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Sri Namagiri Thayar Samedha Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple Timings, History

Namakkal Narasimha Swamy Temple Timings:

Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple:

Morning: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening: 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Sri Lakshmi Temple:

Morning: 7:00 AM TO 1:00 PM
Evening: 4:30 PM TO 8:00 PM

Sir Anjaneyar Temple:

Morning: 6.30 AM TO 1:00 PM
Evening: 4.30 PM TO 9:00 PM

Sri Aranganathar Swamy Temple:

Morning: 8:00 AM TO 12:00 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM

Namakkal Narasimha Swamy Temple History:

Sri Narasimmah is depicted with sharp nails which are used to kill hiranyakashyapand the wonder is that the palm has bloodstains. There are Janaka, Sanadhanar, Sun, Moon and Brahmma around him. Like Kudavarai Murthi, Tirumanjanam is not performed. This is only done to the processional deity.

The Lord is generally known as Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, if Mother Sri Lakshmi is on her lap. In this temple, Sri Mahalakshmi has her place in the Lord’s chest. Sri Namagiri Thayar / Mother Lakshmi has her sanctuary facing east. It is believed that the devotee would become a math expert if he/she worships Goddess Mahalakshmi. There is a separate temple for Bhakta Anjaneya who brought the Anagramey Salagrama. The idol is 18 feet tall with a japamala in his hand and a sword at the waist.

While Sri Anjaneya Swamy was taking bath in Kandaki River in Nepal, he received a stone called Salagram in the form of Sri Vishnu. while he was flying in the sky with Salagram and he passed by this place. He had to take a bath, but couldn’t because the Salagram should not be placed on Earth. Then he found Sri Mahalakshmi doing penance and asked her the reason. Goddess told him that she wanted to see Lord in the form of Narasimha and, therefore, she is doing the penance.

Sri Anjaneya asked the mother to hold the Salagram until he returned after a bath. The mother agreed with the condition that she would place if he did not return on time. But Anjaneya could not arrive in time. Lakshmi Devi put it down, that Anjaneya couldn’t move. The Salagrama has become a mountain. Lord Narasimha appeared before sri Lakshmi who grants darshan and became Lakshmi Narasimha. Anjaneya also stayed here at the time.

Namakkal Narasimha Swamy Temple Festivals:

Tamil New year / Puthandu in April / Chithirai
Telugu New Year / Ugadi in March
Vaigasi Visaagam (April – May)
Aadi on 18 August
Aadi Pooram Sri Namagiri Thayar in swing
Aavani pouthira urchavam in September
Sri Narasimmar Jayanthi in September
Sri Krishna Jayanthi in September – October
All 4 Saturdays in Puratasi in September – October 4
Navarathiri Urchavam in October
Vijayadhasami / Dussehra
Karthigai Dheepam in December
Hanuman Jayanthi in Margali (On full moon day in margali moolam star)
Special poojas in full month of margali
Vaigunda Egadasi (Special pooja for lord Aranganathar)
Pongal / Harvest Festival in January
Varuda Urchavam in Panguni is a 15 days festival celebrated in hastham star. on the 3rd day chariot festival celebrated as Thiru Veedhi Ulla.

Namakkal Narasimha Swamy Temple Nearest Temples:

Arulmigu Achala Deepeswarar Temple, Mohanur 20.4 km
Sri Navaladi Karuppuswami temple, Mohanur 20.7 km
Arulmigu Balasubramaniaswami Temple, Mohanur 20.7 km
Arulmigu Kalyana Prasanna Venkataramanar Temple, Mohanur 20 km
Arulmigu Kailasanathar Temple, Rasipuram 30.2 km
Arulmigu Mariamman Temple, Rasipuram 30 km
Yercurd Hills 90 km
Killyur Falls 80 km
Arulmigu Arthanareeswarar Temple, Tiruchengodu 38.8 km

Namakkal Narasimha Swamy Temple Annathana scheme:

The Annathana scheme is a scheme of Rs.25000/- in the form of a donation. Annathanam will be presented on the selected date selected by the devootees. This Annathanam will be provided to the public with the interest of Rs. 25000/- once a year throughout ther life or life long. Annatham is provided for 100 devootees every day. If devootees prefer to provide Annathanam for 100 people, it will cost Rs.2500/- as a donation.

Namakkal Narasimha Swamy Temple Address:

Sri Namagiri Thayar Samedha Sri Narasimha Swamy Temple,
Namakkal – 637001,
Tamil Nadu,
Phone: +4286 – 233999
Superintendent: 97867 98837
Accountant: 94436 46613
Head Clerk: 9443025272

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