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Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Lyrics in English With Meaning

Vishnu Sahasranamam Meaning

Dressed in white you are,
Oh, all pervading one,
And glowing with the colour of moon.
With four arms, you are, the all knowing one
I meditate on your ever-smiling face,
And pray, “Remove all obstacles on my way”.

I bow before you Vyasa,
The treasure house of penance,
The great grand son of Vasishta.
The grand son of Shakthi,
The son of Parasara.
And the father of Shuka,

Lord Maha Vishnu Sahasranamam

Bow I before,
Vyasa who is Vishnu,
Vishnu who is Vyasa,
And again and again bow before,
He, who is born,
In the family of Vasishta.

Bow I before Vishnu
Who is pure,
Who is not affected,
Who is permanent,
Who is the ultimate truth.
And He who wins over,
All the mortals in this world.

Bow I before Him,
The all-powerful Vishnu,
The mere thought of whom.
Releases one forever,
Of the ties of birth and life.
Bow I before the all powerful Vishnu

Sri Vaisampayana said:
After hearing a lot,
About Dharma that carries life,
And of those methods great,
That removes sins from ones life,
For ever and to cleanse,
Yudhishtra asked again,
Bheeshma, the abode of everlasting peace.

Yudishtra asked:
In this wide world , Oh Grandpa,
Which is that one God,
Who is the only shelter?
Who is He whom,
Beings worship and pray,
And get salvation great?
Who is He who should oft,
Be worshipped with love?
Which Dharma is so great,
There is none greater?
And which is to be oft chanted,
To get free.
From these bondage of life, cruel?

Bheeshma Replied:
That purusha with endless devotion,
Who chants the thousand names ,
Of He who is the lord of the Universe,
Of He who is the God of Gods,
Of He who is limitless,
Would get free,
From these bondage of life, cruel

He who also worships and prays,
Daily without break,
That Purusha who does not change,
That Vishnu who does not end or begin,
That God who is the lord of all worlds,
And Him, who presides over the universe,
Would loose without fail,
All the miseries in this life.

Chanting the praises,
Worshipping and singing,
With devotion great,
Of the lotus eyed one ,
Who is partial to the Vedas,
Who is the only one , who knows the dharma,
Who increases the fame ,
Of those who live in this world,
Who is the master of the universe,
Who is the truth among all those who has life,
And who decides the life of all living,
Is the dharma that is great.

That which is the greatest light,
That which is the greatest penance,
That which is the greatest brahmam,
Is the greatest shelter that I know.

Please hear from me,
The thousand holy names,

Which wash away all sins,
Of Him who is purest of the pure,
Of That which is holiest of holies,
Of Him who is God among Gods,
Of That father who lives Without death,
Among all that lives in this world,
Of Him whom all the souls,
Were born at the start of the world,
Of Him in whom, all that lives,
Will disappear at the end of the world,
And of that the chief of all this world ,
Who bears the burden of this world..

I would teach you without fail,
Of those names with fame.
Which deal of His qualities great,
And which the sages sing,
So that beings of this wide world,
Become happy and great.

These thousand names Yudishtra
Are Sung for peace,
And has Vyasa as the sage,
And is composed in Anusthup metre,
And has its God the son of Devaki,
And its root is Amrutamsudbhava
And its strength the baby of Devaki,
And its heart is Trissama

Bow I before Him,
Who is everywhere,
Who is ever victorious,
Who is in every being,
Who is God of Gods,
Who is the killer of asuras,
And who is the greatest,

Let that Mukunda makes us all holy, Who wears all over his body Pearls made of spatika, Who sits on the throne of garland of pearls , Located in the sand of precious stones, By the side of the sea of milk, Who gets happy of the white cloud, Sprayed of drops of nectar, And who has the mace , the wheel and the lotus in His hands.

I bow before that God, Vishnu
Who is the lord of three worlds,
Who has earth as his feet,
Who has air as his soul,
Who has sky as his belly,
Who has moon and sun as eyes,
Who has the four directions as ears,
Who has the land of gods as head,
Who has fire as his mouth,
Who has sea as his stomach,
And in whose belly play and enjoy,
Gods, men birds, animals,
Serpent men, Gandharvas and Asuras.

I bow before the God Vishnu,
Who is personification of peace,
Who sleeps on his folded arms,
Who has a lotus on his belly,
Who is the God of gods,
Who is the basis of earth,
Who is similar to the sky,
Who is of the colour of the cloud,
Who has beautiful limbs,
Who is the consort of Lakshmi,
Who has lotus like eyes,
Who is seen by saints through thought,
Who kills all worries and fears,
And who is the lord of all the worlds.

I bow before that God Vishnu,
Who is the lord of all the universe,
Who is black like a cloud,
Who wears yellow silks,
Who has the sreevatsa on him,
Whose limbs shine because of Kousthubha,
Who has eyes like an open lotus,
And who is surrounded by the blessed always.

I bow before the God Vishnu,
Who has four arms,
Who has a conch and wheel in his hands,
Who wears a crown and ear globes,
Who wears yellow silks,
Who has lotus like eyes,
Who shines because of Kousthbha ,
Worn in his garlanded chest.

I seek refuge in Lord Krishna,
Who is with Rukhmani and Satyabhama,
Who sits on a golden throne,
In the shade of Parijata tree,
Who is of the colour of the black cloud,
Who has long broad eyes,
Who has a face like moon,
Who has four hands,
And who has a chest adorned by Sreevatsa.
Among all purushas.

He who uses everything as a weapon Om

Protect us Oh Lord Narayana Who wears the forest garland, Who has the mace, conch , sword and the wheel. And who is called Vishnu and the Vasudeva


Phalashruth / Hearing of the benefits
Thus was told,
All the holy thousand names ,
Of Kesava who is great.

He who hears or sings,
It all without fail,
In all days of the year,
Will never get in to bad,
In this life and after.

The Brahmin will get knowledge,
The kshatriya will get victory,
The vaisya will get wealth,
The shudra will get pleasures ,
By reading these

He who seeks Dharma,
He who seeks wealth,
He who seeks pleasures,
He who seeks children,
Will all without fail,
Get what they want.

He who sings the thousand names of Vasudeva ,
With utmost devotion ,
After he rises in the morn,
With a mind tied in Him always,
Will get fame without fail ,
Will be first in what he does,
Will get riches that last,
Would attain salvation from these bonds,
Will never be afraid of anything,
Will be bubbling with vim and valour,
Will not get any ills,
Will be handsome forever,
Will have all the virtues in this wide world,
And he who is ill will get cured,
He who is bound will be free,
He who is afraid , will get rid of fear,
He who is in danger , will be safe.

He who chants these holy thousand names,
With devotion to Purushottama,
Will cross the miseries ,
That cannot be crossed
Without fail.

The man who nears Vasudeva,
The man who takes Him as shelter,
Would get rid of all sins,
And become purer than the pure,
And will reach Brahmam,
Which existed forever.

The devotees of Vasudeva the great,
Never fall into days that are difficult,
And never forever suffer,
Of birth, death , old age and fear.

He who sings these names with devotion,
And with Bhakthi,
Will get pleasure the great,
Patience to allure,
Wealth to attract,
Bravery and memory to excel.

The devotee of the Lord Purushottama,
Has neither anger nor fear,
Nor avarice and nor bad thoughts

All this world of sun and stars,
Moon and sky, Sea and the directions,
Are but borne by valour the great,
Of the great god Vasudeva.

All this world,
Which moves and moves not,
And which has devas, rakshasas and Gandharwas,
And also asuras and nagas,
Is with Lord Krishna without fail.

The learned ones say,
That all the limbs,
Mind, wisdom, and thought,
And also strength, bravery, body and the soul,
Are full of Vasudeva.

Rule of life was first born
And from it came Dharma,
And from it came Achyutha the Lord.

All the sages,
All the ancestors,
All the devas,
All the five elements,
All the pleasures,
All the luck,
All that moves,
All that does not move,
All came only ,
From the great Narayana.

The Art of Yoga
And the science of Sankhya.
The treasure of knowledge.
The divine art of sculpture .
And all Vedas and sciences,
All these came from Janardhana

Vishnu is many,
But He is one,
And he divides himself,
And exists in all beings,
That is in three worlds,
And rules all of them,
Without death and decay.

He who desires fame and pleasure,
Should chant these verses, sung by Vyasa,
Of this great stotra of Vishnu without fail.

He will never fail,
Who sings the praise of the Lord,
Of this universe,
Who does not have birth,
Who is always stable,
And who shines and sparkles,
And has lotus eyes.

Om Nama He will not fail

Arjuna Said:
Oh God Who has eyes,
Like the petals of lotus,
Oh God, Who has a lotus,
On his stomach,
Oh God, Who has eyes,
Seeing all things,
Oh God, Who is the Lord,
Of all devas,
Please be kind,
And be shelter,
To all your devotees ,
Who come to you with love.

The Lord Said:
He who likes, Oh Arjuna,
To sing my praise,
Using these thousand names,
Should know Arjuna ,
That I would be satisfied,
By his singing of,
Even one stanza ,
Without any doubt.
Om Nama without any doubt

Vyasa said:
My salutations to you Vasudeva,
Because you who live in all the worlds,
Make these worlds as places ,
Where beings live,
And also Vasudeva,
You live in all beings,
As their soul.
Om Nam salutations to Vasudeva

Parvathi said:
I am desirous to know oh Lord,
How the scholars of this world,
Will chant without fail,
These thousand names ,
By a method that is easy and quick.

Lord Shiva said:
Hey beautiful one,
I play with Rama always,
By chanting Rama Rama and Rama,
Hey lady with a beautiful face,
Chanting of the name Rama ,
Is same as the thousand names.

Om Nama Rama Nama is same as

Brahma said:
Salutations to thee oh lord,
Who runs the immeasurable time,
Of thousand crore yugas,
Who has no end,
Who has thousand names,
Who has thousand forms,
Who has thousand feet,
Who has thousand eyes,
Who has thousand heads,
Who has thousand arms,
And Who is always there.

Om Nama He who runs thousand crore yugas

Sanjaya said:
Where Krisna, the king of Yogas,
And where the wielder of bow,
Arjuna is there,
There will exist all the good,
All the the victory,
All the fame ,
And all the justice.
In this world.

Sri Bhagavan said:
I would take care,
Of worries and cares of Him,
Who thinks and serves me ,
Without any other Thoughts,

To take care of Dharma,
To protect those who are good,
And to destroy all who are bad.
I will be born from time to time.

If he who is worried,
If he who is sad,
If he who is broken,
If he who is afraid,
If he who is severely ill,
If he who has heard tidings bad,
Sings Narayana and Narayana,
All his cares would be taken care of.

Prayer for completion
I offer all that I do,
To Lord Narayana,
Whatever I do with my body,
Whatever I do with my mind,
Whatever I do with my brain,
Whatever I do with my soul,
And whatever I do with natures help
Om that is the truth.

Vishnu Sahasranamam Lyrics in English

Shuklam Baradaram Vishnum, Sasi Varnam Chatur Bhujam,
Prasanna Vadanan Dyayet, Sarva Vignoba Sandaye, || 1 ||

Vyasam Vasishtanaptharam, Sakthe Poutramakalmasham,
Parasarathmajam vande, Shukathatham Taponidhim, || 2 ||

Vyasa Vishnu Roopaya, Vyasa Roopaya Vishnave,
Nmo Vai Brahma Vidaya, Vasishtaya Namo Nama, || 3 ||

Avikaraya Shuddhaya, Nityaya Paramatmane,
Sadaika Roopa Roopaya, Vishnave Sarva Jishnave, || 4 ||

Yasya smarana Mathrena, Janma Samsara bandhanath.
Vimuchayate Nama Tasmai , Vishnave Prabha Vishnave
OM Namo Vishnave Prabha Vishnav, || 5 ||

Shri Vaisampayana Uvacha:

Shrutva dharmaneshena , Pavanani cha Sarvasha,
Yudishtra santhanavam Puneravabhya Bhashat, || 6 ||

Yudishtra Uvacha:
Kimekam Daivatham Loke, Kim Vapyegam Parayanam,
Sthuvantha Kam Kamarchanda Prapnyur Manava Shubham, || 7 ||

Ko Dharma sarva Dharmanam Paramo Matha
Kim Japan Muchyathe Jandur Janma Samsara Bhandana, || 8 ||

Bheeshma Uvacha:
Jagat Prabhum devadevam Anantham Purushottamam,
Stuvan nama Sahasrena, Purusha Sathathothida, || 9 ||

Tameva charchayan nityam, Bhaktya purushamavyayam,
Dhyayan sthuvan namasyancha yajamanasthameva cha, || 10 ||

Anadi nidhanam vishnum sarva loka Maheswaram
Lokadyaksham stuvannityam Sarva dukkhago bhaved, || 11 ||

Brahmanyam sarva dharmagnam Lokanam keerthi vardhanam,
Lokanatham Mahadbhootham Sarva Bhootha bhavodbhavam, || 12 ||

Aeshame sarva dharmanam dharmadhika tamo matha,
Yad bhaktyo pundarikaksham Stuvyr-archanayr-nara sada, || 13 ||

Paramam yo mahatteja, paramam yo mahattapa
Paramam yo mahad brahma paramam ya parayanam, || 14 ||

Pavithranam Pavithram yo mangalanam cha mangalam,
Dhaivatham devathanam cha bhootanam yo vya pitha, || 15 ||

Yatha sarvani bhoothani bhavandyathi yugagame
Yasmincha pralayam yanthi punareve yuga kshaye, || 16 ||

Tasya Loka pradhanasya Jagannatathasya bhoopathe
Vishno nama sahasram me Srunu papa bhayapaham, || 17 ||

Rishir Namnam Sahsrasya Veda Vyaso Maha Muni
Chando aunustup stada devo bhagawan devaki suth, || 19 ||

Amruthamsu Bhavo Bhhejam Shakthir devaki nandana
Trisama hridayam tasya santhyarthe viniyujyad, || 20 ||

Vishnum Jishnum Mahavishnum Prabha vishnun Maheswaram
Aneka Roopa Daityantham Namami purushottama, || 21 ||


Ksheerodanvath pradese suchimani vilasad saikathe Maukthikanam
Malaklupthasanastha Spatikamani nibhai maukthiker mandithanga
Shubrai-rabrai-rathabrai ruparivirachitai muktha peeyusha varshai
Anandi na puniyadari nalina Gadha sankapanir Mukund, || 1 ||

Bhoo padau yasya nabhi r viyadasu ranila schandra suryaau cha nether
Karnavasasiro dhaumugamabhi dhahano yasya vasteyamabhdhi
Anthastham yasya viswam sura nara khaga go bhogi gandharva dhaityai,
Chitram ram ramyathe tham thribhuvana vapusham vishnumeesam namam, || 2 ||

Santhakaram Bujaga sayanam Padmanabham suresam,
Viswadharam Gagana sadrusam Megha varnam shubangam
Lakshmi kantham kamala nayanam Yogi hrid dyana gamyam
Vande vishnum bava bhayaharam sava lokaika nadha, || 3 ||

Megha syamam Peetha kouseys vasam Srivatsangam Kausthuboth bhasithangam
Punyopetham pundareekayathaksham Vishnum vande sarva lokaika natha, || 4 ||

Sasanga chakram sakerita kundalam sappeethavastram saraseruhekshanam,
Sahara vaksha sthala shobhi kousthubham namai Vishnum sirasa chaturbhuja, || 5 ||

Chayayam Parijatasys hemasimhasanopari,
Aseenamam budha syama Mayathakashamalangrutham,
Chandranana chathurbahum sreevatsangitha vakshasam,
Rukmani Satyabhamabhyam Sahitham Krishnamasraye, || 6 ||

Sarvapraharanayuda Om Nama Idi

Vanamali Gadhi Sarnkhee Chakree cha nandaki
Sreeman narayano vishnur vasudevobhi rakshat

Uttara Bhag

Itidam Keerthanasya Kesavasya mahatmana,
Namnam sahasram Diwyanamaseshesna prakeerthitha, || 1 ||

Ya tdam srunyuan nityam yaschapi parikeerthayed,
Nasubham prapunayad kinchid Soamuthre ha cha manav, || 2 ||

Vedantago brahmana syad kshatriyo vijayi bhaved,
Vaisyo dhana samruddha syachyutha Sugapnuya, || 3 ||

Dharmarthi Prapnuyad Dharmam, Artharthi Cha Arthamapnuyad,
Kamanvapnuyad Kami, PrajarthiChapnuyad Praja, || 4 ||

Bhakthiman Ya sdaothaya , Suchistad gatha manasa,
Sahasram vasudevasya Namnamedat prakeerthaye, || 5 ||

Yasa Prapnodhi vipulam yadi pradanya meva cha
Achalam sriyamapnodhi sryaprapnothyanuttama, || 6 ||

Na Bhayam kwachidapnodhi Veerya tejascha vindhati
Bhavatyarogo dyuthiman bala roopa gunanvidh, || 7 ||

Rogartho muchayade rogat , Bhaddo muchyathe Bandanath,
Bhayan muchyathe Bheedasthu, muchyadepanna apada, || 8 ||

Durganyadarthyasu purusha purushottamam,
Stuvan nama sahasrena nityam bhakthi samanvid, || 9 ||

Vasudevasryo marthyo vasudeva parayana,
Sarva papa vishudhatma Yati brahma sanathana, || 10 ||

Na vasudevabhaktanamasubham vidyate Kwachit
Janma Nrutyu jara Vyadhi Bhayam naivopa jayad, || 11 ||

Imam stavamaddeyana sraddha Bhakthi samanvidha,
Yujyedathma sukha kshanthi sri dhrithi smrithi keerthibh, || 12 ||

Na krodho na cha matsarya na shubha mati,
Bhavanthi kritha punyanam Bhakthanam puroshottam, || 13 ||

Dhyau sachandrarka nakshatra Kham diso bhur mahadathi.
Vasudevasya veeryena vidhrithani mahatman, || 14 ||

Sasurasura gandharwa, sayakshoraga rahshasam,
Jagaddese vartatedam krishnasya sacharachara, || 15 ||

Indriyani mano bhuddhi satvam tejo bala dhruti.
Vasudevatmakanyahu kshetram ksheragna eve ch, || 16 ||

Sarvagamanamachara pradamm parikalpathe,
Achara prabhavo dharma dharmasya prabhurachyuth, || 17 ||

Hrishaya pitaro deva mahabhootani dhatava,
Jangamajangamam chedam jagannarayanodbhava, || 18 ||

Yogo gnanan thada sankhyam vidhya shilpadhi karma cha
Veda shastradi vignanam death sravam janardhanath, || 19 ||

Eko vishnu Mahadbhutham pradag Bhutanyanekasa,
Treem lokan vyapya bhutatma bhungte viswabhugavyay, || 20 ||

Imam stavam bhagavatho vishnur vyasena keerthitham,
Padedya icched purusha sreys prapthum sukhani ch, || 21 ||

Visweswaramajam devam Jagatha Prabhumavyayam,
Bhajanthi Ye pushkaraksham na te yanthi parabhavam
Na te Yanthi Parabhava Om Na Ith, || 22 ||

Arjuna Uvacha:
Padma Pathra Visalakha padmanabha surothama,
Bhakthanamanu rakthanam Tratho Bhava Janardhan, || 23 ||

Sri Bhagawanuvacha:
Yo mam nama sahasrena stothumichadi pandava,
Sohamekena slokena sthutha eva na samsaya
Sthutha eva na samsaya Om Nama Ith, || 24 ||

Vyasa Uvacha:
Vasanad Vasudevasya vasitham bhuvana trayam,
Sarva bhutha nivasosi vasudeva namosthuthe.
Sri Vasudeva namosthuthe om nama ith, || 24 ||

Kenoupayena Laguna Vishnor nama sahasragam,
Patyadher Pandither nithyam Srothumichamyaham Prabh, || 25 ||

Easwara Uvacha:
Sri Rama Rama ramethi reme rame manorame,
Sahasra nama thathulyam rama nama varanane
Rama nama varanane om nama ith, || 27 ||

Brahma vacha:
Namostvanandaya sahasra moorthaye
Sahasra Padakshi sirory Bahave,
Sahasra namne purushaya saswathe ,
Sahasra koti yuga dharine nama
Sahasra Koti yuga dharine nama om nama ith, || 28 ||

Sanjaya Uvacha:
Yatra Yogiswara Krishno Yatra Partho dhanurdhara
Tatra srirvijaya bhoothirdhruva neethir murthir mam, || 29 ||

Sri Bhagawan Uvacha:
Ananyaschinatayanto Mam ye jana parypasathe,
Thesham nityabhi yukthanam yogakshemam vahamyaha, || 30 ||

Parithrayana sadhunam vinasaya cha dushkritham,
Dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yug, || 31 ||

Artha vishanna sidhilascha beetha, Goreshu cha vyadeeshu varthamana
Samkalpa narayana sabdha mathram vimuktha dukho sukhino bhavanth, || 32 ||

Kayenavacha Manasendryrva budhyatmanava prakrithai swabhawat,
Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai narayanayethi samarpayam, || 33 ||

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam Lyrics in English With Meaning

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