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Vemavaram Sri Kondalamma Ammavari Temple History,Timings, Seva Details

About 34 years ago, when some workers were transferring stones for the revetment purpose of a small lake near the Vemavaram village, had noticed a stone looks like idol of Mother (Ammavaru). So they placed the idol aside nearby the road of the Vemavaram village, Machilipatnam – Gudiwada Highway road. Then after the villagers started offering Turmeric, Kumkum and worshipped the Goddess.

Once a duck keeper came from some place and resided near the Goddess idol. From that time onwards the ducks started giving out more eggs than before. The duck keeper also earned more money out of that. He revealed that it is all the miracle of the Goddess. In rejoice he also started offering his prayers to the Goddess daily. After some days, about the end of the season while shifting his ducks through a truck he shifted the Goddess idol also to Guntur. When he got down the idol from the truck in Guntur, all of his ducks died immediately. He realized his mistake and took the idol to the previous place where actually the idol of Sri Kondalamma Ammavaru was placed near Vemavaram village. Since then knowing about this incident, the villagers started offering Milk, Pongal, regular Haarathi, worship and all very ardently deciding as a powerful goddess.

Devotees throng in here on every Sunday to offer their vows from other places surrounding districts of Andhra Pradesh.
This temple was acquired by the Endowment Dept of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2005.

Dusehra and Navarathri festivals are celebrated in a grand manner. Near 20000 devotees were offered with food during the Procession Mahotsav celebrations.

Vemavaram Sri Kondalamma Ammavaru

Sri Kondalamma Ammavari Temple Sevas and Ticket Price:
Sahasranama Archana Rs.25/-
Abhishekam Rs.50/-
Asttotram Rs.10/-
Annaprasana Rs.50/-
Uyyala Rs.25/-
Vivaha Rusum Rs.500/-
Vivaha Manpam Rusum Rs.300/-
Kesakandana Rs.10/-
Pala Pongallu Rs.10/-
Four Wheeler Puja (Vahana Pooja) Rs.100/-
Two Wheeler (Vahana Pooja) Rs.50/-
Aksharabyam Rs.50/-

Temple Address:
Sri Kondalamma Ammavari Temple,
Krishna District,
Andhra Pradesh – 522435.
Office EO Number: 9848569766

Vemavaram Sri Kondalamma Ammavari Temple

Sri Kondalamma Ammavariu

Sri Kondalamma Ammavariu Vemavaram

Vemavaram Sri Kondalamma Ammavari Temple History,Timings, Seva Details

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