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Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Hours, History, Services, Pujas

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Hours:

Monday to Friday:

Morning: 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Weekly Abhisheka Schedule:

Ganesha Sunday 9:00 AM
Shiva Monday & Pradosha day 6:00 PM
Balaji Saturday 9:00 AM
Navagraha Saturday 8:45 AM

A non profit organization under IRS Code 501(c) (3) | Temple Tax ID # 87 054 1283
The Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple is a place to worship, conduct religious activities and pursue Hindu ideals, traditions and culture.

One of the most important components of our success is great people. Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah was built by few dedicated people. Click the link to read the history of the Temple.

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Regular Services:

Priests will perform the following regular pujas at the Temple:
Ashtothra Aarati: Anytime on request to any deity/shrine.
Puja, Aarati: Start times are weekday mornings 9:30 AM; weekend mornings 10:00 AM; all evenings 7:00 PM and 8:45 PM.
Ganesha Abhisheka: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Morning, 8:45 AM .
Shiva Abhisheka Puja: Every Monday and Pradosha Evening 6:00 pm.
Lakshmi Abhisheka: Every First Friday
Durga Puja: Every Second Friday
Saraswathi Abhisheka: Every Third Friday
Andal & Sivakami Abhisheka: Every Fourth Friday
Durga and Devi Puja: Every Tuesday and Friday .
Navagraha Abhisheka: Every Saturday, 8:45 AM .
Srivaru Balaji Abhisheka: Every Saturday, 9:00 AM .
Sankata Harana Puja/ Ganapathi Havan: On Sankasta Chaturthi 6:30 PM .
Sathyanarayana Puja: On Poornima, 6:30 PM .
Gayatri Yagna: First Saturday of each month 10:30 AM .
Wednesdays Evening Abhishekas : on Succeeding weeks of the month 6:00 PM Hanuman, Krishna, Dattatreya, Murugan.
Ganapathi Atharva Sheersha and Rudram Chamakam, Suktam: Every Sunday.
Vishnu Sahasranama: Every Saturday evening .
Sri Venkateswara Suprabatham: Every Saturday .
Bhajans and Sankeertan: On request and after Aarathi.

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Regular Pujas:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: Ganesha Abhisheka at 8:45 AM
Monday & Pradosha: Shiva Abhisheka 6:00 PM
Saturday: Balaji Abhisheka 9:00 AM
Saturday: NavagrahaAbhisheka 8:45 AM
Sankashti Evening: Ganesha Havan 6:30 PM
Poornima Evening: Satyanarayana Puja 6:30 PM
Successive Wednesdays: Hanuman, Krishna, Dattaguru, Murugan Abhishekas 6:00 PM
Tuesday, Friday: Devi, Amman, Mataji Puja
First Saturday of the Month: Gayathri Havan 10:30 AM

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple History:

August 15 1993 Temple Concept Initiated
September 1993 Sivaya Subramuniyaswami Addresses Utah Hindu Community To Start Poojas
March 16 1995 Ganesha Sculpted In Mahabalipuram India Arrives In Salt Lake City
May 8 1995 Temple Incorporated As A Non Profit Organization.
August 26 1999 South Jordan Land Purchase Deed Signed
November 7 1999 India Cultural Center As A Cultural Wing – Concept Formalized
May 7 2001 India Cultural Center Incorporated [As A Non-Profit Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Temple]
August 22 2001 Temple Bhumi Pooja Performed
October 21 2001 Vaasthu Pooja, Ground Consecration Noma
April 1 2002 Excavation Work Begins At The Site
May 4 2003 Maha Kumbhabhishekham; Temple Consecration With Main Sanctum For Lord Ganesha; And Durga Mata Shrine
September 6 2003 Navagraha Prathishta
August 21 2004 Shiva, Nataraja, Sivakami And Ram Parivar Prathishta
May 25 2005 Srivaru Balaji Venkateswara Prathishta August 7 2005 Andal Bhudevi Prathishta
September 4 2005 Brass Vimana Assembled; Samprokshana Puja
October 2 2005 Vimana Abhisheka And Grand Opening
February 2007 Utsava Deities Consecrated
May 4 2007 Temple Ratha Built.
October 2007 Yagna Shala Consecrated.
February 24 2008 Balaji, Durgaji Mantapa Samprokshanas
April 8 2008 Naaga Devatha, Garuda Installed
May 2008 Sculpted Entrance Pillars Declared Open By Utah Governor
July 13 2009 ICC Bhumi Puja; Start Of Building Construction
March 26 2010 ICC Dwara Puja
January 23 2011 ICC Building Vaasthu Shanthi Gruha Pravesh

Utah Sri Ganesha Temple

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Kitchen Timings:

Temple Kitchen will be open during weekends.
Saturday: 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM
Sunday: 11.00 to 2.00 PM & 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Address:

1142 West,
South Jordan Parkway,
South Jordan,
UT – 84095
Phone: 801-254-9177

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Hours, History, Services, Pujas

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