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Where to Buy Offline Room Booking on Tirumala Hills

Do you find it difficult to get a room online or otherwise to stay in Tirumala, here are some sub-monasteries close to the temple to buy tickets.

Mool Mut
Phone: +918772277499 0877-2277499.

Pushpa Mandapam
Phone: 0877-2277301.

Sri Vallabhacharya Mutt
Phone: 0877-2277317.

Uthati Mutt (Tirupati)
Phone: 0877-2225187.

Sri Thirumala Kashi Mutt

Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt

Sri Vaighanasa Divya Siddhanta Viverdini Council
Phone: 0877-2277282.

Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt
Phone: 0877-2277370.

Sri Pushpagiri Mutt

Sri Utaradi Mutt

Udupi Muth

Sri Rangam Srimad Atwan Ashram
Phone: 0877-2277826.

Sri Parakala Swamy Mutt
Phone: 0877-2270597,2277383.

Sri Tirupathi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jr. Mutt
Phone: 0877-2277301.

Sri Sringeri Sarada Matt
Phone: 0877-2277269,2279435.

Shri Ahobitha Mutt Phone: 0877-2279440.

Sri Thirumala Kashi Math Phone: 222 77316
Udupi Mutt Phone: 0877 222 77305

Sri Sri Sri Srinandi Ramanujier Muth
Phone: 0877 222 77301

Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Beetham Mutt / Sarva Mangala Marriage Hall
Phone: 0877 222 77370

Sri Vallabhacharya Math
Phone: 222 77317

Mantralaya Raghavendra Swami Mutt / Brindavanam
Phone: 0877 222 77302

Arya Vaisya Samaj SVR.
AVDSSD: 0877 222 77436

Srirangam Srimathi Adityan Ashram
Phone: 0877 222 77826

Sri Vaighanatha Ashram
Phone: 0877 222 77282

Sri Ahobila Mutt Butt
Phone: 0877-2279440

Sri Sringeri Sankara Math / Sarada Kalyana Mandapam
Phone: 0877 222 77269

Shri Vaisarajar Madam Motilal Bansilal Dharamsala
Phone: 0877 222 77445

Hotel Narilama Soulry
Phone: 0877 222 77784

Sri Srinivasa Solari
Phone: 0877 222 77883

Sri Hathiramji Mutt
Phone: 0877 222 77240

Guest of Karnataka House
Phone: 0877 222 77238

Dakshina India Arya Via Kapu Muirutnam Morals
Phone: 0877 222 77245

Sri Sringeri Sankara blue
Phone: 0877 222 79435

Shri Swami Hathiraj Muttom
Phone: 0877-2220015

Senior citizens will no longer be pushed forward by guards at Thirumala.

How can senior citizens aged above 65 can get Dharshan of Lord Venkateswara daily in ease?

Requirements and Conditions:

1) Aadhaar card is necessary.
2) Must have completed 65 years
3) At eight o’clock in the morning, you must report.
4) Darshan time starts from 10.00 AM till 3.00 PM daily.
5) 700 people per day are allowed.
6) Seniors can be accompanied by any one person in support with Aadhaar card belongs to that person is must.
7) Breakfast and milk is provided on free.
8.) They will be given 4 laddus for 70 rupees.
9) The next darshan is availed / allowed only after a period of 3 months.
10) These are all free services.
Share useful information. This information is all Tirupati Devasthanam Report!

Om Namo Sreeman Narayana ….!
Om Namo Venkatesaya,,,,,,,, !


Where to Buy Offline Room Booking on Tirumala Hills

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