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Washington Kali Temple Hours, Services

Washington Kali Temple Hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Afternoon Aarati: 11:30 AM
Evening Aarati: 7:00 PM

Weekends: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Afternoon Aarati: 11:30 AM
Evening Aarati: 7:00 PM

Kali Temple Washington

About Washington Kali Temple:

Washington Kali Temple is not just another temple. It is a Hindu religious and cultural center where opportunities abound to deepen your spiritual experience and participate in community events and meetings. Come and spend some time here. Please, meet our resident priest and feel the power of faith. Participate and volunteer for various activities and make a difference to the community.

What you get from this temple depends on what you are willing to give!

Why is the Kali Temple also called Shiva Shakti Temple?

The Goddess Ma Kali, Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga together represent the manifestation SHAKTI.

Hinduism advocates the worship of God in various ways, the motherhood of God being one of its most distinctive characteristics. The fact is that the Supreme Truth (Brahman) is beyond the comprehension of the human mind or human intelligence, being anonymous, without form, without attributes and without ties. From the highest point of view of the Supreme Truth there is no creation, preservation or dissolution. The phenomenal world or relative existence is the result of the Shakti or Divine Power of Brahman, the impenetrable creative power. This Power (Shakti) and the Supreme Truth (Brahman) are as inseparable as fire and its power to burn, a jewel and its luster or word and its meaning. All animate and inanimate objects grow from one source: Universal Energy (Shakti). In Sanatana Dharma, generally known as Hinduism, this power is known as the Divine Mother, a living, self-luminous power. This Divine Mother has many divine forms and aspects. The incarnations of God (Avatars) are the special manifestations of this power.

This Shakti manifests itself in the universe. The functioning of the phenomena of the world is based on a set of natural laws and universal moral principles. These laws and principles are the first manifestation of divine power. It is in this sense that all created beings are the children of the Divine Mother. However, as children, we suffer for many reasons, why disharmony comes to the world. The world looks forward to finding relief from pain, suffering, miseries, torture, tyranny, delusion, insecurity, worries, anxieties and so on. In the ancient Hindu texts known as Puranas, such sufferings and expectations are represented as a constant battle between two forces: evil and good. The first is represented by demons who embody all forms of human weakness and the second by gods who embody the higher virtues. Individuals, societies, nations, and even universal life are subject to and affected by the influence of these forces. In Hindu texts, it is only under the guidance of the Great Spiritual Power (Maha-Shakti) that peace is restored bringing joy, safety and happiness in life to all men.

Mission of Washington Kali Temple:

Dear Devotee: Since the founding in March of 2002, The Washington Kali Temple has made great strides in its mission to build a facility for a complete spiritual and religious experience, to worship Goddess Kali, Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva and Ganesh, and Radha Krishna as well as Nabagrahas. This temple is a shining example of what a community could accomplish collectively in order to sustain its religious and cultural roots. The temple consists of several wings as follows;

Ma Kali’s wing (housing Ma Kali, Goddess Jagadhatri and Lord Shiva)
Ma Durga’s wing (housing Ma Durga, Ma Lakshmi, Ma Saraswati, Lord Kartik and Ganesh).
Radha Krishna Wing (housing Radha Krishna and Lord Hanuman)
Nabagraha wing (housing deities representing each graha)
Shrine of Shiva (housing Mahadev and 12 jyotirlingas)
Thanks to the efforts of volunteers. We are cognizant of the phenomenal growth in the number of devotees visiting the temple. We are constantly exploring ways to serve you well. The number of religious functions (special services) have increased to satisfy the needs of our divergent devotee community. Thanks to all bhog sponsors, the temple is able to serve free food to the devotees.

Please remember that this your temple and we all have a stake in it. Please remember that it is our collective efforts that will make this temple a great institution.

During this time of the year, on behalf of the Temple we wish you peace, good health and happiness for years to come.

Washington Kali Temple Deities:

Kali Maa
Durga Maa
Jai Ganesha
Vishnu Ji
Hare Krishna

Washington Kali Temple Services:

The Temple provides individual Sankalp Puja at the temple throughout the year. Various worship services like Annaprasan, Birthdays, Griha Pravesh, Weddings, Satyanarayana Puja, etc. can also be provided on-site at the temple or off-site at the devotees’ homes and other places. In order to inquiry on any of these services, please fill the below Services Form and hand it over to Brahmachari Ashim Bhai at the temple or mail it to the temple address given on the form together with your check.

Click view and print or save the WKT Services Form

Please contact wktservices@yahoo.com for further details, arrangements, checking availability of purohit on specific dates and confirmation of your event schedule.

Special Puja (Satyanarayana, Lakshmi, Amavasya, etc.)
Annaprasan / Mukhe-bhaat, Birthdays, Grihapravesh
Hatey Khori
Last Rites / Antim Kriya / Shraddha
Sehra Bandhi Ceremony
Wedding related (Engagement, Nandimukh, etc.)
Rent of outside hall (must be left clean after use)
Rent of kitchen (must be left clean after use)
Organization Sponsorship (Non Profit)
Organization Sponsorship (For Profit)
Guru-dakshina / Donation to the Priest

Only within 50 miles radius of WKT. Sponsor must pick up and drop back priest promptly to WKT.

** Additional $100 deposit; will be refunded after function, and only if hall/kitchen is left clean.

Donation for services (and deposit, if any) to book a specific date should be paid in advance by check made payable to “Washington Kali Temple”. Please see the above Services Form for further details.

Washington Kali Temple Parking:

The temple has 3 types of parking: paved parking, additional parking for the lawn and additional off-site parking. There are 78 parking spaces inside the temple, including 4 spaces reserved for disabled people. During important events, the temple can accommodate about 250 cars on the lawn on the sides and behind the temple. During such events, the faithful are required to follow the instructions of the Parking Volunteers who will endeavor to arrange parking in such a way as to facilitate traffic and to allow any car to leave at any time while leaving a maximum of parking space.

Washington Kali Temple Address:

16126 New Columbia Pike,
MD 20866, USA.
Temple Phone: 301-476-8152

Washington Kali Temple Hours, Services

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