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1000 Names of Sri Lalita Devi in English with Meaning

Shri Lalita Sahasranamavali Lyrics in English:

॥ srilalitasahasranamavali sartha ॥

॥ Introduction ॥
In this page shri lalita sahasranamam is presented in a name-by-name format with a brief meaning for each name) Each of the 1000 names of shri lalita mahatripurasundari is beautiful and has a profound meaning to it) Refer to a detailed commentary and understand the complete meaning of each of these names) For instance, Ammachi Publications has very nice commentary on lalita sahasranamam.

Om srilalitamahatripurasundarisvarupa
sriminaksi paramesvari paradevatambikayai namaḥ


sindurarunavigraham trinayanam manikyamaulisphurat
taranayakasekharam smitamukhimapinavaksoruham ।
panibhyamalipurnaratnacasakam raktotpalam vibhratim
saumyam ratnaghatastharaktacaranam dhyayetparamambikam ॥

May we meditate on the DIVINE MOTHER
whose body has the red hue of vermilion,
who has three eyes,
who wears a beautiful crown studded with rubies,
who is adorned with the crescent Moon,
whose face sports beautiful smile indicating compassion,
who has beautiful limbs,
whose hands hold a jewel-studded golden vessel filled
with nectar, and in the other a red lotus flower.

arunam karunatarangitaksim
dhrtapasankusapuspabanacapam ।
animadibhiravrtam mayukhaiḥ
ahamityeva vibhavaye bhavanim ॥

I meditate on the great Empress) She is red in color,
and her eyes are full of compassion, and holds the noose,
the goad, the bow and the flowery arrow in Her hands.
She is surrounded on all sides by powers such as aNimA
for rays and She is the Self within me.

dhyayetpadmasanastham vikasitavadanam padmapatrayataksim
hemabham pitavastram karakalitalasaddhemapadmam varangim ।
sarvalankarayuktam satatamabhayadam bhaktanamram bhavanim
srividyam santamurtim sakalasuranutam sarvasampatpradatrim ॥

The Divine Goddess is to be meditated meditate
upon as seated on the lotus with petal eyes.
She is golden hued, and has lotus flowers in Her hand.
She dispels fear of the devotees who bow before Her.
She is the embodiment of peace, knowledge (vidyA),
is praised by gods and grants every kind of wealth wished for.

samandahasiteksanam sasaracapapasankusam ।
japakusumabhasuram japavidhau smaredambikam ॥

I meditate on the Mother, whose eyes are smiling, who holds the
arrow, bow, noose and the goad in Her hands) She is glittering
with red garlands and ornaments) She is painted with kumkuma
on her forehead and is red and tender like the japa flower.

atha srilalitasahasranamastotram ।
Om aim hrim srim Om aim hrim srim ।
1) srimata – She who is the auspicious Mother
2) srimaharajni – She who is the Empress of the Universe
3) srimatsimhasanesvari – She who is the queen of the most glorious throne
4) cidagnikundasambhuta – She who was born in the fire-pit of Pure Consciousness
5) devakaryasamudyata – She who is intent on fulfilling the wishes of the gods
6) udyadbhanusahasrabha – She who has the radiance of a thousand rising suns
7) caturbahusamanvita – She who is four-armed
8) ragasvarupapasadhya – She who is holding the rope of love in Her hand
9) krodhakarankusojjvala – She who shines, bearing the goad of anger
10) manorupeksukodanda – She who holds in Her hand a sugarcane bow that represents the mind
11) pancatanmatrasayaka – She who holds the five subtle elements as arrows
12) nijarunaprabhapuramajjadbrahmandamandala – she who immerses the entire universe in the red efflugence of
Her form
13) campakasokapunnagasaugandhikalasatkaca – She whose hair has been adorned with flowers like campaka,
ashoka, punnAga and saugandhika
14) kuruvindamanisrenikanatkotiramandita – She who is resplendent with a crown adorned with rows of
kuruvinda gems
15) astamicandravibhrajadalikasthalasobhita – She whose forehead shines like the crescent moon of the eighth
night of the lunar half-month
16) mukhacandrakalankabhamrganabhivisesaka – She who wears a musk mark on Her forehead which shines like
the spot in the moon
17) vadanasmaramangalyagrhatoranacillika – She whose eyebrows shine like the archways leading to the
house of kAma, the god of love, which Her face resembles
18) vaktralaksmiparivahacalanminabhalocana – She whose eyes possess the luster of the fish that move about
in the stream of beauty flowing from Her face
19) navacampakapuspabhanasadandavirajita – She who is resplendent with a nose that has the beauty of a
newly blossoming campaka flower
20) tarakantitiraskarinasabharanabhasura – She who shines with a nose-ornament that excels the luster of a star
21) kadambamanjariklrptakarnapuramanohara – She who is captivating, wearing bunches of kadamba flowers
as ear-ornaments
22) tatankayugalibhutatapanodupamandala – She who wears the sun and the moon as a pair of large earrings
23) padmaragasiladarsaparibhavikapolabhuḥ – She whose cheeks excel mirrors made of rubies in their beauty
24) navavidrumabimbasrinyakkariradanacchada – She whose lips excel freshly cut coral and bimba fruit in
their reflective splendor
25) suddhavidyankurakaradvijapanktidvayojjvala – She who has radiant teeth which resemble the buds of pure knowledge
26) karpuravitikamodasamakarsidigantara – She who is enjoying a camphor-laden betel roll, the fragrance
of which is attracting people from all directions
27) nijasallapamadhuryavinirbhartsitakacchapi – She who excels even the veeNa of sarasvatI in the sweetness
of Her speech
28) mandasmitaprabhapuramajjatkamesamanasa – She who submerges even the mind of KAmesha(Lord shiva) in
the radiance of Her smile
29) anakalitasadrsyacibukasrivirajita – She whose chin cannot be compared to anything(it is beyond
camporison because of its unparalleled beauty)
30) kamesabaddhamangalyasutrasobhitakandhara – She whose neck is adorned with the marriage thread tied by KAmesha
31) kanakangadakeyurakamaniyabhujanvita – She whose arms are beautifully adorned with golden armlets
32) ratnagraiveyacintakalolamuktaphalanvita – She whose neck is resplendent with a gem-studded necklace with
a locket made of pearl
33) kamesvarapremaratnamanipratipanastani – She who gives Her breasts to KAmeshvara in return for the gem
of love He bestows on Her
34) nabhyalavalaromalilataphalakucadvayi – She whose breasts are the fruits on the creeper of the fine
hairline that starts in the depths of Her navel and spreads
35) laksyaromalatadharatasamunneyamadhyama – She who has a waist, the existence of which can only be inferred
by the fact that the creeper of Her hairline springs from it
36) stanabharadalanmadhyapattabandhavalitraya – She whose abdomen has three folds which form a belt to support
Her waist from breaking under the weight of Her breasts
37) arunarunakausumbhavastrabhasvatkatitati – She whose hips are adorned with a garment as red as the rising
sun, which is dyed with an extract from safflower (kusumbha)
38) ratnakinkinikaramyarasanadamabhusita – She who is adorned with a girdle which is decorated with many
gem-studded bells
39) kamesajnatasaubhagyamardavorudvayanvita – The beauty and softness of whose thighs are known only to
kAmesha, Her husband
40) manikyamakutakarajanudvayavirajita – She whose knees are like crowns shaped from the precious red
jewel, mAnikya (a kind of ruby)
41) indragopapariksiptasmaratunabhajanghika – She whose calves gleam like the jewel-covered quiver of the
God of Love
42) gudhagulpha – She whose ankles are hidden
43) kurmaprsthajayisnuprapadanvita – She whose feet have arches that rival the back of a tortoise
in smooothness and beauty
44) nakhadidhitisamchannanamajjanatamoguna – She whose toenails give out such a radiance that all the
darkness of ignorance is dispelled completely from those
devotees who prostrate at Her feet
45) padadvayaprabhajalaparakrtasaroruha – She whose feet defeat lotus flowers in radiance
46) sinjanamanimanjiramanditasripadambuja – She whose auspicious lotus feet are adorned with gem-studded
golden anklets that tinkle sweetly
47) maralimandagamana – She whose gait is as slow and gentle as that of a swan
48) mahalavanyasevadhiḥ – She who is the treasure-house of beauty
49) sarvaruna – She who is entirely red in complexion
50) anavadyangi – She whose body is worthy of worship

51) sarvabharanabhusita – She who is resplendent with all types of ornaments
52) sivakamesvarankastha – She who sits in the lap of shiva, who is the conqueror of desire
53) siva – She who bestows all that is auspicious
54) svadhinavallabha – She who keeps Her husband always under Her control
55) sumerumadhyasa‍rngastha – She who sits on the middle peak of Mount Sumeru
56) srimannagaranayika – She who is the Mistress of the most auspicious (or prosperous)
57) cintamanigrhantastha – She who resides in a house built of the chintAmaNi
58) pancabrahmasanasthita – She who sits on a seat made of five BrahmAs
59) mahapadmatavisamstha – She who resides in the great lotus forest
60) kadambavanavasini – She who resides in the kadamba forest
61) sudhasagaramadhyastha – She who resides in the center of the ocean of nectar
62) kamaksi – She whose eyes awaken desire, or She who has beautiful eyes
63) kamadayini – She who grants all wishes
64) devarsiganasanghatastuyamanatmavaibhava – She whose might is the subject of praise by multitudes of gods
and sages
65) bhandasuravadhodyuktasaktisenasamanvita – She who is endowed with an army of shaktis intent on slaying
66) sampatkarisamarudhasindhuravrajasevita – Who is attended by a herd of elephants ably commanded by sampatkarI
67) asvarudhadhisthitasvakotikotibhiravrta – She who is surrounded by a cavalry of several million horses
which are under the command of the shakti, ashvArUDhA
68) cakrarajaratharudhasarvayudhapariskrta – She who shines in Her chariot chakrarAja, equipped with all
kinds of weapons
69) geyacakraratharudhamantriniparisevita – She who is served by the shakti named mantriNI who rides the
chariot known as geyacakra
70) kiricakraratharudhadandanathapuraskrta – She who is escorted by the shakti known as daNDanAthA, seated
in the kirichakra chariot
71) jvalamalinikaksiptavahniprakaramadhyaga – She who has taken position at the center of the fortress of
fire created by the goddess, jvAlAmAlinI
72) bhandasainyavadhodyuktasaktivikramaharsita – She who rejoices at the valor of the shaktis who are intent
on destroying the forces of bhaNDAsura
73) nityaparakramatopaniriksanasamutsuka – She who delights in seeing the might and the pride of Her
nityA deities
74) bhandaputravadhodyuktabalavikramanandita – She who delights in seeing the valor of the goddess bAla who
is intent on killing the sons of bhaNDa
75) mantrinyambaviracitavisangavadhatosita – She who rejoices at the destruction, in battle, of the demon
viShaNga by the mantriNI shakti
76) visukrapranaharanavarahiviryanandita – She who is pleased with the prowess of vArAhI who took the
life of vishukra
77) kamesvaramukhalokakalpitasriganesvara – She who gives rise to gaNesha by a glance at the face of kAmeshvara
78) mahaganesanirbhinnavighnayantrapraharsita – She who rejoices when gaNesha shatters all obstacles
79) bhandasurendranirmuktasastrapratyastravarsini – She who showers counter weapons to each weapon fired at Her
by bhaNDAsura
80) karangulinakhotpannanarayanadasakrtiḥ – She who created from Her fingernails all ten incarnations of
NArAyaNa (viShNu)
81) mahapasupatastragninirdagdhasurasainika – She who burned the armies of the demons in the fire of the
missile, mahApAshupata
82) kamesvarastranirdagdhasabhandasurasunyaka – She who burned and destroyed bhaNDAsura and his capital shUnyaka
with the kAmeshvara missle
83) brahmopendramahendradidevasamstutavaibhava – She whose many powers are extolled by brahmA, viShNu, shiva
and other gods
84) haranetragnisandagdhakamasanjivanausadhiḥ – She who became the life-giving medicine for kAmadeva (the god
of love) who had been burned to ashes by the fire from shiva’s
(third) eye
85) srimadvagbhavakutaikasvarupamukhapankaja – She whose lotus face is the auspicious vAgbhavakUTa (a group
of syllables of the panchadashi mantra)
86) kanthadhaḥkatiparyantamadhyakutasvarupini – She who from Her neck to Her waist is of the form of the
madhyakUTa (the middle six syllables of the panchadashAkShari
87) saktikutaikatapannakatyadhobhagadharini – She whose form below the waist is the shaktikUTa (the last
four syllables of the pancadashAkShari mantra)
88) mulamantratmika – She who is the embodiment of the mUla mantra (the
pancadashAkShari mantra)
89) mulakutatrayakalevara – She whose (subtle) body is made of the three parts of the
pancadashAkShari mantra
90) kulamrtaikarasika – She who is especially fond of the nectar known as kula
91) kulasanketapalini – She who protects the code of rituals of the path of yoga known
as kula
92) kulangana – She who is well-born (who is from a good family)
93) kulantastha – She who resides in the kula vidyA
94) kaulini – She who belongs to the kula
95) kulayogini – She who is the deity in the kulas
96) akula – She who does not have a family
97) samayantastha – She who resides inside ‘samaya’
98) samayacaratatpara – She who is attached to the samaya form of worship
99) muladharaikanilaya – She whose principal abode is the mUlAdhAra
100) brahmagranthivibhedini – She who breaks through the knot of brahma

101) manipurantarudita – She who emerges in the maNipUra cakra
102) visnugranthivibhedini – She who breaks through the knot of viShNu
103) ajnacakrantaralastha – She who resides at the center of the Aj~nA chakra
104) rudragranthivibhedini – She who breaks through the knot of shiva
105) sahasrarambujarudha – She who ascends to the thousand-petaled lotus
106) sudhasarabhivarsini – She who pours out streams of ambrosia
107) tadillatasamaruciḥ – She who is as beautiful as a flash of lightning
108) satcakroparisamsthita – She who resides above the six chakrAs
109) mahasaktiḥ – She who is greatly attached to the festive union of shiva and shakti
110) kundalini – She who has the form a coil
111) bisatantutaniyasi – She who is fine and delicate as the fiber of the lotus
112) bhavani – She who is the wife of bhava (shiva)
113) bhavanagamya – She who is unattainable through imagination or thought
114) bhavaranyakutharika – She who is like an axe to clear the jungle of samsAra
115) bhadrapriya – She who is fond of all auspicious things – who gives all
auspicious things
116) bhadramurtiḥ – She who is the embodiment of auspiciousness or benevolence
117) bhaktasaubhagyadayini – She who confers prosperity on Her devotees
118) bhaktipriya – She who is fond of (and pleased by) devotion
119) bhaktigamya – She who is attained only through devotion
120) bhaktivasya – She who is to be won over by devition
121) bhayapaha – She who dispels fear
122) sambhavi – She who is the wife of shambhu (shiva)
123) saradaradhya – She who is worshipped by sharadA (sarasvatI, the goddess of speech)
124) sarvani – She who is the wife of sharva (shiva)
125) sarmadayini – She who confers happiness
126) sankari – She who gives happiness
127) srikari – She who bestows riches in abundance
128) sadhvi – She who is chaste
129) saraccandranibhanana – She whose face shines like the full moon in the clear autumn sky
130) satodari – She who is slender-waister
131) santimati – She who is peaceful
132) niradhara – She who is without dependence
133) niranjana – She who stays unattached, bound to nothing
134) nirlepa – She who is free from all impurities arising from action
135) nirmala – She who is free from all impurities
136) nitya – She who is eternal
137) nirakara – She who is without form
138) nirakula – She who is without agitation
139) nirguna – She who is beyond all three gunas of nature, namely sattva,
rajas and tamas
140) niskala – She who is without parts
141) santa – She who is tranquil
142) niskama – She who is without desire
143) nirupaplava – She who is indestructible
144) nityamukta – She who is ever free from worldly bonds
145) nirvikara – She who is unchanging
146) nisprapanca – She who is not of this universe
147) nirasraya – She who does not depend on anything
148) nityasuddha – She who is eternally pure
149) nityabuddha – She who is ever wise
150) niravadya – She who is blameless or She who is praiseworthy

151) nirantara – She who is all-pervading
152) niskarana – She who is without cause
153) niskalanka – She who is faultless
154) nirupadhiḥ – She who is not conditioned or has no limitations
155) nirisvara – She who has no superior or protector
156) niraga – She who has no desire
157) ragamathani – She who destroys desires (passions)
158) nirmada – She who is without pride
159) madanasini – She who destroys pride
160) niscinta – She who has no anxiety in anything
161) nirahankara – She who is without egoism) She who is without the concept of
‘I’ and ‘mine’
162) nirmoha – She who is free from delusion
163) mohanasini – She who destroys delusion in Her devotees
164) nirmama – She who has no self-interest in anything
165) mamatahantri – She who destroys the sense of ownership
166) nispapa – She who is without sin
167) papanasini – She who destroys all the sins of Her devotees niShkrodhA
168) niskrodha – She who is without anger
169) krodhasamani – She who destroys anger in Her devotees
170) nirlobha – She who is without greed
171) lobhanasini – She who destroys greed in Her devotees
172) niḥsamsaya – She who is without doubts
173) samsayaghni – She who kills all doubts
174) nirbhava – She who is without origin
175) bhavanasini – She who destroys the sorrow of samsAra (the cycle of birth and death)
176) nirvikalpa – She who is free of false imaginings
177) nirabadha – She who is not disturbed by anything
178) nirbheda – She who is beyond all sense of difference
179) bhedanasini – She who removes from Her devotees all sense of differences
born of vAsanAs
180) nirnasa – She who is imperishable
181) mrtyumathani – She who destroys death
182) niskriya – She who remains without action
183) nisparigraha – She who does not acquire or accept anything
184) nistula – She who is incomparable, unequalled
185) nilacikura – She who has shining black hair
186) nirapaya – She who is imperishable
187) niratyaya – She who cannot be transgressed
188) durlabha – She who is won only with much difficulty
189) durgama – She who is approachable only with extreme effort
190) durga – She who is the Goddess DurgA
191) duḥkhahantri – She who is the destroyer of sorrow
192) sukhaprada – She who is the giver of happiness
193) dustadura – She who is unapproachable by sinners
194) duracarasamani – She who stops evil customs
195) dosavarjita – She who is free from all faults
196) sarvajna – She who is omniscient
197) sandrakaruna – She who shows intense compassion
198) samanadhikavarjita – She who has neither equal nor superior
199) sarvasaktimayi – She who has all the divine powers (she who is omnipotent)
200) sarvamangala – She who is the source of all that is auspicious

201) sadgatiprada – She who leads into the right path
202) sarvesvari – She who rules over all the living and non-living things
203) sarvamayi – She who pervades every living and non-living thing
204) sarvamantrasvarupini – She who is the essence of all the mantras
205) sarvayantratmika – She who is the soul of all yantras
206) sarvatantrarupa – She who is the soul(embodiment) of all tantras
207) manonmani – She who is shiva’s shakti
208) mahesvari – She who is the wife of maheshvara
209) mahadevi – She who has the immeasurable body
210) mahalaksmi – She who is the great goddess lakShmI
211) mrdapriya – She who is the beloved of mRiDa (shiva)
212) maharupa – She who has a great form
213) mahapujya – She who is the greatest object of worship
214) mahapatakanasini – She who destroys even the greatest of sins
215) mahamaya – She who is the great illusion
216) mahasattva – She who possesses great sattva
217) mahasaktiḥ – She who has great power
218) maharatiḥ – She who is boundless delight
219) mahabhoga – She who has immense wealth
220) mahaisvarya – She who has supreme sovereignty
221) mahavirya – She who is supreme in valor
222) mahabala – She who is supreme in might
223) mahabuddhiḥ – She who is supreme in intelligence
224) mahasiddhiḥ – She who is endowed with the highest attainments
225) mahayogesvaresvari – She who is the object of worship even by the greatest of yogis
226) mahatantra – She who is worshipped by the great Tantras such as kulArnava
and jnAnArnava
227) mahamantra – She who is the greatest mantra
228) mahayantra – She who is in the form of the great yantras
229) mahasana – She who is seated on great seats
230) mahayagakramaradhya – She who is worshipped by the ritual of mahAyAga
231) mahabhairavapujita – She who is worshipped even by mahAbhairava (shiva)
232) mahesvaramahakalpamahatandavasaksini – She who is the witness of the great dance of maheshvara (shiva)
at the end of the great cycle of creation
233) mahakamesamahisi – She who is the great queen of mahAkAmeshvara (shiva)
234) mahatripurasundari – She who is the great tripurasundarI
235) catussastyupacaradhya – She who is adored in sixty-four ceremonies
236) catussastikalamayi – She who embodies the sixty-four fine arts
237) mahacatussastikotiyoginiganasevita – She who is attended (served) by sixty-four crores of bands of yoginis
238) manuvidya – She who is the embodiment of manuvidyA
239) candravidya – She who is the embodiment of chandravidya
240) candramandalamadhyaga – She who resides in the center of chandramaNDala, the moon’s disc
241) carurupa – She who has a beauty that does not wax or wane
242) caruhasa – She who has a beautiful smile
243) carucandrakaladhara – She who wears of beautiful crescent moon that does not wax or wane
244) caracarajagannatha – She who is the ruler of the animate and inanimate worlds
245) cakrarajaniketana – She who abides in the shrI chakra
246) parvati – She who is the daughter of the Mountain (Mount Himavat or HimAlaya)
247) padmanayana – She who has eyes that are long and beautiful like the petals
of the lotus flower
248) padmaragasamaprabha – She who has a resplendent red complexion like the ruby
249) pancapretasanasina – She who sits on the seat formed by the five corpses
250) pancabrahmasvarupini – She whose form is composed of the five brahmas
251) cinmayi – She who is consciousness itself
252) paramananda – She who is supreme bliss
253) vijnanaghanarupini – She who is the embodiment of all-pervading solid intelligence
254) dhyanadhyatrdhyeyarupa – She who shines as meditation, meditator and the object of meditation
255) dharmadharmavivarjita – She who is devoid of(who transcends) both virtue and vice
256) visvarupa – She who has the whole universe as Her form
257) jagarini – She who is in the waking state, or She who assumes the form
of the jIva who is in the waking state
258) svapanti – She who is in the dream state or She who assumes the form of
the jIva in the dream state
259) taijasatmika – She who is the soul of taijasA (jIva in the dream state,
proud of its subtle body)
260) supta – She who is in the deep-sleep state or assumes the form of the
jiva experiencing deep sleep
261) prajnatmika – She who is not separate from prAj~nA (deep sleep)
262) turya – She who is in the state of turya (fourth state in which the
ultimate realization of Atman is obtained)
263) sarvavasthavivarjita – She who transcends all states
264) srstikartri – She who is the creator
265) brahmarupa – She who is in the form of brahma
266) goptri – She who protects
267) govindarupini – She who has assumed the form of govinda (viShNu) for the
preservation of the universe
268) samharini – She who is the destroyer of the universe
269) rudrarupa – She who is has assumed the form of rudra (shiva) for the
dissolution of the universe
270) tirodhanakari – She who causes the disappearance of all things
271) isvari – She who protects and rules everything
272) sadasiva – She who is sadAshiva, one who always bestows auspiciousness
273) anugrahada – She who confers blessing
274) pancakrtyaparayana – She who is devoted to the five functions (of creation,
preservation, destruction, annihilation and reappearance)
275) bhanumandalamadhyastha – She who abides at the center of the sun’s disc
276) bhairavi – She who is the wife of bhairava (shiva)
277) bhagamalini – She who wears a garland made of the six excellences (of
auspiciousness, supremacy, fame, valor, detachment and
278) padmasana – She who is seated in the lotus flower
279) bhagavati – She who protects those who worship Her
280) padmanabhasahodari – She who is viShNu’s sister
281) unmesanimisotpannavipannabhuvanavali – She who causes a series of worlds to arise and disappear with
the opening and closing of Her eyes
282) sahasrasirsavadana – She who has a thousand heads and faces
283) sahasraksi – She who has a thousand eyes
284) sahasrapat – She who has a thousand feet
285) abrahmakitajanani – She who is the mother of everything from brahmA to the lowliest
286) varnasramavidhayini – She who established the order of the social division in life
287) nijajnarupanigama – She whose commands take the form of the vedas
288) punyapunyaphalaprada – She who dispenses the fruits of both good and evil actions
289) srutisimantasindurikrtapadabjadhulika – She who is the one the dust from whose feet forms the vermillion
marks at the parting line of the hair of the shruti devatAs
(vedas personified as goddesses)
290) sakalagamasandohasuktisamputamauktika – She who is the pearl enclosed in the shell made of all the scriptures
291) purusarthaprada – She who grants the (four-fold) objects of human life
292) purna – She who is always whole, without growth or decay
293) bhogini – She who is the enjoyer
294) bhuvanesvari – She who is the ruler of the universe
295) ambika – She who is the mother of the universe
296) anadinidhana – She who has neither beginning nor end
297) haribrahmendrasevita – She who is attended by brahmA, viShNu and indra
298) narayani – She who is the female counterpart of nArAyaNa
299) nadarupa – She who is in the form of sound
300) namarupavivarjita – She who has no name or form

301) hrinkari – She who is the form of syllable ‘hrIM’
302) hrimati – She who is endowed with modesty
303) hrdya – She who abides in the heart
304) heyopadeyavarjita – She who has nothing to reject or accept
305) rajarajarcita – She who is worshipped by the King of kings
306) rajni – She who is the queen of shiva, the Lord of all kings
307) ramya – She who gives delight; She who is lovely
308) rajivalocana – She whose eyes are like rAjiva (lotus)
309) ranjani – She who delights the mind
310) ramani – She who gives joy
311) rasya – She who is to be enjoyed; She who enjoys
312) ranatkinkinimekhala – She who wears a girdle of tinkling bells
313) rama – She who has become lakShmI and sarasvatI
314) rakenduvadana – She who has a delightful face like the full moon
315) ratirupa – She who is in the form of rati, the wife of kAma
316) ratipriya – She who is fond of rati; She who is served by rati
317) raksakari – She who is the protector
318) raksasaghni – She who is the slayer of the entire race of demons
319) rama – She who gives delight
320) ramanalampata – She who is devoted to the Lord of Her heart, Lord shiva
321) kamya – She who is to be desired
322) kamakalarupa – She who is in the form of kAmakalA
323) kadambakusumapriya – She who is especially fond of kadamba flowers
324) kalyani – She who bestows auspiciousness
325) jagatikanda – She who is the root of the whole world
326) karunarasasagara – She who is the ocean of compassion
327) kalavati – She who is the embodiment of all arts
328) kalalapa – She who speaks musically and sweetly
329) kanta – She who is beautiful
330) kadambaripriya – She who is fond of mead
331) varada – She who grants boons generously
332) vamanayana – She who has beautiful eyes
333) varuni madavivhala – She who is intoxicated by vAruNi (ambrosial drink)
334) visvadhika – She who transcends the universe
335) vedavedya – She who is known through the vedas
336) vindhyacalanivasini – She who resides in the vindhya mountains
337) vidhatri – She who creates and sustains this unverse
338) vedajanani – She who is the mother of the vedas
339) visnumaya – She who is the illusory power of viShNu
340) vilasini – She who is playful
341) ksetrasvarupa – She whose body is matter
342) ksetresi – She who is the wife of kShetresha (shiva)
343) ksetraksetrajnapalini – She who is the protector of matter and the knower of matter,
therefore the protector of body and soul
344) ksayavrddhivinirmukta – She who is free from growth and decay
345) ksetrapalasamarcita – She who is worshipped by kShetrapAla (shiva in infant form)
346) vijaya – She who is ever-victorious
347) vimala – She who is without a trace of impurity
348) vandya – She who is adorable, worthy of worship
349) vandarujanavatsala – She who is full of motherlly love for those who worship Her
350) vagvadini – She who speaks

351) vamakesi – She who has beautiful hair
352) vahnimandalavasini – She who resides in the disc of fire
353) bhaktimatkalpalatika – She who is the kalpa (wish-granting) creeper to Her devotees
354) pasupasavimocini – She who releases the ignorant from bondage
355) samhrtasesapasanda – She who destroys all heretics
356) sadacarapravartika – She who is immersed in (and inspires others to follow) right conduct
357) tapatrayagnisantaptasamahladanacandrika – She who is the moonlight that gives joy to those burned by
the triple fire of misery
358) taruni – She who is ever young
359) tapasaradhya – She who is worshipped by ascetics
360) tanumadhya – She who is slender-waisted
361) tamo’paha – She who removes the ignorance born of tamas
362) cit (citiḥ) – She who is in the form of pure intelligence
363) tatpadalaksyartha – She who is the embodiment of truth (which is indicated by the
word ‘tat’)
364) cidekarasarupini – She who is of the nature of the pure intelligence) She who
is the cause of knowledge
365) svatmanandalavibhutabrahmadyanandasantatiḥ – She who makes the bliss of brahmA and others insignificant
compared to Her own bliss
366) para – She who is the supreme; She who transcends all
367) pratyakcitirupa – She who is of the nature of unmanifested consciousness or of
unmanifested brahman
368) pasyanti – She who is pashyantI, the second level of sound after parA in
the svAdhiShTAna chakra
369) paradevata – She who is the supreme deity; parAshakti
370) madhyama – She who stays in the middle
371) vaikharirupa – She who is in the form of vaikharI (sound in the manifested,
audible form)
372) bhaktamanasahamsika – She who is the swan in the minds of Her devotees
373) kamesvaraprananadi – She who is the very life of kAmeshvara, Her consort
374) krtajna – She who knows all of our actions as they occur
375) kamapujita – She who is worshipped by kAma
376) sa‍rngararasasampurna – She who is filled with the essence of Love
377) jaya – She who is victorious always and everywhere
378) jalandharasthita – She who resides in the jAlandhara pITha (in the throat region)
379) odyanapithanilaya – She whose abode is the center known as oDyANa (in the Aj~nA chakra)
380) bindumandalavasini – She who resides in the bindumaNDala (in shrI chakra)
381) rahoyagakramaradhya – She who is worshipped in secret through sacrificial rites
382) rahastarpanatarpita – She who is to be gratified by the secret rites of worship
383) sadyaḥprasadini – She who bestows Her grace immediately
384) visvasaksini – She who is witness to the whole universe
385) saksivarjita – She who has no other witness
386) sadangadevatayukta – She who is accompanied by the deities of the six angAs (heart,
head, hair, eyes, armor and weapons)
387) sadgunyaparipurita – She who is fully endowed with the six good qualities
(prosperity, valor, dispassion, fame, wealth and wisdom)
388) nityaklinna – She who is ever compassionate
389) nirupama – She who is incomparable
390) nirvana sukhadayini – She who confers the bliss of Liberation
391) nitya-sodasikarupa – She who is in the form of the sixteen daily deities (i.e.,
kAmeshvari, bhagamAlinI, nityaklinnA, bheruNDA, vahnivAsinI,
mahAvajreshvarI, shivadUtI, tvaritA, kulasundarI, nityA,
nIlapatAkinI, vijayA, sarvamangalA, jvAlAmAlinI, chitrA
and tripurasundarI)
392) srikanthardhasaririni – She who possesses half of the body of shrikaNTha (shiva).
She who is in the form of ardhanArishvara
393) prabhavati – She who is effulgent
394) prabharupa – She who is effulgence
395) prasiddha – She who is celebrated
396) paramesvari – She who is the supreme sovereign
397) mulaprakrtiḥ – She who is the first cause of the entire universe
398) avyakta – She who is unmanifested
399) vyaktavyaktasvarupini – She who is in the manifested and unmanifested forms
400) vyapini – She who is all-pervading

401) vividhakara – She who has a multitude of forms
402) vidya’vidyasvarupini – She who is the form of both knowledge and ignorance
403) mahakamesanayanakumudahladakaumudi – She whois the moonlight that gladdens the water-lilies that
are mahAkAmesha’s eyes
404) bhaktahardatamobhedabhanumadbhanusantatiḥ – She who is the sunbeam which dispels the darkness from the
heart of Her devotees
405) sivaduti – She for whom shiva is the messenger; She who is shiva’s messenger
406) sivaradhya – She who is worshipped by shiva
407) sivamurtiḥ – She whose form is shiva Himself
408) sivankari – She who confers prosperity (auspiciousness, happiness)) She
who turns Her devotees into shiva
409) sivapriya – She who is beloved of shiva
410) sivapara – She who is solely devoted to shiva
411) sistesta – She who is loved by the righteous; She who is the chosen deity
of devotees; She who loves righteous people
412) sistapujita – She who is always worshipped by the righteous
413) aprameya – She who is immeasurable by the senses
414) svaprakasa – She who is self-luminous
415) manovacamagocara – She who is beyond the range of mind and speech
416) cicchaktiḥ – She who is the power of consciousness
417) cetanarupa – She who is pure consciousness
418) jadasaktiḥ – She who is the mAyA that has transformed itself as the power
of creation
419) jadatmika – She who is in the form of the inanimate world
420) gayatri – She who is the gAyatrI mantra
421) vyahrtiḥ – She who is in the nature of utterance; She who presides over
the power of speech
422) sandhya – She who is in the form of twilight
423) dvijavrndanisevita – She who is worshipped by the twice-born
424) tattvasana – She who has tattvas as Her seat; She who abides in tattva
425) tat – She who is meant by ‘That’, the supreme truth, brahman
426) tvam – She who is referred to, by ‘Thou’
427) ayi – Oh, Mother! (The split in names of 425-427 may not be proper.)
428) pancakosantarasthita – She who resides within the five sheaths
429) niḥsimamahima – She whose glory is limitless
430) nityayauvana – She who is ever youthful
431) madasalini – She who is shining in a state of inebriation or intoxication
432) madaghurnitaraktaksi – She whose eyes are reddened, rolling with rapture and inward-looking
433) madapatalagandabhuḥ – She whose cheeks are rosy with rapture
434) candanadravadigdhangi – She whose body is smeared with sandalwood paste
435) campeyakusumapriya – She who is especially fond of champaka flowers
436) kusala – She who is skillful
437) komalakara – She who is graceful in form
438) kurukulla – She who is the shakti, kurukullA (residing in kuruvindA ruby)
439) kulesvari – She who is the ruler of kula (the triad of knower, the known
and knowledge)
440) kulakundalaya – She who abides in the kulakuNDa (the bindu at the center of
the pericarp in mUlAdhAra chakra
441) kaulamargatatparasevita – She who is worshipped by those devoted to the kaula tradition
442) kumaragananathamba – She who is the mother of kumAra(subrahmanya) and gaNanAtha(GaNapathi)
443) tustiḥ – She who is ever content
444) pustiḥ – She who is the power of nourishment
445) matiḥ – She who manifests as intelligence
446) dhrtiḥ – She who is fortitude
447) santiḥ – She who is tranquility itself
448) svastimati – She who is the ultimate truth
449) kantiḥ – She who is effulgence
450) nandini – She who gives delight

451) vighnanasini – She who destroys all obstaces
452) tejovati – She who is effulgent
453) trinayana – She who has the sun, moon and fire as Her three eyes
454) lolaksi – She who has rolling eyes) separate name kamarupini –
She who is in the form of love in women
455) malini – She who is wearing garlands
456) hamsini – She who is not separate from hamsas (the yogins who have
reached great spiritual heights)
457) mata – She who is the mother of the universe
458) malayacalavasini – She who resides in the malaya mountain
459) sumukhi – She who has a beautiful face
460) nalini – She whose body is soft and beautiful like lotus petals
461) subhruḥ – She who has beautiful eyebrows
462) sobhana – She who is always radiant
463) suranayika – She who is the leader of the gods
464) kalakanthi – She who is the wife of shiva
465) kantimati – She who is radiant
466) ksobhini – She who creates upheaval in the mind
467) suksmarupini – She who has a form that is too subtle to be perceived by the
sense organs
468) vajresvari – She who is vajreshvarI, the sixth daily deity
469) vamadevi – She who is the wife of vAma deva (shiva)
470) vayo’vasthavivarjita – She who is exempt from changes due to age (time)
471) siddhesvari – She who is the goddess worshipped by spiritual adepts
472) siddhavidya – She who is in the form of siddhavidyA, the fifteen-syllabled mantra
473) siddhamata – She who is the mother of siddhas
474) yasasvini – She who is of unequalled renown
475) visuddhicakranilaya – She who resides in the vishuddhi chakra
476) araktavarna – She who is of slightly red (rosy) complexion
477) trilocana – She who has thhree eyes
478) khatvangadipraharana – She who is armed with a club and other weapons
479) vadanaikasamanvita – She who possesses only one face
480) payasannapriya – She who is especially fond of sweet rice
481) tvakstha – She who is the deity of the organ of touch (skin)
482) pasulokabhayankari – She who fills with fear the mortal beings bound by worldly existence
483) amrtadimahasaktisamvrta – She who is surrounded by amRitA and other shakti deities
484) dakinisvari – She who is the DAkinI deity
485) anahatabjanilaya – She who resides in the anAhata lotus in the heart
486) syamabha – She who is black in complexion
487) vadanadvaya – She who has two faces
488) damstrojjvala – She who has shining tusks
489) aksamaladidhara – She who is wearing garlands of rudrAkSha beads and other things
490) rudhirasamsthita – She who presides over the blood in the bodies of living beings
491) kalaratryadisaktyaughavrta – She who is surrounded by kAlarAtri and other shaktis
492) snigdhaudanapriya – She who is fond of food offerings containing ghee, oil and
other substances containing fats
493) mahavirendravarada – She who bestows boons on great warriors
494) rakinyambasvarupini – She who is in the form of the rAkiNi deity
495) manipurabjanilaya – She who resides in the ten-petaled lotus in the maNipUraka chakra
496) vadanatrayasamyuta – She who has three faces
497) vajradikayudhopeta – She who holds the vajra (lightning bolt) and other weapons
498) damaryadibhiravrta – She who is surrounded by DAmarI and other attending deities
499) raktavarna – She who is red in complexion
500) mamsanistha – She who presides over the flesh in living beings

501) gudannapritamanasa – She who is fond of sweet rice made with raw sugar
502) samastabhaktasukhada – She who confers happiness on all Her devotees
503) lakinyambasvarupini – She who is in the form of the lAkinI yoginI
504) svadhisthanambujagata – She who resides in the six-petaled lotus in the svAdhiShTAna,
kAkinI yoginI
505) caturvaktramanohara – She who has four beautiful faces
506) suladyayudhasampanna – She who possesses the trident and other weapons (i.e., noose,
skull and abhaya)
507) pitavarna – She who is yellow in color
508) atigarvita – She who is very proud
509) medonistha – She who resides in the fat in living beings
510) madhuprita – She who is fond of honey and other offerings made with honey
511) bandhinyadisamanvita – She who is accompanied by bandhini and other shaktis
512) dadhyannasaktahrdaya – She who is particularly fond of offerings made with curd
513) kakinirupadharini – She who is in the form of kAkinI yoginI
514) muladharambujarudha – She who is resident in the lotus in the mUlAdhAra
515) pancavaktra – She who has five faces
516) asthisamsthita – She who resides in the bones
517) ankusadipraharana – She who holds the goad and other weapons
518) varadadinisevita – She who is attended by varadA and other shaktis
519) mudgaudanasaktacitta – She who is particularly fond of food offerings made of mudga,
a lentil
520) sakinyambasvarupini – She who is in the form of sAkinI yoginI
521) ajnacakrabjanilaya – She who resides in the two-petaled lotus in the AjnAchakra
522) suklavarna – She who is white in color
523) sadanana – She who has six faces
524) majjasamstha – She who is the presiding deity of the bone marrow
525) hamsavatimukhyasaktisamanvita – She who is accompanied by the shaktis hamsavatI and kShamAvati
(in the two petals of the lotus)
526) haridrannaikarasika – She who is fond of food seasoned with turmeric
527) hakinirupadharini – She who is in the form of hAkinI devI
528) sahasradalapadmastha – She who resides in the thousand-petaled lotus
529) sarvavarnopasobhita – She who is radiant in many colors
530) sarvayudhadhara – She who holds all the known weapons
531) suklasamsthita – She who resides in the semen
532) sarvatomukhi – She who has faces turned in all directions
533) sarvaudanapritacitta – She who is pleased by all offerings of food
534) yakinyambasvarupini – She who is in the form of the yAkinI yoginI
535) svaha – She who is the object of the invocation ‘svAhA’ at the end
of mantras chanted while offering oblations to the fire in
yAga ceremonies
536) svadha – She who is the object of the ‘svadhA’ invocation at the end
of mantras
537) amatiḥ – She who is in the form of ignorance or nescience
538) medha – She who is in the form of wisdom (knowledge)
539) srutiḥ – She who is in the form of the vedas
540) smrtiḥ – She who is in the form of smRiti (works based on the meaning
of vedas)
541) anuttama – She who is the best; She who is not excelled by anyone
542) punyakirtiḥ – She whose fame is sacred or righteous
543) punyalabhya – She who is attained only by righteous souls
544) punyasravanakirtana – She who bestows merit on anyone who hears of Her and praises Her
545) pulomajarcita – She who is worshipped by pulomaja (Indra’s wife)
546) bandhamocani – She who is free from bonds; She who gives release from bondage
547) barbaralaka – She who has wavy locks of hair;
548) vimarsarupini – She who is in the form of vimarsha (reflection or meaning)
549) vidya – She who is in the form of knowledge
550) viyadadi jagatprasuḥ – She who is the Mother of the universe, which is the aggregate
of all the elements starting with the ether

551) sarvavyadhiprasamani – She who removes all diseases and sorrows
552) sarvamrtyunivarini – She who guards Her devotees from all
553) agraganya – She who is to be considered the foremost
554) acintyarupa – She who is of a form beyond the reach of thought
555) kalikalmasanasini – She who is the destroyer of the sins of the age of kali
556) katyayani – She who is the daughter of a sage named kata
557) kalahantri – She who is the destroyer of time (death)
558) kamalaksanisevita – She in whom viShNu takes refuge
559) tambulapuritamukhi – She whose mouth is full from chewing betel
560) dadimikusumaprabha – She who shines like a pomegranate flower
561) mrgaksi – She whose eyes are long and beautiful like those of a doe
562) mohini – She who is enchanting
563) mukhya – She who is the first
564) mrdani – She who is the wife of mRiDa (shiva)
565) mitrarupini – She who is the friend of everyone (universe)
566) nityatrpta – She who is eternally contented
567) bhaktanidhiḥ – She who is the treasure of the devotees
568) niyantri – She who controls and guides all beings on the right path
569) nikhilesvari – She who is the ruler of all
570) maitryadivasanalabhya – She who is to be attained by love and other good dispositions
571) mahapralayasaksini – She who is witness to the great dissolution
572) parasaktiḥ – She who is the original, supreme power
573) paranistha – She who is the supreme end, the supreme abidance
574) prajnanaghanarupini – She who is pure, condensed knowledge
575) madhvipanalasa – She who is languid from drinking wine; She who is not eager
for anything
576) matta – She who is intoxicated
577) matrkavarnarupini – She who is in the form of the letters of the alphabet
578) mahakailasanilaya – She who resides in the great kailAsa
579) mrnalamrdudorlata – She whose arms are as soft and cool as the lotus stem
580) mahaniya – She who is adorable
581) dayamurtiḥ – She who is the personification of compassion
582) mahasamrajyasalini – She who controls the great empire of the three worlds
583) atmavidya – She who is the knowledge of the self
584) mahavidya – She who is the seat of exalted knowledge, the knowledge of the self
585) srividya – She who is sacred knowledge (pa~nchadashi mantra)
586) kamasevita – She who is worshipped by kAmadeva
587) srisodasaksarividya – She who is in the form of the sixteen-syllabled mantra
588) trikuta – She who is in the three parts (of pa~nchadashI mantra)
589) kamakotika – She, of whom kAma (shiva) is a part or an approximate form
590) kataksakinkaribhutakamalakotisevita – She who is attended by millions of lakShmis who are subdued
by Hern mere glances
591) siraḥsthita – She who resides in the head
592) candranibha – She who is resplendent like the moon
593) bhalastha – She who resides in the forehead (between the eyebrows)
594) indradhanuḥprabha – She who is resplendent like the rainbow
595) hrdayastha – She who resides in the heart
596) raviprakhya – She who shines with the special brilliance of the sun
597) trikonantaradipika – She who shines as a light within the triangle
598) daksayani – She who is satIdevI, the daughter of dakSha prajApati
599) daityahantri – She who is the killer of demons
600) daksayajnavinasini – She who is the destroyer of the sacrifice conducted by dakSha

601) darandolitadirghaksi – She who has long, tremulous eyes
602) darahasojjvalanmukhi – She whose face is radiant with a smile
603) gurumurtiḥ – She who has assumed a severe form or one who has assumed the
form of the guru
604) gunanidhiḥ – She who is the treasure house of all good qualities
605) gomata – She who became surabhI, the cow that grants all wishes
606) guhajanmabhuḥ – She who is the mother of guhA (subramaNya)
607) devesi – She who is the protector of the gods
608) dandanitistha – She who maintains the rules of jusstice without the slightest error
609) daharakasarupini – She who is the subtle self in the heart
610) pratipanmukhyarakantatithimandalapujita – She who is worshipped daily starting with pratipad (first day
of the lunar half-month) and ending with the full moon
611) kalatmika – She who is in the form of the kalAs
612) kalanatha – She who is the mistress of all the kalAs
613) kavyalapavinodini – She who delights in hearing poetry
614) sacamararamavanisavyadaksinasevita – She who is attended by lakShmI on the left side and sarasvatI
on the right side, bearing ceremonial fans
615) adisaktiḥ – She who is the primordial power, the parAshakti who is the
cause of the universe
616) ameya – She who is not measurable by any means
617) atma – She who is the self in all
618) parama – She who is the supreme
619) pavanakrtiḥ – She who is of sacred form
620) anekakotibrahmandajanani – She who is the creator of many crores of worlds
621) divyavigraha – She who has a divine body
622) klinkari – She who is creator of the syllable ‘klIM’
623) kevala – She who is the absolute, as She is complete, independent and
without any attributes
624) guhya – She who is to be known in secret
625) kaivalyapadadayini – She who bestows liberation
626) tripura – She who is older than the three (trinity of brahmaA viShNu and shiva)
627) trijagadvandya – She who is adored by the inhabitants of all three worlds
628) trimurtiḥ – She who is the aggregate of the trinity (brahmA, viShNu and shiva)
629) tridasesvari – She who is the ruler of the gods
630) tryaksari – She whose form consists of three letters or syllables (Om = a u m)
631) divyagandhadhya – She who is richly endowed with divine fragrance
632) sinduratilakancita – She who shines witha vermillion mark on Her forehead; She who
is decorated with a special paste made of vermilion
633) uma – She who is pArvatI devI
634) sailendratanaya – She who is the daughter of himavat, the king of the mountains
635) gauri – She who has a fair complexion
636) gandharvasevita – She who is served by gandharvas (like vishvAvasu)
637) visvagarbha – She who contains the whole universe in Her womb
638) svarnagarbha – She who is the cause of the universe
639) avarada – She who destroys the unholy
640) vagadhisvari – She who presides over speech
641) dhyanagamya – She who is to be attained through meditation
642) aparicchedya – She whose limits cannot be ascertained (unlimited)
643) jnanada – She who gives knowledge of the self
644) jnanavigraha – She who is sthe embodiment of knowledge itself
645) sarvavedantasamvedya – She who is known by all of vedAnta
646) satyanandasvarupini – She whose form is existence and bliss
647) lopamudrarcita – She who is worshipped by lopAmudrA (wife of sage agastya)
648) lilakḷptabrahmandamandala – She who has created and maintained the universe purely as a sport
649) adrsya – She who is not perceived by sense organs (normal eyes)
650) drsyarahita – She who has nothing to see

651) vijnatri – She who knows the truth of the physical universe
652) vedyavarjita – She who has nothing left to know
653) yogini – She who is constantly united with parAshiva; She who possesses
the power of yoga
654) yogada – She who bestows the power of yoga
655) yogya – She who deserves yoga of all kinds
656) yogananda – She who is the bliss attained through yoga; She who enjoys
the bliss of yoga
657) yugandhara – She who is the bearer of the yugas
658) icchasaktijnanasaktikriyasaktisvarupini – She who is in the form of the powers of will, knowledge and action
659) sarvadhara – She who is the support of all
660) supratistha – She who is firmly established
661) sadasadrupadharini – She who assumes the forms of both being and non-being
662) astamurtiḥ – She who has eight forms
663) ajajetri – She who conquers ignorance
664) lokayatravidhayini – She who directs the course of the worlds
665) ekakini – She who is the lone one
666) bhumarupa – She who is the aggregate of all existing things
667) nirdvaita – She who is without the sense of duality
668) dvaitavarjita – She who is beyond duality
669) annada – She who is the giver of food to all living things
670) vasuda – She who is the giver of wealth
671) vrddha – She who is ancient
672) brahmatmaikyasvarupini – She whose nature is the union of brahman and Atman
673) brhati – She who is immense
674) brahmani – She who is predominantly sAttvic
675) brahmi – She who presides over speech
676) brahmananda – She who is ever immersed in the bliss of brahman
677) balipriya – She who is especially fond of sacrificial offerings
678) bhasarupa – She who is in the form of language
679) brhatsena – She who has a vast army
680) bhavabhavavivarjita – She who is beyond being and non-being
681) sukharadhya – She who is easily worshipped
682) subhakari – She who does good
683) sobhanasulabhagatiḥ – She who is attained through a bright and easy path
684) rajarajesvari – She who is the ruler of kings and emperors
685) rajyadayini – She who gives dominion
686) rajyavallabha – She who protects all the dominions
687) rajatkrpa – She who has a compassion that captivates everyone
688) rajapithanivesitanijasrita – She who establishes on royal thrones of those who take refuge in Her
689) rajyalaksmi – She who is the embodiment of the prosperity of the world
690) kosanatha – She who is the mistress of the treasury
691) caturangabalesvari – She who commands armies of four types
692) samrajyadayini – She who is the bestower of imperial dominion
693) satyasandha – She who is devoted to (or maintains) truth
694) sagaramekhala – She who is girdled by the oceans
695) diksita – She who is under a vow
696) daityasamani – She who destroys the demons, wicked forces
697) sarvalokavasankari – She who keeps all the worlds under Her control
698) sarvarthadatri – She who grants all desires
699) savitri – She who is the creative power in the universe
700) saccidanandarupini – She who is of the nature of existence, consciousness and bliss

701) desakalaparicchinna – She who is not limited by time and space; She who is not
measured by time and space
702) sarvaga – She who pervades all the worlds and all the living and
non-living things; She who is omnipresent
703) sarvamohini – She who deludes all
704) sarasvati – She who is in the form of knowledge
705) sastramayi – She who is in the form of the scriptures; She whose limbs are
the scriptures
706) guhamba – She who is the mother of guha (subramaNya); She who dwells in
the cave of the heart
707) guhyarupini – She who has a secret form
708) sarvopadhivinirmukta – She who is free from all limitations
709) sadasivapativrata – She who is sadAshiva’s devoted wife
710) sampradayesvari – She who is the guardian of sacred traditions
711) sadhu – She who possesses equanimity
712) i – She who is the symbol ‘I’ (Other versions show 711/712 as
sAdhvI eventhough it is a repetition.)
713) gurumandalarupini – She who embodies in Herself the lineage of Gurus
714) kulottirna – She who transcends the senses
715) bhagaradhya – She who is worshipped in the sun’s disc
716) maya – She who is illusion
717) madhumati – She whose nature is as sweet as honey
718) mahi – She who is the goddess earth
719) ganamba – She who is the mother of shiva’s attendants
720) guhyakaradhya – She who is worshipped by guhyakas (a kind of devAs)
721) komalangi – She who has beautiful limbs
722) gurupriya – She who is beloved of the gurus
723) svatantra – She who is free from all limitations
724) sarvatantresi – She who is the goddess of all tantras
725) daksinamurtirupini – She who is in the form of dakShiNAmUrti
726) sanakadisamaradhya – She who is worshipped by sanaka and other sages
727) sivajnanapradayini – She who bestows the knowledge of siva
728) citkala – She who is the consciousness in brahman
729) anandakalika – She who is the bud of bliss
730) premarupa – She who is pure love
731) priyankari – She who grants what is dear to Her devotees
732) namaparayanaprita – She who is pleased by the repetition of Her names
733) nandividya – She who is the deity worshipped by the nandi mantra
734) natesvari – She who is the wife of natesha (shiva)
735) mithyajagadadhisthana – She who is the basis of the illusory universe
736) muktida – She who gives liberation
737) muktirupini – She who is in the form of liberation
738) lasyapriya – She who is fond of the lAsya dance
739) layakari – She who causes absorption
740) lajja – She who exists as modesty in living beings
741) rambhadivandita – She who is adored by the celestial damsels such as rambhA
742) bhavadavasudhavrstiḥ – She who is the rain of nectar falling on the forest fire of
worldly existence
743) paparanyadavanala – She who is like wild fire to the forest of sins
744) daurbhagyatulavatula – She who is the gale that drives away the cotton wisps of misfortune
745) jaradhvantaraviprabha – She who is the sunlight that dispels the darkness of old age
746) bhagyabdhicandrika – She who is the full moon to the ocean of good fortune
747) bhaktacittakekighanaghana – She who is the cloud that gladdens the peacocks who are the
hearts of Her devotees
748) rogaparvatadambholiḥ – She who is the thunderbolt that shatters the mountain of disease
749) mrtyudarukutharika – She who is the axe that cuts down the tree of death
750) mahesvari – She who is the supreme goddess

751) mahakali – She who is the great kAli
752) mahagrasa – She who devours everything great; She who is the great devourer
753) mahasana – She who eats everything that is great
754) aparna – She who owes no debt
755) candika – She who is angry (at the wicked)
756) candamundasuranisudini – She who killed chaNDa, muNDa and other asuras
757) ksaraksaratmika – She who is in the form of both the perishable and imperishable Atman
758) sarvalokesi – She who is the ruler of all worlds
759) visvadharini – She who supports the universe
760) trivargadatri – She who bestows the three goals of life
761) subhaga – She who is the seat of all prosperity
762) tryambaka – She who has three eyes
763) trigunatmika – She who is the essence of the three gunas
764) svargapavargada – She who bestows heaven and liberation
765) suddha – She who is the purest
766) japapuspanibhakrtiḥ – She whose body is like the hibiscus flower
767) ojovati – She who is full of vitality
768) dyutidhara – She who is full of light and splendor; She who has an aura of light
769) yajnarupa – She who is in the form of sacrifice
770) priyavrata – She who is fond of vows
771) duraradhya – She who is difficult to worship
772) duradharsa – She who is difficult to control
773) patalikusumapriya – She who is fond of the pATali flower (the pale red trumpet flower)
774) mahati – She who is great; She who is in the form of mahatti (nArada’s vINa)
775) merunilaya – She who resides in the meru mountain
776) mandarakusumapriya – She who is fond of the mandAra flowers
777) viraradhya – She who is worshipped by heroic persons
778) viradrupa – She who is in the form of the cosmic whole
779) viraja – She who is without rajas (desire and anger)
780) visvatomukhi – She who faces all directions
781) pratyagrupa – She who is the indwelling self
782) parakasa – She who is the transcendental ether (which is the material
cause of the cosmic and individual bodies)
783) pranada – She who is the giver of life
784) pranarupini – She who is the nature of life
785) martandabhairavaradhya – She who is worshipped by mArtANDabhairava
786) mantrininyastarajyadhuḥ – She who has entrusted Her regal responsibilities to Her mantriNi
787) tripuresi – She who is the goddess of tripura
788) jayatsena – She who has an army which is accustomed only to victory
789) nistraigunya – She who is devoid of the three guNas
790) parapara – She who is both parA and aparA
791) satyajnananandarupa – She who is truth, knowledge and bliss
792) samarasyaparayana – She who is immersed in a state of steady wisdom
793) kapardini – She who is the wife of kapardi (shiva, one with matted hair)
794) kalamala – She who wears all sixty-four forms of art as a garland
795) kamadhuk – She who fulfills all desires
796) kamarupini – She who has a desirable form
797) kalanidhiḥ – She who is the treasurehouse of all arts
798) kavyakala – She who is the art of poetry
799) rasajna – She who knows all the rasas
800) rasasevadhiḥ – She who is the treasurehouse of rasa

801) pusta – She who is always full of vigor, nourishment
802) puratana – She who is ancient
803) pujya – She who is worthy of worship by all
804) puskara – She who is complete; She who gives bourishment to all
805) puskareksana – She who has eyes like lotus petals
806) paranjyotiḥ – She who is the supreme light
807) parandhama – She who is the supreme abode
808) paramanuḥ – She who is the subtlest particle
809) paratpara – She who is tshe most supreme of the supreme ones
810) pasahasta – She who holds a noose in Her hand
811) pasahantri – She who destroys the bonds
812) paramantravibhedini – She who breaks the spell of the evil mantras of the enemies
813) murta – She who has forms
814) amurta – She who has no definite form
815) anityatrpta – She who is satisfied even by our perishable offerings
816) munimanasahamsika – She who is the swan in the mAnasa lake of the minds of sages
817) satyavrata – She who abides firmly in truth
818) satyarupa – She who is truth itself
819) sarvantaryamini – She who dwells inside all
820) sati – She who is reality, the eternal being
821) brahmani – She who is the tail that is brahman; the support for all
822) brahma – She who is brahman
823) janani – She who is the mother
824) bahurupa – She who has a multitude of forms
825) budharcita – She who is worshipped by the wise
826) prasavitri – She who is mother of the universe
827) pracanda – She who is full of awe-inspiring wrath
828) ajna – She who is divine commandment herself
829) pratistha – She who is the foundation
830) prakatakrtiḥ – She who is manifested in the form of the universe
831) pranesvari – She who lords over the five prANas and the senses
832) pranadatri – She who is the giver of life
833) pancasatpitharupini – She who has fifty centers of worship
834) visa‍rnkhala – She who is unfettered, free in every way
835) viviktastha – She who abides in secluded places
836) viramata – She who is the mother of the valiant
837) viyatprasuḥ – She who is the mother to the ether
838) mukunda – She who gives salvation
839) muktinilaya – She who is the abode of salvation
840) mulavigraharupini – She who is the root form of everything
841) bhavajna – She who is the knower of all thoughts and sentiments
842) bhavarogaghni – She who eradicates the diseases of the cycle of birth and death
843) bhavacakrapravartini – She who turns the wheel of the cycle of birth and death
844) chandaḥsara – She who is the essence of all the vedas
845) sastrasara – She who is the essence of all scriptures
846) mantrasara – She who is the essence of all mantras
847) talodari – She who is slender-waisted
848) udarakirtiḥ – She who possesses exalted fame
849) uddamavaibhava – She whose prowess is unlimited
850) varnarupini – She who is in the form of the letters of the alphabets

851) janmamrtyujarataptajanavisrantidayini – She who gives peace and repose to those who are afflicted by
birth, death and decrepitude
852) sarvopanisadudghusta – She who is celebrated by all the upaniShads
853) santyatitakalatmika – She who transcends the state of peace
854) gambhira – She who is unfathomable
855) gaganantastha – She who resides in the ether, space
856) garvita – She who is proud
857) ganalolupa – She who delights in music
858) kalpanarahita – She who is free from imaginary attributes
859) kastha – She who dwells in the highest state (beyond which there is nothing)
860) akanta – She who ends all sins and sorrows
861) kantardhavigraha – She who is half the body of Her husband
862) karyakarananirmukta – She who is free from the bond of cause and effect
863) kamakelitarangita – She who is overflowing with pleasure in the union with kAmeshvara
864) kanatkanakatatanka – She who wears glittering gold ear ornaments
865) lilavigrahadharini – She who assumes various glorious forms as a sport
866) aja – She who has no birth
867) ksayavinirmukta – She who is free from decay
868) mugdha – She who is captivating in Her beauty
869) ksipraprasadini – She who is quickly pleased
870) antarmukhasamaradhya – She who is to be worshipped internally (mentally)
871) bahirmukhasudurlabha – She who is difficult to attain by those whose attention is
directed outwards
872) trayi – She who is the three vedas
873) trivarganilaya – She who is the abode of the threefold aims of human life
874) tristha – She who resides in the three worlds
875) tripuramalini – She who is the goddess of the antardashAra chakra of the shri chakra
876) niramaya – She who is free from diseases of all kinds
877) niralamba – She who depends on none
878) svatmarama – She who rejoices in Her own self
879) sudhasrutiḥ / srtiḥ – She who is the source of nectar
880) samsarapankanirmagnasamuddharanapandita – She who is skilled in raising those who are immersed in the
mire of transmigratory life
881) yajnapriya – She who is fond all sacrifices and other rituals
882) yajnakartri – She who is the doer of sacrificial rites
883) yajamanasvarupini – She who is in the form of yajamAna, who directs sacrificial rites
884) dharmadhara – She who is the support of the code for righteous living
885) dhanadhyaksa – She who oversees wealth
886) dhanadhanyavivardhini – She who increases wealth and harvests
887) viprapriya – She who is fond of the learned
888) viprarupa – She who is in the form of a knower of the self
889) visvabhramanakarini – She who makes the universe go around through Her power of illusion
890) visvagrasa – She who devours the universe
891) vidrumabha – She who shines like coral (with Her red complexion)
892) vaisnavi – She who is in the form of viShNu
893) visnurupini – She who is in a form that extends over the whole universe
894) ayoniḥ – She who is without origin
895) yoninilaya – She who is the seat of all origins
896) kutastha – She who remains unchanged like the anvil
897) kularupini – She who is the deity of the kaula path
898) viragosthipriya – She who is fond of the assembly of warriors
899) vira – She who is heroic
900) naiskarmya – She who abstains from actions

901) nadarupini – She who is in the form of the primal sound
902) vijnanakalana – She who realizes the knowledge of brahman
903) kalya – She who is capable of creation
904) vidagdha – She who is expert in everything
905) baindavasana – She who is seated in the baindava (spot between the eyebrows) chakra
906) tattvadhika – She who transcends all cosmic categories
907) tattvamayi – She who is reality itself; she who is shiva Himself
908) tattvamarthasvarupini – She who is the meaning of tat (that) and tvam (thou)
909) samaganapriya – She who is fond of the chanting of the sAma veda
910) saumya – She who is benign and gentle in nature; of a cool, gentle
nature as the moon
911) sadasivakutumbini – She who is the wife of sadAshiva
912) savyapasavyamargastha – She who occupies (or can be reached by) both the left and
right paths of worship
913) sarvapadvinivarini – She who removes all dangers
914) svastha – She who abides in Herself; She who is free from all afflictions
915) svabhavamadhura – She who is sweet in Her inherent nature
916) dhira – She who is wise; She who gives wisdom
917) dhirasamarcita – She who is worshipped by the wise
918) caitanyarghyasamaradhya – She who is worshipped with consciousness as the oblation
919) caitanyakusumapriya – She who is fond of the flower that is consciousness
920) sadodita – She who is ever shining
921) sadatusta – She who is ever pleased
922) tarunadityapatala – She who is rosy like the morning sun
923) daksinadaksinaradhya – She who is adored by both right and left-handed worshippers
924) darasmeramukhambuja – She whose lotus face holds a sweet smile
925) kaulini kevala – She who is worshipped as pure knowledge (consciousness) by
the spiritual aspirants following the kaula path
926) anarghyakaivalyapadadayini – She who confers the priceless fruit of final liberation
927) stotrapriya – She who is fond of hymns in Her praise
928) stutimati – She who is the true object, the essence, of all praises
929) srutisamstutavaibhava – She whose glory is celebrated in the shrutis
930) manasvini – She who is well-known for Her mind
931) manavati – She who is high-minded; She who has great fame
932) mahesi – She who is the wife of mahesha (shiva)
933) mangalakrtiḥ – She who is of auspicious form
934) visvamata – She who is the mother of the universe
935) jagaddhatri – She who is the mother who protects and sustains the world
936) visalaksi – She who has large eyes
937) viragini – She who is dispassionate
938) pragalbha – She who is skillful and confident
939) paramodara – She who is supremely generous
940) paramoda – She who is supremely joyful
941) manomayi – She who is in the form of the mind
942) vyomakesi – She who has the sky as Her hair
943) vimanastha – She who is seated in Her celestial chariot; She who journeys
in Her celestial chariot along with the gods
944) vajrini – She who bears the vajrA (thunderbolt) weapon
945) vamakesvari – She who is the presiding deity of the vamakeshvara tantra
946) pancayajnapriya – She who is fond of the five forms of sacrifices (agnihotrA,
darshapUrnamAsa, chAturmAsya, goyaj~na and somayaj~na)
947) pancapretamancadhisayini – She who reclines on a couch made of the five corpses
948) pancami – She who is the fifth (after brahmA, viShNu, rudra and Ishvara)
949) pancabhutesi – She who is the goddess of the five elements
950) pancasankhyopacarini – She who is worshipped using five objects (fragrance, flower,
incense, lamp and food) of worship

951) sasvati – She who is eternal
952) sasvataisvarya – She who holds eternal sovereignty
953) sarmada – She who is the giver of happiness
954) sambhumohini – She who deludes shiva
955) dhara – She who is mother earth
956) dharasuta – She who is the daughter of dhara (himavat)
957) dhanya – She who possessses great wealth; She who is extremely blessed
958) dharmini – She who is righteous
959) dharmavardhini – She who promotes righteousness
960) lokatita – She who transcends the worlds
961) gunatita – She who transcends the guNAs
962) sarvatita – She who transcends everything
963) samatmika – She who is of the nature of peace and bliss
964) bandhukakusumaprakhya – She who resembles the bandhUka flower in beauty and grace
965) bala – She who never forsakes the nature of a child
966) lilavinodini – She who delights in Her sport
967) sumangali – She who is eternally auspicious; She who never becomes a widow
968) sukhakari – She who gives happiness
969) suvesadhya – She who is very attractive in Her beautiful rich garments
and ornaments
970) suvasini – She who is ever auspiciously married
971) suvasinyarcanaprita – She who is pleased by the worship performed by married women
972) asobhana – She who is always radiant
973) suddhamanasa – She who is of pure mind; one who purifies the mind of Her worshipers
974) bindutarpanasantusta – She who is pleased by offerings to the bindu (of shrichakra)
975) purvaja – She who is ahead of everyone; first born
976) tripurambika – She who is the mother of the tripuras (three cities)
977) dasamudrasamaradhya – She who is worshipped by ten mudras (sarva sa~NkShobhini,
sarvavidrAvinI, sarvAkarshini, sarvavashankari, sarvonmAdinI,
sarvamahankusha, sarvakhechari, sarva bIja, sarva yoni,
sarva trikhaNDA)
978) tripurasrivasankari – She for whom tripurAshrI is under control
979) jnanamudra – She who is in the form of the j~nAna mudrA
980) jnanagamya – She who is to be attained through the yoga of knowledge
981) jnanajneyasvarupini – She who is both knowledge and the known
982) yonimudra – She who is in the form of the yonimudrA
983) trikhandesi – She who is the ruler of the tenth mudrA, the trikhaNDa
984) triguna – She who is endowed with the three guNas of sattva, rajas and tamas
985) amba – She who is mother of all beings; mother of the universe
986) trikonaga – She who resides in the triangle
987) anagha – She who is sinless
988) adbhutacaritra – She whose deeds are marvelous
989) vanchitarthapradayini – She who gives all the desired objects
990) abhyasatisayajnata – She who is known only through the exceedingly streneous practice
of spiritual discipline
991) sadadhvatitarupini – She whose form transcends the six paths
992) avyajakarunamurtiḥ – She who is pure compassion
993) ajnanadhvantadipika – She who is the bright lamp that dispels the darkness of ignorance
994) abalagopavidita – She who is known well by all, even by children and cowherds
995) sarvanullanghyasasana – She whose commands are not disobeyed by anyone
996) sricakrarajanilaya – She who abides in shrichakra, the king of chakras
997) srimattripurasundari – She who is the divine tripurasundarI devI
998) srisiva – She who is the auspicious and divine shiva
999) sivasaktaikyarupini – She who is the union of shiva and shaktI into one form
1000) lalitambika – She who is the divine mother lalitA

srim hrim aim Om
evam srilalitadevya namnam sahasrakam jaguḥ

॥ iti sribrahmandapurane uttarakhande srihayagrivagastyasamvade
srilalitasahasranamastotrakathanam sampurnam ॥

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