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Temples in Chittoor

Satravada Kari Varadharaja Perumal Temple Timings, History

About Kari Varadharaja Swamy Temple: This Ancient Kari Varadharaja Perumal Temple temple is situated at Satravada in Nagari mandala. Here the presiding deity is Kari Varada Raja Swamy (Lord Vishnu) and the temple was maintained by the Karvetinagaram kings. Now, this temple is maintained by the TTD. Kari Varadharaja Perumal Temple History: Puranas says thousands […]

Varada Raja Swamy Temple Kanipakam Timings, Sevas

Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple is located in front of Kanipakam Sri Swayambu Varasidhi Vinayakaswamy Temple which is 12 km from Chittoor and 70 km from Tirupati. Devotees believe that performing Sri Satyanaraya Vrata by newly married couples in this temple will lead their lives to everlasting happiness and prosperity. The temple faces the east and […]

Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Madanapalli

About Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Goddess Gangamma is the incarnation of ‘Shakti’. Located at Chowdepalli, Madanapalli, Chittoor District, Near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, this temple is dedicated to the sister of Lord Venkateswara. Temple History Centuries ago the tribals Boyas and Yelikas lived in the forest area around the hillock. They stood up and resented the repressive […]

Gurramkonda Sri Reddamma Temple Timings, History

Sri Reddamma Konda, also known as Sri Guraam Konda Reddamma or Gurramkonda Sri Reddamma Temple is a significant historical site situated in the Chittoor district between the Cuddapah and Bangalore highways. This temple was established by devotees from Madana Palli and is now being developed further by the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD). Devotees express their […]

Keelapatla Sri Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple Timings, History

Koneti Rayala Swamy Temple (also known as Venkateswara Temple) is a famous Hindu Temple of Lord Venkateswara located in Keelapatla, Palamaner, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Lord standing here with his “Kati Varada Hastham” posture, holding Sankhu Chakram and having the impression of Sridevi and Bhudevi on both sides of his chest. Koneti Rayala Temple is 47 […]

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple Nendragunta

About Lord Venkateshwara Swamy Nendragunta. Nendragunta is situated on the Tirupati – Chittoor – Bangalore highway. A beautiful temple for Lord Venkateswara Swamy was constructed in Nendragunta. Distance from Tirupati is 38.2 km Distance from Chittoor is 31.5 km The nearest railway station to Nendragunta Pakala Junction railway station 4.9 KM. Damalcheruvu railway station 12.9 […]

Sri Subramaniya Swamy Temple P.Errepalli Andhrapradesh Tourism

About Sri Subramaniya Swamy Temple Sri Subramaniya Swamy temple is situated on a small hill called bonthagutta near P.Errepalli village, beside thalupulapalle which comes on the 14 kms mile stone to piler from chittoor high way. Subramaniya Swamy Sametha Valli and Devasena. Long years ago, Lord Muruga (Subramanyaswamy) came in the dream of a villager […]

Durgamma Gudi Greamspet

About Durgamma Gudi, Greamspet: Durgamma Gudi is located in Greamspet chittoor, This is a famous Durgamma thalli. Huge number of devoties gather here to worship on all Tuesdays and Fridays. All Durga pujas are celebrated here.

Nagari Desamma Temple Timings, History

South India is home to numerous temples that are rich in history, culture, and architectural splendor. Among the many temples in the region, Sri Desamma Temple stands out as a unique and fascinating place of worship. This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Desamma, who is believed to be the protector of the local community. […]

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