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Pongal Festival

When is Pongal – Sankranti Celebrated?

‘Pongal’ is celebrated on 14th January every year. ‘Pongal’ is generally celebrated in January after winter solstice. Generally, date of ‘Pongal’ is always the same because it is according to solar calendar. Solar calendar is more accurate than lunar calendar. Date of ‘Pongal’ is extremely auspicious to Hindus. On ‘Pongal’ day, sun enters ‘Makaram Rashi’ […]

What is Pongal? Makara Sankranthi

‘Pongal’, only Hindu festival follows solar calendar and celebrated on 14th January every year. Astronomical significance of ‘Pongal’ is beginning of ‘Uttarayana’ when sun moves northwards for six months. In Hinduism, ‘Uttarayana’ is considered auspicious, as opposed to ‘Dakshinaayana’ when sun moves southwards. All important events are scheduled during ‘Uttarayana’. ‘Makara Sankranthi’ is an event […]

Thiruvalluvar Day Festival | Kanum Pongal Festival

The fourth day of the three-day ‘Pongal’ celebrations is called ‘Kaanum Pongal’. In some places this day is also known as ‘Karinaal’ or ‘Thiruvalluvar’ Day. This day is dedicated to sun god, Surya, who has its roots in ancient Brahminical tradition. ‘Pongal’ is rural, agricultural festival celebrating harvest so Sun is important part of proceedings. […]

Pongal, Makara Sankranthi

‘Pongal’ is one of the most popular harvest festivals. It is celebrated in south India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Every year, ‘Pongal’ festival is in mid-January when it marks auspicious beginning of Uttarayan. Sun starts to move towards the north. ‘Pongal’ festival is held for four days. During those days people celebrate drawing of ‘Kolam’, […]

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