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Sarvabhupala Vahanam 2016 Brahmotsavas


Tirumala 06/10/16: On the fourth day of the brahmotsavas the lord deity Lord Malyappa Swamy took a ride as Lord Sri Krishna who is crushing Kaliya on his poisonous heads as he is a king for the evil serpents. This ride is representing that the lord has won over the serpent king and is riding on the Sarvabhupala Vahanam. Importance: ...

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Goda Malas From Srivalliputhur to be Adorned to Srivaru on Garuda Seva Day


On the day of Garuda Seva, different donations are coming to tirumala and the Goda mala which was received by the HH Pedda Jeeyar is being presented to the temple of Srivaru on this auspicious day. The Goda Malas were brought from a place called Sri Valliputhur. Tirumala 06/10/16: To decorate the holy god different mala (garlands) were being received. ...

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Chennai Umbrellas Presented to Sri Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy Temple 2016


Tirumala 06/10/16: The utsava murthy idol of Sri Lord Malayappa Swamy during the Garuda seva day is decorated with colorful umbrellas and these umbrellas are donated this year by the Hindu Dharmarta Samiti of Tamil Nadu were received by the TTD management. These are decorated with different colors and flowers and are used to decorate the god. All these umbrellas ...

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Tirumala Thirunamam


Tirumala 06/10/16: while you are on your journey to reach the lord Venkateswara Swamy either by the stair path or by road, you will have a glimpse of peaceful nature and some wild life. Other than these you will also find symbols that are the weapons of the lord namely the shanku and the chakra on your way. You can ...

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Mutyapupandiri Vahanam Srivari Brahmotsavams

Mutyapupandiri Vahanam

Tirumala 05/10/16: On the pleasant Wednesday evening, the Lord Malayappa Swamy flanked by His 2 consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi was taken on a celestial ride on the finely adorned pearl cover round the four mada streets, giving a soothing feel to the legion eyes. Bond Between Pearl and Sri Vishnu: In each incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu, pearl is taken ...

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Snapana, A Ritual to Channelize Divinity of Malayappa Swamy

Tirumala 05/10/16: As pundits musical religious text hymns and monks performed kind of abhishekam to the utsava idols of Sri Malayappa Swamy and his consorts, a part of the celestial Salakatla Brahmotsavam, the second day of Snapana Thirumanjanam, completed to the encore of coruscated rituals at the Ranganayakula mantapam at Srivari Temple. The kankana kartha of Brahmotsavam-2016 Acharya Seetharamacharya who ...

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Drum Beaters of Sholapaur enthralled at Tirumala in Simha Vahanam Procession

Tirumala 05/10/16: The drum beaters of Sholapur have enthralled all the devotees throughout the Simha vahanam procession at the four mada streets this morning with their metrical beating and salutation to the beat. The one hundred drum beaters of the Param Veer Yoga mandal from the Maharastra that is led by Sri Ketkar Maharaj that were invited by the Hindu ...

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Devotional Windfall to Devotees at Mada Street

Tirumala 05/10/16: In order to make the pilgrims that are visiting this temple through steps we have arranged several musical and devotional bhajanas by various artists around the nation. Many devotional keertanas from annamacharya and performances by the folk troupes from different regions will soothe the pilgrims. The aim is to make them refresh so that they can enjoy the ...

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Mechanisation of Sanitation Soon Health Officer in Tirumala

Tirumala 05/10/16: The management of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has taken special measures to mechanize the sanitation and the garbage removal and the other services that are provided for cleaning and in promoting a healthy and a clean environment to all the pilgrims and also to maintain a peaceful and energetic ambience on the hill Tirumala, said Dr Sermista, Health Officer ...

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