Tiruppavada Seva | Srivari Pulihora Seva

Tiruppavada Seva (Every Thursday):

This unique and exquisite Seva among all the methods of worship offered to the Lord Venkateshwara Swamy. It is performed every thursday morning starting around 6.00 A.M.  A Huge mound of cooked Tamarind spiced rice (Pulihora) is poured on a golden plated tray size about 6 feet x 4 feet and placed directly in front of the Lord such that it is about a couple of feet in front of his steed, Sri Garudalwar, in the foyer area of the temple’s sanctum. Amid Chanting of mantras, the previous wide Naamam is peeled off and a thin Namam is adorned on his forehead just to cover the space between his eyebrows. This is called Netra Darshan. The “Pulihora” therefore acts like a Veli (“Paavada” in Telugu/Tamil) protecting devotees from his powerful.

Tiruppavada Seva :




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