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Gurramkonda Sri Reddamma Temple Timings, History

Sri Reddamma Konda, also known as Sri Guraam Konda Reddamma or Gurramkonda Sri Reddamma Temple is a significant historical site situated in the Chittoor district between the Cuddapah and Bangalore highways. This temple was established by devotees from Madana Palli and is now being developed further by the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD). Devotees express their devotion and gratitude to Guraam Konda Sri Reddamma by contributing to the temple’s development through various means such as constructing shelters, providing financial support, and volunteering their services. Some devotees also offer ornaments to Amma, which are used by priests to adorn the deity on a daily basis.

Guraam Konda Sri Reddamma Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Gurramkonda Sri Reddamma Temple History

Ellam Palli is located beside Chelro Palli, which is near Madana Palli town in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Around 300 years ago, there was a farmer named Rami Reddy and his wife Nagamma in Yellam Palli. They were kind-hearted and always helped the poor. They had two sons and one daughter named Reddamma, who was beautiful and adored by the village people.

Rami Reddy was busy with farming while Nagamma welcomed and assisted guests and helped the poor. Reddamma would often accompany her father to the farm and climb ladders to shoo away birds who made the land dirty by throwing stones. In the evenings, she would assist her mother with household chores.

Guraam Konda Sri Reddamma Talli Temple

One day, while throwing stones at birds, Reddamma caught the attention of the Navab (king) of Gurram Konda, who ordered his soldiers to bring her. Afraid, Reddamma ran away from the soldiers and found herself at the foot of a big hill. She thought only God could save her and prayed to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Suddenly, the earth shook, a bright light appeared in the sky, and the hill cracked open. Reddamma entered the crack, while the soldiers fell from their horses.

The Navab learned of the incident but kept it quiet, while the news spread throughout the village. Rami Reddy, Nagamma, their sons, and daughter’s in-laws cried, and the village people gathered at their house. That night, Nagamma dreamt of Reddamma and was assured that she was safe on the hill. The village people went to the hill the next morning and prayed to Bala Reddamma, who had become a goddess since that incident.

For over 300 years, Sri Bala Reddamma Thalli has been worshipped as a savior of devotees. She is particularly kind to childless couples. Women seeking children have to visit Sri Reddamma Konda for three consecutive Sundays and pray to Sri Reddamma Thalli for blessings. Almost all women who have done so have been blessed with children. In some cases, doctors could not do anything, but with the blessings of Sri Reddamma Thalli, the couples had children. Some couples have even been blessed with children after 20 years of marriage through worshipping goddess Reddamma Thalli.

Prayer Ritual for Blessings of Children

After Chelro Palli, there is a small village called “Thotli Vaari Palli” where four families belonging to Reddamma’s family reside. For over 200 years, they have been providing Ayurvedic water to childless women for the best results. The first step is for the childless woman to go there on three consecutive Sundays at 6:30 am and drink the Ayurvedic water. Then she has to go to Reddamma Konda.

There, she has to take a bath in Amma Vaari Koneru (a small water pond). With wet clothes on, she has to take a coconut and a small new cloth (everything is available there) and hold them in her hands. In front of Amma’s temple, there is a big banyan tree. She has to do sastanga Namaskaara (prostrate herself) to Amma and pray for the children.

It is believed that they will receive a dream or a good sleep, which confirms that they will have children. After that, she has to take a small stone and tie it in the new cloth and tie it to the stem of the banyan tree (called “Mudupu” in Telugu). Then she has to enter Amma’s temple, give the coconut and all the pooja samagari (worship materials) to the priest, and pray to Amma. The pooja will be complete with that. Childless women have to do the same pooja for three consecutive Sundays.

There are many cases where women have seen immediate results after performing this pooja.

Bala Reddamma Talli Temple Address

Gurram Konda,
Chittoor district,
Andhra Pradesh – 517305

Gurramkonda Sri Reddamma Temple Timings, History

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