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Tirupati Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple | Varadharaja Perumal Temple


A small memorial of Sri Varadaraja Swamy is located on the left of the Vimana Pradakshinam and is about 6 m long and 4.5 m wide, on to the east is the temple. This Varadaraja Swami temple, with a Vimana on its peak, is about 2 m from the inner Gopuram and 60 cm from the east Prakaram wall. Having four arms, the idol is west facing and stands on a 10 cm high platform and approximately 25 cm in height.

The idol is seen holding the Shanka in the upper right hand and Chakra in the left. The lower right hand shows Abhayahastha pose and Katyavalambitha pose in the lower left hand. Varadaraja is a form of Vishnu meaning ‘the king who confers boons’.

The temple is believed to belong to ancient times, and as a proof of this, the temple walls show carvings from the 16th year of Ranganatha Yadavaraya’s rule (1354-1355).
As per legend, during Malik Kahfur’s attack on the south, this temple was constructed to install the Utsavamurthy idol of Kanchi Sri Varadaraja. The outer walls if the temple bears the Chola style of architecture.

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