Brahman, Lord Sripati, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

8) Oh, Lord Sripati, the vanquisher of the wicked, the supreme being of great splendor, the merciful Lord, the one from whose Lotus-navel (sprang up Brhma), the Lord who lifted the earth (through his avatara as the great Boar), the embodiment of Dharma, the slayer of Ravana, Lord of Goddess Rama the foe of Mura, may you ward off all our sufferings and pains.

This beautiful acyutashtakam is composed for the removal of the fear of samsara. Whoever reads this hymn, with (a mind) detached from worldly objects, will relieve himself from all the afflictions of birth (and death).

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