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1) Name of the Applicant :
Postal address :
1-(a) Individual, (b) Trustee, (c) Organisation :
e-mail id :
Phone Number (Cell) :
Phone Number (Landline) :

2) Registration No. in case of Organization / Trust / Society / Temple:
(enclose copy of Registration)

3) Enclose separate sheet describing the activities being carried on by the applicant:

4) If other spiritual, religious entities are involved, furnish details:-
Name & Address :
Phone Number :
Also, furnish the details of other alternate person for contact
(i) Name & Phone Number :
(ii) Name & Phone Number :

5) Furnish financial credentials :
(i) PAN Number :
(ii) I.T Returns of Last 3 years :
(Relevant documents to be enclosed)

6) Specify 3 preferential dates (allowing 3 months’ time) from the date of application
1 st preferred date :
2 nd preferred date :
3 rd preferred date :

7) Details of religious events organized in the past (Photo / CD may be enclosed) :

8) The purpose of the present proposal seeking Srinivasa Kalyanam in the
proposed venue :

9) Social Status :

10) AADHAR CARD No for Individual/ Sponsor :


1) Name and location :

2) Vested with : Govt / local body / Temple / Private
If venue belongs to private, furnish the details of owner
Name :
Occupation :
Phone Number :

3) Distance of the venue from Railway Station : ………..K.M Bus-stand: …..……K.M.

4) Does Airport exist in the venue town. :
If so, distance from the venue
5) Specify alternate spacious open grounds, :
if any

6) If possible, enclose site plan of the Venue :

7) The capacity and parking place :
(Extent of open space)

8) No. of devotees expected for Kalyanam :

9) Details of parking place available :
(specify measurements and enclose plan)

10) Whether wide / suitable convenient approach road is available to the venue :

11) Availability of power at the venue :

12) Availability of drinking water at the venue :

13) No. of persons expected on stage like organizers, VIPs(specify the names)
(In any case not exceeding 10 persons.)

Name of the component and Quantity:

1) Homagundam
2) Peetalu with Koormasanam
3) Deepasthambhalu – 2 Nos (4ft Height )
4) Samidhulu & Fuel
a. Jilledu b. Chandra
c. Jammi d. Moduga
e. Garika f. Uttarani
g. Medi / Athi h. Darbha
i. Raavi
5) Mookullu – 10 No’s
6) Palikalu – 10 No’s
7) Two Tables – 4x3x3 ft
8) Teapoy – 3x2x2.5 ft
9) Turmeric Powder – 200 grms
10) Kum-Kum – 100 grms
11) Chandanam – 100 grms
12) Rice – 10 kgs
13) Camphor – 250 grms
14) Agrarbatties – 5 Packet
15) Ghee – 4 kgs
16) Plate leaves – 25 Nos
17) Coconuts – 10 nos
18) Cardamoms – 50 grms
19) Cloves – 50 grms
20) Jaggery – 3 kgs
21) Cotton wick – 250 gms
22) Navadanyams – ½ kg
23) Rice Powder – ½ kg
24) Suger – 1 kg
25) Betel Leaves & Nuts – 100 gms
26) Fruits (5 Varieties) – Each 2 dozens.


1) Lilies – 15Kgs
2) Chamanthi (or) Vruchi – 15Kgs
3) Rose (Star) – 10Kgs
4) Thulasi – 10Kgs
5) Pennar leaf (or) moram – 10Kgs
6) Bangalore Rose – 1000 Nos
7) Jasmine & Kanakambaram – 2 Kgs Sarams
8 Nara and Threads


1) Stage (not < 30 x 40 ft)
2) Backdrop as prescribed by TTD
3) Pendals
4) Plantain trees
5) Flower decoration
6) Mango leaves
7) Electrical illumination
8) Public Addressing system – 15 stand mikes, 3 cordless mikes


1) Seating arrangements for devotees.
2) Drinking water
3) Shoe keeping counter
4) Temporary toilets
5) LED Screens


1) Accommodation to TTD team – 20 Rooms
2) Food arrangements to team – For 40 persons during entire period of stay
3) Bandobusth personnel
4) Volunteers
5) Fire Engine
6) Ambulance


I / We declare that the details mentioned above are true to the best of my / our knowledge and I / we abide by the terms & conditions of TTD in connection with the conduct of Srinivasa Kalyanams. In the event of failure to abide by the orders of TTD, I / we will be held responsible for all aspects including recovery of cost loss if any occurred to TTD in this regard.

Signature of the Applicant


1) Acceptance of the proposal is subject to the feasibility and availability of manpower and time resources of TTD.

2) The application should be submitted atleast 3 months in advance.

3) Mere receipt of application in TTD does not confer any right to the Organiser for conduct of Srinivasa Kalyanam.

4) Acceptance of the proposal is subject to the inspection / verification by the committee and its report regarding the details furnished in the application and suitability of the place for conduct of Kalyanam.

5) If the proposal is accepted, the date will be finalized keeping the priority areas in mind.

6) The TTD reserves the right to cancel / postpone the function even after the proposal is sanctioned.

7) There shall not be any political speech or discussion at the venue. It should be totally nonpolitical.

8) TTD reserves the right to invite persons on the dais depending upon the space and importance of the person. (In any case not exceeding 10 persons)

9) TTD does not authorize anybody to raise donations / contributions;

10) It is the responsibility of the Organizers to maintain law & order at the venue through the local Police for smooth conduct of the function;

11) All the arrangements specified in the application should be made in to. Any deviation will result in cancellation of the function.

12) The conduct of the function shall be under the guidance & supervision of the authorized officer deputed for this purpose from TTD.

13) Sufficient publicity should be given to make the function a grand success.

14) There is no entry fee to the devotees attending the function and the banners indicating “NO ENTRY FEE” should be prominently displayed.

15) The Organizer should extend necessary assistance to the team visiting for advance survey

16) Organizers should not keep any Hundi / counter for collecting donations. TTD Hundies alone should be permitted.

17) TTD emblem should not be used by Organizer/ Sponsor in donor booklets / wall posters / banners / pamphlets / receipts, etc. No photos will be allowed at the back drop of the Dias except Srinivasa Kalyanam photos.

18) No commercial advertisements are allowed at the venue 19) Organizer should obtain necessary clearances if any from the local authorities. Wherever necessary. Escort should be provided through police to the vehicle carrying idols of the Lord.

20) The list of persons to whom felicitation is being arranged if any should be got approved by the TTD in advance. The list should be very minimal.

21) No selling of tickets will be allowed.

22) No photos / banners of anybody shall be allowed at the dais as backdrop.

23) The organizer should allow the TTD staff to have full access to the dais and once the Utsava idols reaches the dais, the dais shall be under the control of TTD staff.

24) Alternative power supply should be ensured by way of generators of sufficient capacity.

25) S.V Bakthi Channel should have preferential and exclusive rights of Kalyanam. Other channels may also be permitted but they should get feed through SVBC and also they should not telecast adverse advertisements in the middle.

26) Fire engine with fire-fighting equipment and First-Aid centre should be made available subject to availability.

27) The Organizers should provide good accommodation to the entire team. Food and Naivedyam shall be provided by Brahmin cooks.

28) Protocol order is not applicable for this function

29) No sale of tickets by the Organizers is allowed for the function.

30) The Organizer / Sponsor shall borne entire expenditure of the Srinivasa Kalyanam. It includes transportation charges of the Kalyana Radham, Bus / Van and 3 Innovas / Scorpios for To & Fro Journey’s from Tirupati to the venue and back.

31) The Transportation charges will be worked out as per distance in Google mapping from Tirupati to the venue and back. Applicable rate of G.S.T will be levied on the rates fixed per Kilometer. Total amount of Transportation charges to be paid in Advance through DD in favor of the E.O, TTD. Then only orders will be issued to make arrangements.

32) Sufficient publicity should be given through door to door campaign, flexis, banners and advertisement in two leading daily newspapers without fail.

33) Sufficient Police bandobasth should be arranged through Police department both at the venue and parking place.

34) If the requested date by the Sponsorer is not possible for conduct of Srinivasa Kalyanam, the TTD reserves the right to allot the date available and the Sponsorer should abide by it and should not insist or exert pressure for the date of their choice.

35) Once the TTD allots a date and communicated to the Organiser/Sponsor and in the event of his failure to conduct Srinivasa Kalyanam, his further request will be considered depending upon the availability of dates and other pending applications. The Sponsorer will not accrue any right to demand for immediate allotment of another date for Srinivasa Kalyanam.

36) The Ustava idols shall always with TTD during the ustav and it should not be placed anywhere except on the Dias and Kalyana Radham.
(a) Filled in applications should be sent to “The Executive Officer, T.T.Devasthanams, Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh” marking a copy to “Special Officer, Srinivasa Kalyanam Project, Madhavam building, Srinivasam Complex, TTD, Near APSRTC Bus-stand, Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh”

(b) For further details, contact office of the Special Officer, Srinivasa Kalyanam Project, Tirupati (Phone No. 0877 – 2264153). e-mail.id : osdttd@gmail.com

Signature of the Applicant:


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