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Thiruvanthipuram Sri Devanathaswamy Perumal Temple Timings, History

Devanathaswamy temple is also called Thiruvanthipuram Kovil is one of the 108 Divyadesam temples situated in Thiruvanthipuram, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Devanatha Swamy incarnation of Sri Vishnu with his consort Bhudevi as Hemabhujavalli. Here the lord with his conch, chakra, four faces of Brahma and the third eye is very rare and depicts the holy trinity.

The temple is constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, the temple is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, the early medieval Tamil canon of the Azhwar saints from the 6th–9th centuries AD.

Devotees believe that praying Devanatha Perumal will be blessed with economic stability, children, health and longevity. Devotees place jaggery, salt and pepper in the well of the temple seeking remedy for their illness of any severity. Those afflicted with adverse aspects of serpent planets Rahu and Ketu, pray for a reversal of bad effects.

Tiruvahindipuram Sri Devanatha Perumal Temple Timings

Morning: 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Evening: 4.30 PM to 8.00 PM

Sri Devanatha Perumal Temple History:

Due to their pride and arrogance, the Devas of the celestial world was defeated by the Asura demons and cast out of their place. They all went to the feet of Sri Vishnu at this place Oushadhachalam. The Lord has promised to help them. The Asura asked Lord Shiva for help to win again. Lord Shiva also pledged his help. Seeing that the Devas conquered and were defeated, Lord Vishnu applied His disc-Chakrayudha which persecuted and killed the demons. They all went to the feet of the Lord. Lord Vishnu appeared before them as Lord Brahmma, Sri Vishnu and Lord Shiva and pleased everyone. As he was the captain of the Devas, his name was Devanatha. Knowing that Lord Sri Narayana had decided to stay here forever, Adishesha built a city, which we now call Tiru Ahindi (Adisesha) Puram (place) – Tiruvahindipuram.

Tiruvahindipuram Sri Devanatha Perumal Temple Festivals

  • Chithirai Devanatha Perumal Brahhmotsavam is celebrated for 10 days. Garuda Seva on the 5th day, Theerthavari on the 9th day.
  • Vaikasi Visakam, Nammazhwar Sathumurai 10 days
  • Perumal Vasanth Utsav 10 days in May-June
  • Narasimha Jayanthi
  • Aadi new moon day Amavasya and Aadi Pooram in July-August
  • Aavani Pavithra Utsav in August-September
  • Sri Krishna Jayanthi
  • Purattasi Maha Desikan Utsav in September-October
  • Deepavali
  • Tirukarthikai in November-December
  • Hanumath Jayanthi
  • Vaikunda Ekadasi
  • Andal Wedding
  • Bogi
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Panguni Sri Rama Navai
Thiruvanthipuram Sri Devanathaswamy Perumal Temple Timings, History

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