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Kamaldham Mandir, Lotus Temple Hyderabad, Timings

This lotus temple is 11 kms distance far from Mehdipatnam and very near Chilukur Balaji Temple. This temple is also known as one of the tourist place. It is called as the place of attraction to the twin-city people. This temple is beautifully designed and constructed in the shape of louts and it has flourishing garden. Every religious caste people visit this temple regularly. This temple looks beautiful in the evening time with lightings and with visitors. On Sunday we can see large number of people visiting this temple.

According to Shikshapatri the lord Shree Swaminarayana has instructed all the devotees to worship and offer obeisance to the five deities namely Sri Maha Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganapathi, Lord Parvati Devi and Lord Surya Deva. With his instructions all the devotees were placed in the temple. And some other deities of Murties are like Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Sita Ram, Tirupati Balaji, Lord Narsimaha Swamy and Sri Hanumaji are installed here. It is a good atmosphere and all arrangements are made for devotees to perform pooja daily. Every festival is celebrated by the devotees with great joy and harmony.

In the Indian history they follow five sampradaya streams of upasana are depicted in spiritual scriptures. As,
VAISHNAV – in which Lord Vishnu is being worshipped as a supreme power
SHAIVA – followers of this Stream of upasana are dedicated to Lord Shiva.
GANAPATYA – in this type worthiness is offered to Lord Ganesh.
SAURYA – here extreme devotion is towards Lord Sun.
SHAKTA – reverence is for Shakti – Goddess Parvati.

kamaldham-mandir-lotus-temple-hyderabadAccording to lord Shree Swaminarayan a marvellous Lotus Temple adorns the pious land of GURUKUL. Inside the pond we can see the lotus shape temple. The lord Shree Swaminarayan and other devotees are worshipped in the temple.

Lotus Temple Timings: 6.30 AM to 7.30 PM.

Kamaldham Mandir, Lotus Temple Hyderabad, Timings

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