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Warangal Bhadrakali Ammavari 2021 Dasara Navratri Utsavams

Warangal Bhadrakali Ammavari Temple is an important Devi temple located on the hilltop near Lal Bahadur College, Kapuwada – Bhadrakali Temple Road, Tadkamalla Village, Telangana.

Kakatiya rulers ruled most of the Telugu-speaking lands between 1083 CE to 1323 CE, with Orugallu (Warangal), as its capital possesses this diamond.

King Pulakesi II of the Chalukya dynasty around 625 AD to commemorate his victory over the Vengi region of Andhra Desam, constructed Goddess Bhadrakali temple and later Kakatiyas kept the Dimond as the left eye of the idol when they adopted her as their “Kula Devatha”.

Koh-i-Noor or Kohinoor Diamond meaning “Mountain of Light” in the Persian language is a diamond that was originally installed as the left eye of the goddess Bhadrakali in Warangal, then Andhra Pradesh present Telangana.

Koh-i-Noor was originally mined from the world-famous “Kollur Mine (Color or Gani)” diamond mine in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Every year Dasara Navratri Utsavams are celebrated in a grand manner in Warangal Bhadrakali Ammavari Temple. This year also Navratri Commences from October 7 and ends on October 16.

Hanamkonda Bhadrakali Temple

2021 Dasara Navratri Utsavams, Warangal Bhadrakali Temple:

October 7 – Dwajarohanam (morning), Sailaputri, Bala Tripura Sundari Devi

October 12 – Sri Saraswathi Devi, Moola Nakshatram

October 13 – Sri Durga Devi, Durgashtami, Sri Bhadrakali Janmadinotsavam, Saddula Bathukamma

October 14 – Maha Navami, Kushmanda Bali, Purnahuthi

October 15 – Nijarupa Darshan, Teppotsavam

October 16 – Sri Bhadrakali Ammavari Kalyanotsavam

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