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Pongal in India

About Poki Festival | About Bhogi Festival

‘Bhogi’ on first day of four days long ‘Pongal’ festival is called ‘Poki’ by many. On this day, people worship Lord Indra, Hindu mythological God of Rain. People express their gratitude for good harvest and rainfall. It is because of this reason some people know ‘Poki’ Festival as ‘Indran’. ‘Poki’ day is meant for domestic […]

Pongal Festival Celebration. Sankranti

People enjoy activities related to ‘Pongal’ while there is chill in the air. ‘Pongal’ festival is celebrated on 14th January of every year. Celebration spreads over four days making it the longest festival in Tamil calendar. Age old belief is that `’Thai’’ gives hope and brings good fortune so people are keen with joy. Pongal […]

When is Pongal – Sankranti Celebrated?

‘Pongal’ is celebrated on 14th January every year. ‘Pongal’ is generally celebrated in January after winter solstice. Generally, date of ‘Pongal’ is always the same because it is according to solar calendar. Solar calendar is more accurate than lunar calendar. Date of ‘Pongal’ is extremely auspicious to Hindus. On ‘Pongal’ day, sun enters ‘Makaram Rashi’ […]

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