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Wanaparthy Palace Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism, One of The Oldest Samsthanam of Telanagana

Telangana is a state rich in culture and heritage. There are three main Samsthanams in the state that are linked closely to the Telangana history. These are Gadwal Samsthanam, Jatprole Samsthanam, Wanaparthy Samsthanam. The Wanaparthy Samsthanam is the oldest one amongst the three. Wanarparthy is also the third largest town in the district and is located about 65 kms away from the district head quarters.

Wanaparthy Palace

History of Wanaparthy:
The place, Wanaparthy had been under the kingship of the Kakatiya rulers. However, it was invaded in 14th century by the Delhi Sultanate. The invasion led to the fall of the Kakatiya Kingdom. It was the muslim rulers who selected the place as the perfect one for the establishment of Samasthanam. Later the town came under the rules of Raja Rameshwar Rao II. Raja Rameshwar Rao II of Wanaparthy was the vassal of Nizam of Hyderabad and controlled feudatory of Wanaparthy. Then his son who, Krishna Dev who accessed the throne as a minor and even died minor managed the rules for a while. The crown then passed to Raja Rameshwar Rao III. The rulers of Wanaparthy maintained the infantry in good numbers. They had an infrantry of 2000 and a cavalry of 2000. The infrantry worked under the governance of the Nizam. Later the infantry got merged with the Indian Army on the unison of the State of Hyderabad with the Indian Republic.

Major Attractions of the Place:
Lord Venkateshwara Temple: The well known saint, Sri Pedha Jeeyar Swamiji started the temple which is now the major tourist attractions of Wanaparthy in Mahabubnagar district. The temple is located at the heart of the Town.

Wanaparthy Palace: Wanaparthy palace is another important and famous tourist attraction of Telangana. This grand palane had been the landmark of Wanaparthy town. Now the palace has been changed to Krishanadevaraya Polytechnic College.

Wanaparthy Palace Mehabubnagar

Sarlasagar Project: Sarala Sagar Dam Project located near Wanaparthy is also an important tourist attraction of Mahabubnagar in Telangana. Sarlasagar project is believed as the biggest Syphon dam in the world. The technology used in the project was brought from California, USA. It irrigates a large part of the district.

How to Reach:
By Road: There are many private and public buses available from Mahabubnagar which is about 21 Kms from Wanaparthy. These buses run on a daily basis. Wanaparthy is about 139 kms from the capital city Hyderabad. Visitors may board the buses that run in sufficient numbers. Else, pne may also reach Mahabubnagar from Hyderabad. From mahabubnagar there are many more number of buses going to Wanaparthy.
By Train: Wanaparthy does not have a Railway station in the town. The nearest one is the Gadwal Railway station which is a little more than 10 kms away. The other station is the Hyderabad Decan Rail Way Station which is considered a major railway station and is around 137 kms away.
By Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport located 117 Kms away from Wanaparthy.

Accommodation Details:
One may enjoy the stay at either Wanaparthy or in Mahabubnagar in any reasonably priced hotel. One such hotel is the ‘Hotel Manju Deluxe’ near Old Bus Stand in Wanaparthy is one good option to stay. Contact # 9440212175

Wanaparthy Palace Mehabubnagar, Telangana Tourism, One of The Oldest Samsthanam of Telanagana

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