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Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam Lyrics in Hindi and Meaning | Mantra & Shlokas

Traditionally, this stotram is recited in homes, when some one in the family has fever or illness of other kinds. Swami Desikan is said to have composed it to help the residents of Thiruputtkuzhi, when they suffered from the grip of an epidemic fever. Alternatively, it is said that he composed it at Thiruvahindrapuram prior to a major debate with a leader of another Sampradhaya. That debate blososmed later as the Sri Sookthi of ParaMadha Bhangam, an exceptionally terse analysis of the defects in other siddhAnthams and a celebration of Bhagavath RaamAnuja SiddhAntham over them all . Swami Desikan won that debate in front of Lord DevanAthan and thereby established the supremacy of SrimannArAyAna and Vishishtaadvaitam. Swami Desikan chose the Dhrithas Chandas as a meter for the 8 verses praising Sudarsana. He chose the Oupachandasikam meter for the Phala Sruti sloka. Both these meters hint at the Vedic origin of Sudarsanar as indicated by Swami Desikan in one or more verses of this Stotram.

Sudarshana Ashtakam Lyrics in Hindi:

॥ सुदर्शनाष्टकम् ॥

श्रीमते निगमान्त महादेशिकाय नमः

श्रीमान् वेङ्कटनाथार्यः कवितार्किक केसरी ।
वेदन्ताचार्य वर्यो मे सन्निधत्ताम् सदा हृदि ॥

Verse 1:
प्रतिभटश्रेणि भीषण वरगुणस्तोम भूषण
जनिभयस्थान तारण जगदवस्थान कारण ।
निखिलदुष्कर्म कर्शन निगमसद्धर्म दर्शन
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 2:
शुभजगद्रूप मण्डन सुरगणत्रास खण्डन
शतमखब्रह्म वन्दित शतपथब्रह्म नन्दित ।
प्रथितविद्वत् सपक्षित भजदहिर्बुध्न्य लक्षित
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 3:
स्फुटतटिज्जाल पिञ्जर पृथुतरज्वाल पञ्जर
परिगत प्रत्नविग्रह पतुतरप्रज्ञ दुर्ग्रह ।
प्रहरण ग्राम मण्डित परिजन त्राण पण्डित
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 4:
निजपदप्रीत सद्गण निरुपधिस्फीत षड्गुण
निगम निर्व्यूढ वैभव निजपर व्यूह वैभव ।
हरि हय द्वेषि दारण हर पुर प्लोष कारण
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 5:
दनुज विस्तार कर्तन जनि तमिस्रा विकर्तन
दनुजविद्या निकर्तन भजदविद्या निवर्तन ।
अमर दृष्ट स्व विक्रम समर जुष्ट भ्रमिक्रम
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 6:
प्रथिमुखालीढ बन्धुर पृथुमहाहेति दन्तुर
विकटमाय बहिष्कृत विविधमाला परिष्कृत ।
स्थिरमहायन्त्र तन्त्रित दृढ दया तन्त्र यन्त्रित
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 7:
महित सम्पत् सदक्षर विहितसम्पत् षडक्षर
षडरचक्र प्रतिष्ठित सकल तत्त्व प्रतिष्ठित ।
विविध सङ्कल्प कल्पक विबुधसङ्कल्प कल्पक
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 8:
भुवन नेत्र त्रयीमय सवन तेजस्त्रयीमय
निरवधि स्वादु चिन्मय निखिल शक्ते जगन्मय ।
अमित विश्वक्रियामय शमित विश्वग्भयामय
जय जय श्री सुदर्शन जय जय श्री सुदर्शन ॥

Verse 9:
फल श्रुति

द्विचतुष्कमिदं प्रभूतसारं पठतां वेङ्कटनायक प्रणीतम् ।
विषमेऽपि मनोरथः प्रधावन् न विहन्येत रथाङ्ग धुर्य गुप्तः ॥

॥ इति श्रीवेदान्तदेशिकरचितं सुदर्शनाष्टकं समाप्तम् ॥

कवितार्किकसिंहाय कल्याणगुणशालिने ।
श्रीमते वेङ्कटेषाय वेदान्तगुरवे नमः ॥

Sudarshana Ashtakam Meaning:

1) Oh Sri Sudarsana! All the enemies of your Lord’s devotees run away fearing your prowess. All auspicious attributes find their home in you. Those, who worship you cross the shore less ocean of Samsara and free themselves from their cycles of Births and Deaths. The entire Universe is stabilized by your mighty power. You cut asunder all the sins of those, who approach you as their refuge. You bless all of your devotees with the knowledge about the righteous conduct prescribed by the Vedas. Oh Lord Sudarsana of these auspicious attributes! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

2) Oh Sri Sudarsana! You are resplendent as a precious decoration on the hand of Sriman Narayana, who has the universe as His body. Through your grace, Devas are freed from the fear caused by the Asuras. Indra and Brahma always worship you. The Satapata Brahmana belonging to Sukla Yajur Veda hails your glories and pays its tributes to you. The scholars of this universe seek your help to overcome their contestants. Ahirbudhnya Samhita states that Ahirbudhnyan (Sivan) worships you and sought the boon to see your beautiful form with His own eyes. Oh Lord Sudarsana of illustrious attributes! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

3) Oh Lord Sudarsana! You shine like the resplendent assembly of lightings. The bright tongues of flames surrounding you appear like a cage (home) for you. The forms of Vasudava, Sankarshana and other Vyuha Murthys find their positions around your geometric form (Yantra). Even the scholars with sharp intellects stumble, when they try to understand the full extent of your glory. It is a beautiful sight to see the sixteen weapons of yours resting on your hands to serve you. You are dedicated to come to the rescue of those, who seek your protection. Oh Sri Sudarsana of such auspicious attributes! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

4) Oh Lord Sudarsana! The Righteous people have firm attachment to your holy feet. The Six Kalyana Gunaas — Knowledge, Power, Strength, Wealth, Heroism, and effulgence– find their natural home in you. The Vedas have firmly established your glory in their many sections. Like your Lord, You have the forms of Param and Vyuham. You cut asunder the fear caused by the foes of Indra, the foremost among your devotees. You were responsible for the burning down of Kasi, the city of Siva to ashes. You stood at the tip of Siva”s arrow, when He was engaged in the campaign to destroy Tripuraasura. Oh Sri Sudarsana of such Kalyana Gunas! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

5) Oh Lord Sudarsana! You arrest the growth of the evil-minded Asuras and destroy them down to their roots. You are like the resplendent Sun banishing the dark night of Samsara, which bedevil your devotees. You overcome any and every act of deception practiced by the Asuras. You remove every shred of false knowledge that invades the minds of those, who seek refuge in you. The Devas celebrate your heroic deeds and experience joy in witnessing your powerful actions. You revolve and rotate in many ways in your battles against the enemies of your devotees. May Thou with such auspicious attributes prosper further! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

6) Oh Lord Sudarsana! You give darsana to us with your dynamic gait of One foot placed forward in movement and the other rapidly following it. Your position in that gait is beautiful to behold. You are surrounded by your magnificent and fearsome weapons. You are the conqueror of powerful illusions (Mayaa) caused by Asuras. You are not
therefore affected by their acts of Mayaa. You are decorated with many beautiful flower garlands that add to your natural beauty. You are firmly bound in the warp of your great compassion for your devotees and bless them, when they worship You through Your Yantra and Mantra.Oh Sri Sudarsana of such auspicious Gunaas! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

7) Oh Lord Sudarsana of many prime Gunaas! The wealth of the righteous is their true knowledge about Your Lord. You bless them with the unperishable wealth of Moksham, when they seek refuge at your holy feet. Those, who recite Your Mantra made up of the Six Letters (Aksharas) gain incomparable wealth. Your devotees (Upasakas) Invoke You in Your Yantra of six corners formed by two intersecting triangles and worship you at its epicenter. You pervade and reside in all the creations of Your Lord. You have the power to complete all deeds that you decide to undertake.
You are thus a Satya Sankalpa and serve as the divine Kalpaka tree granting all the boons that your devotees request. Oh Sri Sudarsana! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

8) Oh Lord Sudarsana, the eye of the Universe! You are of the form of the three Vedas. You are of the form of the three fires– Gaarhapatyam, Aahavaneeyam and Dakshinagni— of the Yagaas. You are of the delectable form of true knowledge! You have the power to accomplish every deed. You have taken the form of the Universe and its contents. You are worshipped thru the sacrificial rituals of your devotees. In return, you destroy the fears and diseases of those, who worship You from all directions. Oh Lord Sudarsana of auspicious qualities! Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee!

9) Those, who recite this Stotram consisting of 8 verses in praise of Sudarsana composed by Venkatanatha known as Vedantha Desikan comprehend the deep references to the glory of Lord Sudarsana and will have the fulfillment of all their wishes. The boon-granting powers of Lord Sudarsana will make them realize all their wishes by overcoming all the obstacles that stand in the way.

Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam Lyrics in Hindi and Meaning | Mantra & Shlokas

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