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Sri Rama Ashtottara Sata Namavali in Hindi With Meaning

Lord Maha Vishnu Stotram – 108 Names of Sri Rama in Hindi:

ॐ श्रीरामाय नमः
ॐ रामभद्राय नमः
ॐ रामचन्द्राय नमः
ॐ शाश्वताय नमः
ॐ राजीवलोचनाय नमः
ॐ श्रीमते नमः
ॐ राजेन्द्राय नमः
ॐ रघुपुङ्गवाय नमः
ॐ जानकिवल्लभाय नमः
ॐ जैत्राय नमः ॥ 10 ॥

ॐ जितामित्राय नमः
ॐ जनार्धनाय नमः
ॐ विश्वामित्रप्रियाय नमः
ॐ दान्तय नमः
ॐ शरनत्राण तत्सराय नमः
ॐ वालिप्रमदनाय नमः
ॐ वङ्ग्मिने नमः
ॐ सत्यवाचे नमः
ॐ सत्यविक्रमाय नमः
ॐ सत्यव्रताय नमः ॥ 20 ॥

ॐ व्रतधराय नमः
ॐ सदाहनुमदाश्रिताय नमः
ॐ कोसलेयाय नमः
ॐ खरध्वसिने नमः
ॐ विराधवधपन्दिताय नमः
ॐ विभि ष णपरित्राणाय नमः
ॐ हरकोदण्ड खण्ड नाय नमः
ॐ सप्तताल प्रभेत्यै नमः
ॐ दशग्रीवशिरोहराय नमः
ॐ जामदग्न्यमहाधर्पदलनाय नमः ॥ 30 ॥

ॐ तातकान्तकाय नमः
ॐ वेदान्त साराय नमः
ॐ वेदात्मने नमः
ॐ भवरोगास्यभे षजाय नमः
ॐ त्रिमूर्त ये नमः
ॐ त्रिगुणात्मकाय नमः
ॐ त्रिलोकात्मने नमः ॥ 40 ॥

ॐ त्रिलोकरक्षकाय नमः
ॐ धन्विने नमः
ॐ दण्ड कारण्यवर्तनाय नमः
ॐ अहल्याशापशमनाय नमः
ॐ पितृ भक्ताय नमः
ॐ वरप्रदाय नमः
ॐ जितेओद्रि याय नमः
ॐ जितक्रोथाय नमः
ॐ जित मित्राय नमः
ॐ जगद्गुरवे नमः ॥ 50॥

ॐ वृक्षवानरसङ्घाते नमः
ॐ चित्रकुटसमाश्रये नमः
ॐ जयन्त त्राणवर दाय नमः
ॐ सुमित्रापुत्र सेविताय नमः
ॐ सर्वदेवाद् देवाय नमः
ॐ मृत वानरजीवनाय नमः
ॐ मायामारी चहन्त्रे नमः
ॐ महादेवाय नमः
ॐ महाभुजाय नमः
ॐ सर्वदे वस्तुताय नमः ॥ 60 ॥

ॐ सौम्याय नमः
ॐ ब्रह्मण्याय नमः
ॐ मुनिसंस्तुताय नमः
ॐ महायोगिने नमः
ॐ महोदराय नमः
ॐ सुग्रीवे प्सित राज्यदाय नमः
ॐ सर्व पुण्यादेक फलिने नमः
ॐ स्म्रुत स्सर्वोघनाशनाय नमः
ॐ आदि पुरुषाय नमः
ॐ परमपुरुषाय नमः
ॐ महा पुरुषाय नमः ॥ 70 ॥

ॐ पुण्योद याय नमः
ॐ दयासाराय नमः
ॐ पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः
ॐ स्मितवक्त्त्राय नमः
ॐ अमित भाषिणे नमः
ॐ पूर्वभाषिणे नमः
ॐ राघवाय नमः
ॐ अनन्त गुण गम्भीराय नमः
ॐ धीरोदात्त गुणोत्तमाय नमः ॥ 80 ॥

ॐ मायामानुषचारित्राय नमः
ॐ महादेवादि पूजिताय नमः
ॐ सेतुकृते नमः
ॐ जितवाराशिये नमः
ॐ सर्व तीर्द मयाय नमः
ॐ हरये नमः
ॐ श्यामाङ्गाय नमः
ॐ सुन्द राय नमः
ॐ शूराय नमः
ॐ पीत वासने नमः ॥ 90 ॥

ॐ धनुर्ध राय नमः
ॐ सर्वयज्ञाधीपाय नमः
ॐ यज्विने नमः
ॐ जरामरण वर्ण ताय नमः
ॐ विभेषणप्रतिष्टात्रे नमः
ॐ सर्वावगुनवर्ण ताय नमः
ॐ परमात्मने नमः
ॐ परस्मै ब्रह्मणे नमः
ॐ सचिदानन्दाय नमः
ॐ परस्मैज्योति षे नमः ॥ 100 ॥

ॐ परस्मै धाम्ने नमः
ॐ पराकाशाय नमः
ॐ परात्सराय नमः
ॐ परेशाय नमः
ॐ पाराय नमः
ॐ सर्वदे वत्मकाय नमः
ॐ परस्मै नमः ॥ 108 ॥

Sri Rama 108 Names Meaning:

the Giver of happiness
the Auspicious One
who is as lustrous as the moon
to the ever-lasting one
the Lotus-eyed
the Abode of Lakshmi
the King of kings
the Most Exalted of the Raghu dynasty
the Beloved of Janaki
the Triumphant ॥ 10 ॥

the Conqueror of His enemies
the Refuge of the people
the Beloved of Sage Vishvamitra
the well-controlled One
the protector of those who takes refuge in Him
the Vanquisher of Bali
the Eloquent
the One of truthful speech
the One who is valiant in defending Truth
One of truthful vows ॥ 20 ॥

the One who faithfully keeps His vows
the One who is always served by Hanuman
the Son of Kausalya
the Annihilator of the demon Khara
the Expert in destroying the demon Viradha
the Protector of Vibhishan
the One who broke the mighty bow
the One who permeates the seven planes of existence
the One who cut off Ravana’s heads
the One who shattered the pride of Parasurama ॥ 30 ॥

the Slayer of Tataka
the Essence of Vedanta
the Self of the Vedas
the Healer of the disease of Becoming
the One who cut off the head of Dushana
the Embodiment of the Three Gods
the Source of the three Gunas
the Lord as Vamana
the source of the three planetary systems
the One whose story is a source of merit to those who sing it ॥ 40 ॥

the Protector of the three world systems
the wielder of the bow
the Dweller in the Dandaka forest
the Remover of Ahalya’s curse
the Worshipper of His father Dasaratha
the giver of boons
THE Conqueror of the senses
the Conqueror of anger
the One who wins over friends
the Guru of the world ॥ 50 ॥

the Lord who organized the hordes of monkeys
the Lord who took refuge at Chitrakuta Hill
the Lord who blessed Jayanta
the Lord who is served by Sumitra’s son (Lakshmana)
the Lord of all the gods
the Lord who revived the dead monkeys (after the war)
the Destroyer of the demon Maricha who practiced illusion
the Great Lord
the Lord of mighty arms
the Lord who is praised by all the gods ॥ 60 ॥

the Calm One
the Absolute Reality
the Lord who is praised by sages
the Great Yogin
the Noble One
the Lord who returned the kingdom Sugriva
the Giver of fruits of pious work, good karmas
the Remover of all afflictions
the Primal Being
the Supreme Being ॥ 70 ॥

the Great Being
the Source of all blessings
the Embodiment of compassion
the Most Ancient Person
the One who smiling speaks
the One of moderate speech
the One who rarely speaks
the scion of the Raghu dynasty
the Lord of infinite majestic qualities
the Lord of Valorous qualities ॥ 80 ॥

the Lord who incarnated as a man through His Maya
the Lord who is worshiped by Lord Shiva
The builder of the bridge (at Setubandha to Sri Lanka)
the Conqueror of desires
the Lord who is the sum of all holy places
the Destroyer
the Dark-complexioned One
the Beautiful One
the Lord
the Lord clad in yellow raiment ॥ 90 ॥

the Bearer of the bow
the Lord of sacrifice
the Sacrificer
the Conqueror of birth and death
the Lord who established Vibhishana on the throne
the Lord who relinquished all adornment
the Supreme Self
the Supreme Absolute
the Embodiment of Existence, Awareness and Bliss
the Supreme Light ॥ 100 ॥

the Supreme Abode
the Supreme Space
the Supreme beyond the highest
the Supreme Lord
the Lord who takes His devotees across (the ocean of samsara–birth and death)
the Supreme Being
the Lord who is the Source of all gods
the Supreme Lord ॥ 108 ॥

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Sri Rama Ashtottara Sata Namavali in Hindi With Meaning

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