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Simha Vahanam Implies That Srivaru is Omnipresent

Tirumala 05/10/16: As a part of Sri Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy brahmotsavas, the lord Sri Malayappa Swamy has taken a ride on the so called ferocious vehicle that resembles a lion called as Simha Vahanam in the form of a Yoga Murthi. All the devotees who have seen this on the Wednesday night that is on the third night of brahmotsavas ...

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Biological Tests For Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Prasadam


Tirumala 5-10 – 2016: The labs of TTD are planning to setup some micro biological tests for the water and other oils used in the preparation of the prasadam. The objectives are as follows: 1) To test the pulses and oil and the water that is being used on daily basis. 2) The laddu in each and every tray are ...

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Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Brahmotsavam 3rd Day Report

main tirumala temple

TTD 2016 Srivari Annual Brahmotsavam 3rd Day Report (05-10-2016 ) 1.Number of Pilgrims had Darshan Rs.50/- Sudarsanam Tokens – Nill Special Entry Tickets (Rs.300/-) – 18,026 Foot Path Entry – 27,166 Supadham – Nill Arjitha Sevas – 82 VQC-II (Free Darshan) – 40,232 Others – Nill Total Pilgrims  – 86,406 2. Daily Collection Hundi Collection – Rs.2,52,20,000 Arjitham Collection – ...

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Hamsa Vahanam-Clear Indication of Paramahamsa Tatva

Tirumala, 4 October 2016: On the second day evening there is a beautiful ride for the goddesses of wisdom Saraswathi Devi and the lord Malayappa swamy on the golden Hamsa Vahanam the swan vehicle holding veena in one hand. Significance: The goddesses’ saraswati is carried by a white swan which shows light, knowledge and truth and she is decorated as ...

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Special Umbrallas for Sri Venkateswara Swamy for Garuda Seva

Tirumala, 4 October 2016: On the fifty day of the annual Brahmotsavams the garuda seva day, October 7. The Chennai based Hindu Dharmartha samiti presents the special umbrellas to the Lord venkateswara Swamy. For the occasion the umbrella comes from Chennai through road journey on October 1st and reaches Tirumala b October 6th. There is no involvement of TTD in ...

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Devotional and Cultural Programs Enhance Brahmotsavam -2016 GLORY

Tirumala, 4 October 2016: There is a beautiful and attracting programms held in the annual Brahmotsavam put by the Hindu Dharma Prachara parishad , Dasa sahitya and annamacharya projects along with the Sri Venkateswara Music and dance conducted by the colleges of both Tirumala and Tirupati and some cultural bonaza of bhakti music, devotional harikkathas and bhajans are celebrated to ...

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Cultural Programs Muses Denizens

Tirupati, 4 October 2016: The HDPP conducts the cultural programs and the annamacharya projects are dint to a great extent. Sri Gurujada Madhusudhan rao who was the well known artist performs the Annamacharya vinuti keertans and makes the devotees hearts to move in a devotional way and also includes the importance of Sri Mannarayana in Bhouli ragam, deva sikhamani in ...

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TTD Fruit Decorations Make Their Way During Snapanam

Tirumala, 4 October 2016: There is a celebration of snapana Thirumanjanam at the srivari temple is also a part of Brahmotsavams commenced to provide a beautiful and charming sight for the devotees with fruits and floral decoration. Deities Take Aromatic Bath Under Fruity Umbrella: In Tirumala at swamivari temple there is a beautiful and surprise display at Snapana Thirumanjanam rituals ...

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Tirunamam for Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Employees

Tirumala, 4 October 2016: Dr D Sambasiva Rao TTD Executive officer has instructed the HODS of respective departments to wear Thirunamam besides the devotees and all the other employees should also get inspired to wear the Thirunamam. The TTD EO said that at the PAC IV reviewed for the preparation of Brahmotsavam there is a supply of necessary dressing materials ...

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