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Velorevattam Mahadeva Temple Cherthalai, Alleppey, Kerala

The Velourvattom Sri Mahadeva Temple is located in Cherthala, Alleppey district, in the Indian state of Kerala. It is thought that it was built in the seventh century by Azhvanchery Thamprakkal. According to legend, Kerala is the land endowed by Lord Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu. The installation of Lord Shiva’s idol was made by the same sage Parasurama. The temple of Velorvattom Sri Mahadeva is one of the few temples in the state where two nalambalam and two flagpoles are dedicated. The temple is one of 108 temples of Siva contained in Shivalaya Sothram; The exact period of installation of this temple is not known. This temple is the family of Kudumbha kshetram or moolasthana prathista for many famous families of Kerala.
Two Sree kovils are there and in both Siva pratistha is there. One is Thekkanappan the Kirathamurthy and the other is Vadakkanappan, as Mahadeva. 5 poojas, 3 seevali everything is there, as per rule.

Chethala Road,
Kerala 688524.
Phone: 0478 281 3466

Velorevattam Mahadeva Temple Cherthalai

Velorevattam Mahadeva Temple Cherthalai, Alleppey, Kerala

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