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TTD 2022 September Month Festivals Days

Tirumala Venkatewara Swamy 2022 September Month Important Days:

September 1: Rushi Panchami
September 5: Teachers’ Day, Tirupati Sri GT Pavitrotsavam Begins
September 6: Ekadasi
September 7: Vamana Jayanthi
September 8: Sravanam, Tirupati Sri GT Pavitrotsavam Ends
September 9: Ananta Padmanabha Vratham
September 10: Purnima, Narayanavanam Sri KVS Pavitrotsavam
September 11: Mahalayam Begins
September 13: Vundralla Tadde
September 14: Maha Bharani
September 16: Krittika
September 17: Rohini
September 18: Sukra Moudhyam Begins
September 20: Punarvasu
September 21: Ekadasi
September 24: Masa Shivratri
September 25: Mahalayam Ends, Amavasya
September 26: Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Navaratri Begins, Sarannavaratra Begins
September 27: Tirumala Sri TT Brahmotsavam Begins

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