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TTD Executive Officer Review Laddu and Security at Gallery and Also Illumiations

Tirumala 005/10/16:
EO of TTD Dr D Sambasiva Rao now a day directed the officers of Potu to stay adequate buffer stock of Laddu prepared with them as daily surge of devotees to Tirumala has crossed over one large integer to witness the salakatla Brahmotsavam-2016.

Reviewing the arrangements at the PAC-4 Central command centre in conjunction with the JEO of Tirumala Sri Kansas Sreenivasa Raju, the TTD executive officer had educated the officers to stay the laddu counters open on 24×7 basis throughout the amount of the Brahmotsavam-2016.

He conjointly directed the engineering officers to see all the grills, exit and entry points and conjointly the locks the least bit gates to make sure that there have been no hiccups once the crowds surged towards the gates when vahanam darshan or earlier.

He asked the electrical officers to hide all the electrical illuminations at Tirumala with iron meshes to avert unsavory happenings to gullible devotees. He conjointly wished the safety or alternative outsourced employees to be unbroken close to most of the crucial electrical illuminations to face all emergencies, notably at Hathiram maths and Archaka nilayams wherever larger electrical illuminations were put in.

The EO also conjointly suggested the Vigilance and security forces to acquire extra forces Tirupati if the employees on the market at Tirumala weren’t adequate.

TTD Executive Officer Review Laddu and Security at Gallery and Also Illumiations

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