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108 Names of Shri Matangi | Ashtottara Shatanamavali Lyrics in English

About Sri Matangi Devi:

Matangi Devi is the ninth of the ten Mahavidya Goddesses or ten Tantric goddesses. Like Goddess Saraswati, She is a ferocious aspect of the Divine Mother Durga. She is said to be the Tantric form of Sarasvati who is the goddess of art, music and learning. She governs speech, knowledge, music and the arts. Worshipping Her one gets supernatural powers mainly gaining control over opponents, attracting people to oneself and gaining mastery over arts and attaining supreme knowledge.

Goddess Matangi is compared with Goddess Saraswati, She is often associated with pollution and impurity. She is considered an embodiment of Ucchishta which means leftover food in hands and the mouth. Hence, She is also known as Ucchishta Chandalini and Ucchishta Matangini. She is described as an outcaste and offered left-over and partially eaten food i.e. Ucchishta to seek her blessings.

She is seated on an altar and has a smiling face and a green complexion. Her eyes are intoxicated. Her clothes and all of Her ornaments are red. Around Her neck is a garland of kadamba flowers. She is sixteen years old and has very full breasts and a very slim waist. She holds a skull on Her left side and a bloodied chopping blade on Her right, And She plays a jewel-encrusted veena. Her hair is long and wild, and the disc of the moon adorns Her forehead. She perspires slightly around Her face, which makes Her all the more beautiful and bright. Below Her navel are three horizontal folds of skin and a thin vertical line of fine hair. She wears a girdle of jeweled ornaments, as well as bracelets, armlets, and earrings. She represents the 64 arts and She is flanked by two parrots.

Sri Matangi Ashtottarashata Namavali Lyrics in English:

॥sri matangiastottarasatanamavali ॥
sri mahamattamatanginyai namah ।
sri siddhirupayai namah ।
sri yoginyai namah ।
sri bhadrakalyai namah ।
sri ramayai namah ।
sri bhavanyai namah ।
sri bhayapritidayai namah ।
sri bhutiyuktayai namah ।
sri bhavaradhitayai namah ।
sri bhutisampattikaryai namah । 10 ।

sri janadhisamatre namah ।
sri dhanagaradrstyai namah ।
sri dhanesarcitayai namah ।
sri dhivarayai namah ।
sri dhivarangyai namah ।
sri prakrstayai namah ।
sri prabharupinyai namah ।
sri kamarupayai namah ।
sri prahrstayai namah ।
sri mahakirtidayai namah । 20 ।

sri karnanalyai namah ।
sri kalyai namah ।
sri bhagaghorarupayai namah ।
sri bhagangyai namah ।
sri bhagavahyai namah ।
sri bhagapritidayai namah ।
sri bhimarupayai namah ।
sri bhavanimahakausikyai namah ।
sri kosapurnayai namah ।
sri kisoryai namah । 30 ।

sri kisorapriyanandaihayai namah ।
sri mahakaranayai namah ।
sri karanayai namah ।
sri karmasilayai namah ।
sri kapalyai namah ।
sri prasiddhayai namah ।
sri mahasiddhakhandayai namah ।
sri makarapriyayai namah ।
sri manarupayai namah ।
sri mahesyai namah । 40 ।

sri mahollasinyai namah ।
sri lasyalilalayangyai namah ।
sri ksamayai namah ।
sri ksemasilayai namah ।
sri ksapakarinyai namah ।
sri aksayapritidabhutiyuktabhavanyai namah ।
sri bhavaradhitabhutisatyatmikayai namah ।
sri prabhodbhasitayai namah ।
sri bhanubhasvatkarayai namah ।
sri calatkundalayai namah । 50 ।

sri kaminikantayuktayai namah ।
sri kapala’calayai namah ।
sri kalakoddharinyai namah ।
sri kadambapriyayai namah ।
sri kotaryai namah ।
sri kotadehayai namah ।
sri kramayai namah ।
sri kirtidayai namah ।
sri karnarupayai namah ।
sri kaksmyai namah । 60 ।

sri ksamanyai namah ।
sri ksayapremarupayai namah ।
sri ksapayai namah ।
sri ksayaksayai namah ।
sri ksayahvayai namah ।
sri ksayaprantarayai namah ।
sri ksavatkaminyai namah ।
sri ksarinyai namah ।
sri ksirapusayai namah ।
sri sivangyai namah । 70 ।

sri sakambharyai namah ।
sri sakadehayai namah ।
sri mahasakayajnayai namah ।
sri phalaprasakayai namah ।
sri sakahvasakakhyasakayai namah ।
sri sakaksantarosayai namah ।
sri surosayai namah ।
sri surekhayai namah ।
sri mahasesayajnopavitapriyayai namah ।
sri jayantijayajagratiyogyarupayai namah । 80 ।

sri jayangayai namah ।
sri japadhyanasantustasamjnayai namah ।
sri jayapranarupayai namah ।
sri jayasvarnadehayai namah ।
sri jayajvalinyai namah ।
sri yaminyai namah ।
sri yamyarupayai namah ।
sri jaganmatrrupayai namah ।
sri jagadraksanayai namah ।
sri svadhavausadantayai namah । 90 ।

sri vilambavilambayai namah ।
sri sadangayai namah ।
sri mahalambarupa’sihasta”pdaharinyai namah ।
sri mahamangalayai namah ।
sri mangalapremakirtyai namah ।
sri nisumbhaksidayai namah ।
sri sumbhadarpatvahayai namah ।
anandabijadisvarupayai namah ।
sri muktisvarupayai namah ।
sri candamundapadayai namah । 100 ।

sri mukhyacandayai namah ।
sri pracanda’pracandayai namah ।
sri mahacandavegayai namah ।
sri calaccamarayai namah ।
sri camaracandrakirtyai namah ।
sri sucamikarayai namah ।
sri citrabhusojjvalangyai namah ।
sri susangitagitayai namah । 108 ।

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