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Tirumala Deva Theertham History, Route

Tirumala Deva Theertham:

Deva Theertham is located in the thick forest of Seshachala hills, to the north west of the main Malayappa temple.

To reach Deva theertham one should trek Sesha Chala Hills from Kukkala Doddi or through old Papavinasanam in Tirumala. Only with right guide we can reach this place, it is not advisable to trek hills with improper information.

A bath in this Theertham on Thursday when the star Pushya is on the rise, or on a Monday when the star Saravana is ascendant; destroys all sins and bestows merit, longevity, progeny and happiness in this world and beyond.

Taking bath here, One will be endowed with sons and grandsons. He will attain a long life. At the end of his life he goes to heaven and is honoured in the world of the Moon. On who makes a gift of food on that day (will attain the same benefit) as one who makes a gift of food through out his life.Tirumala Deva Theertham

Tirumala Deva Theertham History, Route

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