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Udaipur Srinathji Temple History, Timings, Pooja Details

About Udaipur Srinathji Temple:

Srinathji Temple is in Nathdwara, 48 km north of beautiful city of Udaipur in Rajasthan. This temple was built in the early 18th century is one of the wealthiest Indian temples. The staunch devotees of Vishnu and Krishna throng every year especially on Janmashtami. Folklore says the idol was initially installed at Mount Govardhan near Mathura, Krishna’s birthplace. Later on there was wrath and demolition by the Muslim King Aurangzeb. A chariot was used for carrying the idol of Srinathji that got stuck in Nathdwara. Hence, this was considered as the divine signal to install the idol.

Shrinathji is a form of Krishna where the Lord lifted the Govardhan hill. Thus, the Lord saved the people of Braj Bhoomi from angry Varun, Lord of Rain.

The inner sanctum of the temple is the place where idol of Srinathji is present. This is opened only eight times a day. The devotees throng to have darshan of the Lord. Everything present in the inner temple, starting from the china to silver and gold-ware are ancient. Also, paintings, wall hangings, clothes and furniture are all reminiscent of ancient times and our heritage.

Even today, interestingly the servants of this famous temple wear clothes/costumes of the bygone era.

Shrinathji Temple Udaipur

Udaipur Srinathji Temple Daily Darshan Timings:

Mangla 5:45 am to 6:15 am
Shringar 7:15 am to 7:45 am
Gwal 9:15 am to 9:30 am
Rajbhog 11:15 am to 12:05 pm
Uthapan 3:55 pm to 04:10 pm
Bhog 4:50 pm to 5:05 pm
Aarti 5:15 pm to 6:00 pm

Manorath, Shriji Manorath and Price:

Full Day Manorath – Rs.18,000
Full Rajbhog – Rs.11,000
Half Rajbhog – Rs.7,500
Quarter Rajbhog – Rs.6,000
Mangal Bhog – Rs.1,250
Shayan Bhog – Rs.1000
Gaumataji – Rs.6,670
Sudarshan Bhog – Rs.250
Makhan Mishri – Rs.250

Manorath, Priyaji Manorath and Price:

Priyaji Rajbhog – Rs.1,400
Priyaji Palana – Rs.4,500
Priyaji Makhan Mishri – Rs.250
Priyaji Adhiki Samagries and other Manorath, Contact Samadhaniji for details.

Manorath, Madan Mohanji Manorath and Price:

Madan Mohanji Rajbhog – Rs.400
Madan Mohanji Adhiki Samagries and other Manorath Contact Samadhaniji for details.

Manorath, Shakghar Samagri Shriji and Price:

Shakghar – Kaju – Rs.8,000
Shakghar – Pista – Rs.11,000
Shakghar – Badam – Rs.9,500
Shakghar – Mesu (Badam) – Rs.9,500Udaipur Shrinathji Temple
Shakghar – Mesu (Kaju) – Rs.8,000
Shakghar – Duranga – Rs.10,000
Shakghar – Tiranga – Rs.9,500
Shakghar – Chandrabata – Rs.5,810
Shakghar – Dabra – Rs.900

Manorath, Shakghar Samagri Priyaji and Price:

Shakghar – Kaju – Rs.5,500
Shakghar – Pista – Rs.7,700
Shakghar – Badam – Rs.6,600
Shakghar – Mesu (Badam) – Rs.6,600
Shakghar – Mesu (Kaju) – Rs.5,500
Shakghar – Duranga – Rs.7,700
Shakghar – Tiranga – Rs.6,600
Shakghar – Chandrabata – Rs.6,600
Shakghar – Dabra – Rs.900

Niyat Samagri Nyochhawar Schemes:

Full Day Manorath – Rs.1,40,000
Full Rajbhog – Rs.75,000
Half Rajbhog – Rs.51,000
Quarter Rajbhog – Rs.40,000
Mangal Bhog – Rs.18,000
Shayan Bhog – Rs.14,000
Priyaji Palna Manorath – Rs.60,000
Gaumataji Thuli Seva – Rs.1,20,000

Shriji Darshan Yojana Schemes:

Full Day Manorath – Rs.1,50,000
Full Rajbhog – Rs.90,000
Half Rajbhog – Rs.51,000
Quarter Rajbhog – Rs.35,000
Mangal Bhog – Rs.20,000
Shayan Bhog – Rs.15,000

Gaumataji Seva Schemes:

Godan – Rs.2,571.00
Gaumataji Thuli Seva – Rs.8,100
Gaumataji Green Grass Seva – Rs.5,000

Accommodation at Srinathji Temple:

* New Cottage
* Shri Damodar Dham
* Dhiraj Dham
* Balasinore Sadan
* Chitalwala Vishranti Gruh
* Agrawal Cottage
* Dharamshalas (Dehliwali Dharamshala, Delwarawali Dharamshala, Bisanima Dharamshala, Daya Bhawan Dharamshala, Keshav Bhawan Dharamshala, Laxmi Nivas Dharamshala, Chhoti Dharamshala, Sakhi Bai Dharamshala).

Udaipur Srinathji Temple Accommodation Address:

Reservation Office
Opp.Risala chouck,
Nathdwara Temple Board,
Rajasthan -313301.
Phone No. 02953-233677

Interesting Place near Srinathji Temple:

Giriraj Parikrama
Shrinath Gaushala
Bhool Bhulaiya (Vrindavan bag)
Ganesh Tekari

Udaipur Srinathji Temple Address:

Shrinathji Mandir
Rajasthan – 313 301.
Phone: 02953 233484, Fax: 02953 232482

Udaipur Srinathji Temple History, Timings, Pooja Details

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