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Kamaldham Mandir, Lotus Temple Hyderabad, Timings

This lotus temple is 11 kms distance far from Mehdipatnam and very near Chilukur Balaji Temple. This temple is also known as one of the tourist place. It is called as the place of attraction to the twin-city people. This temple is beautifully designed and constructed in the shape of louts and it has flourishing […]

Alampur Bala Brahma Temple Timings | Jogulamba Temple

Alampur Bala  Brahma Temple is an ancient Temple located in Alampur Town near Kurnool in Jogulamba Gadwal District, Telangana. Bala Brahma temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. Alampur is named as town of temples and famed for its sculptures. This temple is 1 km far from alampur bus station. This temple is located near jogulamba […]

Alampur Kudala Sangameshwara Temple Timings | Jogulamba Temple

Alampur Kudala Sangameshwara Temple is an ancient Shiva temple, located in Alampur Town near Kurnool in Jogulamba Gadwal District, Telangana. One of the Chalukya’s creations and it is a quiet historical place. This Sangameshwara temple is located in Alampur district in Mehabubnagar, Telangana. This temple is located nearly two kilometers away from Alampur. This is […]

Srikakulam Srimukhalingam | Lord Shiva Temple

Srimukhalingam is situated on the left bank of the river Vamsadara at a distance of about 48 Kms. from Srikakulam. It is famous for the temple of Srimukhalingeswara believed to have been built in 9th Century. The sculpture in this temple is remarkably elegant and precise and represents the Indo-Aryan style of architecture. The Mahasivarathri […]

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