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Vairavanpatti Vairavan Swamy Temple Timings, History

Vairavanpatti Vairavan Swamy Temple or Sri Nagarathar Vairavan Temple or Valaroli Nathar Temple is a 500-year-old temple located at Vairavanpatti, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu State. Vairavanpatti Vairavan Swamy Temple is one of the Ashta Bairava Sthalams or eight temples of Bhairava. Kala Bhairav (Lord Shiva) and his consort Vadivudai Ammai are the main deities. Bhairavar is known as Vairavan in the Tamil language, hence the village got its name Vairavanpatti. The Holy Water is Vairvar Theertham and the temple Trees are Aer and Alinji. The temple was built in 15th century by Pandaya’s.

On the outer wall of the sanctum sanctorum, Sri Rama is shown respectfully greeting a Viswaroopa Anjaneya with his hands clasped as he announces the news of Sita’s safety. Worshiping Sri Rama in this form is believed to help the devotees develop the quality of simplicity. Lord Bhairava, with his dog Vahana, appears in a separate shrine to the right of the goddess Ambika. The sacred spring created by Shiva is outside the temple.

Devotees can see two lizard statues behind the goddess. Praying to these lizards will remove all doshas and life will improve. The temple has a separate Sannidhi from Dakshinamurthy. Dakshinamoorthy idol is carved from a single stone. The Chandikeshwarar shrine is representative of a cave temple built out of a single rock. Vairavanpatti Temple is patronized by the Chettiar community and is their third largest temple.

Pillayarpatti Karpaka Vinayakar Temple is just 2km from Vairavan Temple. Sambaha Soora Sashti (Chanbaga Soora Shashti), Pillayar Nonbu, Karthikai Deepam and Maha Sivarathiri are the main festivals celebrated. Devotees offer Vadamala garland made of vada to the lord. Devotees visit this temple for freedom from enemy fear and relief from adverse planetary aspects.

Vairavanpatti Sri Vairavan Swamy Temple

Vairavanpatti Sri Vairavan Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM
Evening: 3.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Vairavanpatti Vairavan Swamy Temple History:

Lord Shiva ordered Kala Bhairava to tear off Lord Brahmma’s head;
The story of Vairavanpatti is quite interesting. Originally Lord Brahma, the creator, had five heads equal to Lord Shiva. Brahma was proud of it. One day Goddess Parvathi mistook him for Lord Shiva and Brahma accepted all of his courtesies and respect without pointing out the error. When Parvathi realized her mistake, she told it out to Lord Siva. Shiva sent his deputy Vairava to tear off Brahma’s head as a punishment. Lord Bhairava blesses his devotees in this temple.

The story behind the name Valaroli Nathar:
The legend behind the temple is as follows: Kashyapa Munivar’s son Sooran did severe penance towards Shiva and obtained the wish that no one but Shiva himself could destroy him. Riding on the glory of his invincibility, he tortured and killed the Devas. Lord Indra went to see their guru Brihaspati. Brihaspati said that only Shiva can solve this problem. Indra went to Lord Shiva. Shiva took Bairavar avatar (Vairavar in Tamil) and destroyed Sooran. Then he appeared as a celestial light (Peroli). It is he who presides here as “Valaroli Nathar”.

How To Reach Sri Nagarathar Vairavan Temple:

By Air:
Madurai International Airport is the nearest airport which is 93.2 km to the temple.

By Rail:
Karaikudi Railway Station is 20 km away to the temple.

By Road:
Vairavanpatti is 8.2 km from Tiruputhur. Buses and private vehicles are available from here.

Vairavanpatti Vairavan Swamy Temple Address:

Thiruppathur Karaikudi Road,
Vairavanpatti (PO),
Sivagangai District,
Tamil Nadu – 630212.

Vairavanpatti Vairavan Swamy Temple Timings, History

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