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When is Pongal – Sankranti Celebrated?

‘Pongal’ is celebrated on 14th January every year.

‘Pongal’ is generally celebrated in January after winter solstice. Generally, date of ‘Pongal’ is always the same because it is according to solar calendar. Solar calendar is more accurate than lunar calendar. Date of ‘Pongal’ is extremely auspicious to Hindus. On ‘Pongal’ day, sun enters ‘Makaram Rashi’ or tropic of Capricorn from tropic of Cancer. Sun begins its journey northwards (‘Uttarayan’) for six months opposite to sun’s southwards (‘Dakshinayan’) movement. Astronomically the event is fascinating and auspicious. Thus, ‘Pongal’ in south and ‘Makar Sankranti’ in north and central India are celebrated.

‘Pongal’ festival is celebrated for four continuous days of Tamil months in Tamil Nadu. Festivities begin on last day of ‘Maargazhi’ (December-January) month. They continue for three days in ‘Thai’ (January-February) month.

Second and main day of ‘Pongal’ is also known as ‘Surya Pongal’. It is celebrated on the very first day of Tamil month ‘Thai’ (January – February).
‘Pongal’ gives break to people as it marks end of winter and arrival of spring. During these six months, length of days increases while length of nights shortens in Northern Hemisphere.Sankranti-Pongal

Every Year ‘Pongal’ is celebrated on the four following days:
Bhogi Festival: 13th January
Surya Pongal / Makar Sankranti: 14th January Every Year
Maatu Pongal / Kanuma Panduga’: 15th January Every Year
Kaanum Pongal /  Kanuma: 16th January Every Year

When is Pongal – Sankranti Celebrated?

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