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Valmikipuram Pattabhi Rama Temple 2021 Pattabhishekam Ustavam

TTD is organising the Great Pattabishekam utsava on August 14 and 15 at Sri Pattabirama temple in Valmikiouram village, Chittoor, Andhrapradesh in Ekantha, in accordance with Covid guidelines. As part of the festivities, the Ankurarpanam ritual with Senadhipati utsava will be held on August 13 inside the temple.

On August 14, Snapana thirumanjanam will be played for the Utsava murtis in the yagashala after puja and Homa. Later in the evening, Unjal Seva followed by Sri Sitaram Shanti Kalyanam will be performed in full and then in the evening, the auspicious Hanumanta Vahana Seva will be performed to the delight of the faithful.

On August 15th morning Snapana thirumanjanam and yagashala puja are performed before the majestic festivities of Sri Rama Pattabisekam. The celebrations will end with Unjal Seva and Garuda Vahana Seva in the evening.

Valmikipuram Pattabhi Rama Temple 2021 Pattabhishekam Ustavam

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