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108 Names Mantra of Goddess Tara in English

The Goddess Tara is worshipped in both Hinduism and Buddhism as the goddess of compassion and protection. In Hinduism, she is a form of the female primordial energy known as shakti. The name comes from the Sanskrit root tar, meaning “protection.” In other Indian languages, the name translates as “star.” Tara first appeared as a deity in Hinduism, but was later adopted by Buddhism. In fact, in some traditions, she is considered the female Buddha. In Tibetan Buddhism, she is the most popular deity worshipped today.

Tara is the second of the ten great wisdom goddesses (dasa mahavidyas). In tantric traditions, she may be considered an incarnation of Durga, Parvati or Mahadevi. Goddess Tara protects those on their journey to enlightenment, as well as earthly travelers. In some traditions, Tara appears in different forms; the two best known versions of her are White Tara, the embodiment of compassion and peace, and Green Tara, who is the great protectress and overcomer of obstacles.

Two of the yoga poses that honor the Goddess Tara are star pose (Tarasana) and seated Tara. In star pose, the yogi sits in butterfly pose, grasps the feet and folds forward. In seated Tara, one leg is bent, with the shin on the ground and close to the body while the other leg is bent, with the knee pointing to the sky and the sole of the foot on the ground. Bhumi sparsha mudra is recommended with the corresponding hand resting on the ground next to the soled foot and the other hand covering the heart center.

Goddess Tara Ashtottara Shatanamavali in English:

1) Om Tarinyai Namah।
2) Om Tarlayai Namah।
3) Om Tanvyai Namah।
4) Om Tarayai Namah।
5) Om Tarunavallaryai Namah।
6) Om Tirarupayai Namah।
7) Om Taryai Namah।
8) Om Shyamayai Namah।
9) Om Tanukshinapayodharayai Namah।
10) Om Turiyayai Namah। || 10 ||

11) Om Tarunayai Namah।
12) Om Tivragamanayai Namah।
13) Om Nilavahinyai Namah।
14) Om Ugratarayai Namah।
15) Om Jayayai Namah।
16) Om Chandyai Namah।
17) Om Shrimadekajatashirayai Namah।
18) Om Tarunyai Namah।
19) Om Shambhavyai Namah।
20) Om Chhinnabhalayai Namah। || 20 ||

21) Om Bhadratarinyai Namah।
22) Om Ugrayai Namah।
23) Om Ugraprabhayai Namah।
24) Om Nilayai Namah।
25) Om Krishnayai Namah।
26) Om Nilasarasvatyai Namah।
27) Om Dvitiyayai Namah।
28) Om Shobhanayai Namah।
29) Om Nityayai Namah।
30) Om Navinayai Namah। || 30 ||

31) Om Nityanutanayai Namah।
32) Om Chandikayai Namah।
33) Om Vijayaradhyayai Namah।
34) Om Devyai Namah।
35) Om Gaganavahinyai Namah।
36) Om Attahasyayai Namah।
37) Om Karalasyayai Namah।
38) Om Charasyayai Namah।
39) Om Aditipujitayai Namah।
40) Om Sagunayai Namah। || 40 ||

41) Om Asagunayai Namah।
42) Om Aradhyayai Namah।
43) Om Harindradevapujitayai Namah।
44) Om Raktapriyayai Namah।
45) Om Raktakshyai Namah।
46) Om Rudhirasyavibhushitayai Namah।
47) Om Balipriyayai Namah।
48) Om Baliratayai Namah।
49) Om Durdhayai Namah।
50) Om Balavatyai Namah। || 50 ||

51) Om Balayai Namah।
52) Om Balapriyayai Namah।
53) Om Balaratayai Namah।
54) Om Balaramaprapujitayai Namah।
55) Om Urdhvakesheshvaryai Namah।
56) Om Keshayai Namah।
57) Om Keshavayai Namah।
58) Om Savibhushitayai Namah।
59) Om Padmamalayai Namah।
60) Om Padmakshyai Namah। || 60 ||

61) Om Kamakhyayai Namah।
62) Om Girinandinyai Namah।
63) Om Dakshinayai Namah।
64) Om Dakshayai Namah।
65) Om Dakshajayai Namah।
66) Om Dakshineratayai Namah।
67) Om Vajrapushpapriyayai Namah।
68) Om Raktapriyayai Namah।
69) Om Kusumabhushitayai Namah।
70) Om Maheshvaryai Namah। || 70 ||

71) Om Mahadevapriyayai Namah।
72) Om Panchavibhushitayai Namah।
73) Om Idayai Namah।
74) Om Pingalayai Namah।
75) Om Sushumnapranarupinyai Namah।
76) Om Gandharyai Namah।
77) Om Panchamyai Namah।
78) Om Panchananadiparipujitayai Namah।
79) Om Tathyavidyayai Namah।
80) Om Tathyarupayai Namah। || 80 ||

81) Om Tathyamarganusarinyai Namah।
82) Om Tattvarupayai Namah।
83) Om Tattvapriyayai Namah।
84) Om Tattvagyanatmikayai Namah।
85) Om Anaghayai Namah।
86) Om Tandavacharasantushtayai Namah।
87) Om Tandavapriyakarinyai Namah।
88) Om Taladanaratayai Namah।
89) Om Kruratapinyai Namah।
90) Om Taraniprabhayai Namah। || 90 ||

91) Om Trapayuktayai Namah।
92) Om Trapamuktayai Namah।
93) Om Tarpitayai Namah।
94) Om Triptikarinyai Namah।
95) Om Tarunyabhavasantushtayai Namah।
96) Om Shaktibhaktanuraginyai Namah।
97) Om Shivasaktayai Namah।
98) Om Shivaratyai Namah।
99) Om Shivabhaktiparayanayai Namah।
100) Om Tamradyutyai Namah। || 100 ||

101) Om Tamraragayai Namah।
102) Om Tamrapatraprabhojinyai Namah।
103) Om Balabhadrapremaratayai Namah।
104) Om Balibhuje Namah।
105) Om Balikalpinyai Namah।
106) Om Ramarupayai Namah।
107) Om Ramashaktyai Namah।
108) Om Ramarupanukarinyai Namah। || 108 ||

108 Names Mantra of Goddess Tara in English

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