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Sri Radha Govinda Temple Puncak, Jakarta Hilltop, Indonesia

One of the oldest temples of ISKCON in Indonesia. Beautiful with 4 bedrooms, some cows and farmland. Located in the hills of Jakarta. Arati and the offerings are as usual. The best time to visit Sunday Feast at noon and Janmastami. However, going to the temple can be difficult. Puncak, the area in which the temple is located, is subject to traffic usually during the weekends and may take 2 hours to reach the temple, with no traffic, and at least 4 hours with traffic. But, it’s a must.

ISKCON Jakarta, Indonesia

The Sri Radha Govinda Temple also grows some of its own vegetables and provides many flowers to the honorable parliamentarians. H.H. Bhakti Raghava Maharaja visits this temple and other farming communities on other islands in Indonesia annually to check on his progress. Plans to make it completely autonomous are on the way.


Sri Radha-Govinda Temple (Puncak),
Jalan Haji Suparman No.54 [RT 01/RW 04],
Bogor, Bali,
Phone: +62 (021) 4899646
Mail: P.O. Box 2694

Sri Radha Govinda Temple Puncak, Jakarta Hilltop, Indonesia

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