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108 Names of Shri Kanyaka Parameshwari | Ashtottara Namavali Stotram English Lyrics

The goddess Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari is the Kula devatha of the Arya Vysia community. Vasavi Matha sacrificed her life to avoid bloodshed and war. Her message to the world is Dharma, integrity, and Ahima. The most famous temple of this goddess is in Penugonda, in the western district of Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.

The goddess Parvathy had asked Narada Maharshi and Maya Brahma to build 18 large towns near west Godavari. So that Arya Vaisyas can live comfortably. The Naradha Maharshi and Maya Brahma had built 18 large towns on the banks of the West Godavari River. Maya Brahma had the easy task of building 18 towns beautifully because she had already built many places for Devatas.

The 18 towns were seen shining in the morning sun. Streams adjacent to the towns flowed and Navarathnas remained in piles in the streets of the towns. There were forts with beautifully decorated entrances and gardens with colorful flowers. Peacocks, parrots and other birds were seen in the garden. Rajbhavan, conference rooms, swimming pools, flower gardens. Veda Patasala, the temples and Gurukulam of Bhaskaracharya were in this city.

After the completion of the construction of these towns, Kamadhenu had brought the Aryavaisyar from Kailasam and stopped near the Godhavari River in the Ananthagiri Hills. Naradha Maharshi, Maya Brahma and Kubera worshiped Kamadhenu. Vaisyas came out of Kamadhenu’s right ear. They worshiped Sage Naradha, Maya Brahma, Kubera and Kamadenu. Sri Vishnu addressed the Arya Vaisyas and said that they had been brought to the earth with the instructions of Adhi Parasakthi.

Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu appeared before Aryauteyas and advised them to follow the Dharma, work hard, do business and protect the cows, you must live like other human beings, said God and he disappeared.

Sri Kanyaka Parameshwari Ashtottara Namavali Stotram Lyrics in English:

sri kanyaka paramesvarya astottarasata namavalih

॥ atha srikanyakaparamesvari astottarasatanamavalih ॥

Om srikarabijamadhyasthayai namah ।
Om srikanyakaparamesvaryai namah ।
Om suddhaspatikavarnabhayai namah ।
Om nanalankarabhusitayai namah ।
Om devadevyai namah ।
Om mahadevyai namah ।
Om kanakangayai namah ।
Om mahesvaryai namah ।
Om muktalankarabhusitayai namah ।
Om cidrupayai namah । 10 ।

Om kanakambarayai namah ।
Om ratnakankanamalyadibhusitayai namah ।
Om hasanmukhayai namah ।
Om sugandhamadhuropetatambulavadanojjvalayai namah ।
Om mahalaksmyai namah ।
Om mahamayine namah ।
Om kinkinibhirvirajitayai namah ।
Om gajalaksmyai namah ।
Om padmahastayai namah ।
Om caturbhujasamanvitayai namah । 20 ।

Om sukahastayai namah ।
Om sobhanangyai namah ।
Om ratnapundrasusobhitayai namah ।
Om kiritaharakeyuravanamalavirajitayai namah ।
Om varadabhayahastayai namah ।
Om varalaksmyai namah ।
Om suresvaryai namah ।
Om padmapatravisalaksyai namah ।
Om makutasobhitayai namah ।
Om vajrakundalabhusitayai namah । 30 ।

Om pugastanavirajitayai namah ।
Om katisutrasamayuktayai namah ।
Om haṃsavahanasobhitayai namah ।
Om paksidhvajayai namah ।
Om svarnachatravirajitayai namah ।
Om digantarayai namah ।
Om ravikotiprabhayai namah ।
Om diptayai namah ।
Om parivarasamanvitayai namah ।
Om camaradyairvirajitayai namah । 40 ।

Om yaksakinnarasevitayai namah ।
Om padanguliyavalayabhusitayai namah ।
Om bhuvanesvaryai namah ।
Om kaumaryai namah ।
Om varadayai namah ।
Om bhadrayai namah ।
Om vaisnavyai namah ।
Om sarvamangalayai namah ।
Om dhanadhanyakaryai namah ।
Om saumyayai namah । 50 ।

Om sundaryai namah ।
Om sripradayikayai namah ।
Om kliṃ bijapadasaṃyuktayai namah ।
Om tasyai kalyanyai namah ।
Om srikarambujayai namah ।
Om bilvalayayai namah ।
Om bhagavatyai namah ।
Om mahamayayai namah ।
Om mahamayine namah ।
Om kanakangayai namah । 60 ।

Om kamarupayai namah ।
Om brahavisnusivatmikayai namah ।
Om kamaksyai namah ।
Om kamadayai namah ।
Om laksmyai namah ।
Om haṃsavahanasobhitayai namah ।
Om sridevyai namah ।
Om haṃsagamanayai namah ।
Om caturvargapradayinyai namah ।
Om santayai namah । 70 ।

Om vaisyapriyakarayai namah ।
Om gobhusvarnapradayikayai namah ।
Om nityaisvaryasamayuktayai namah ।
Om vaisyavṛndena pujitayai namah ।
Om cañcalayai namah ।
Om capalayai namah ।
Om ramyayai namah ।
Om gobhusurahitapradayai namah ।
Om stotrapriyayai namah ।
Om bhadrayasase namah । 80 ।

Om sundaryai namah ।
Om sivasankaryai namah ।
Om satyasiladayapatrayai namah ।
Om bhuktimuktiphalapradayai namah ।
Om suramukhyayai namah ।
Om kambukanthayai namah ।
Om sripradayai namah ।
Om mangalalayayai namah ।
Om kambukanthinyai namah ।
Om kamarupayai namah । 90 ।

Om sarvasankatanasinyai namah ।
Om jñanapradayai namah ।
Om jñanarupayai namah ।
Om kamadayai namah ।
Om karunamayyai namah ।
Om sarvamangalamangalyayai namah ।
Om balayai namah ।
Om paramesvaryai namah ।
Om nityaisvaryapradatryai namah ।
Om mangalayai namah । 100 ।

Om bhuvanesvaryai namah ।
Om sreyovṛddhikarayai namah ।
Om kamalayai namah ।
Om kamarupinyai namah ।
Om lokatrayabhigamyayai namah ।
Om sarvalokahitapradayai namah ।
Om ravikotiprabhapurnayai namah ।
Om kanyakaparamesvaryai namah । 108 ।

iti srikanyakaparamesvaryastottarasatanamavalih ॥

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108 Names of Shri Kanyaka Parameshwari | Ashtottara Namavali Stotram English Lyrics

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