12 Names of the Moonlike Nityananda Prabhu by Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya

One who recites these 12 auspicious holy names of the moonlike Nityananda-chandra everyday between 6 – 8.30 a.m. will become free from all difficulties, and attain all his most cherished desires. Very soon he will receive the mercy of Shri Chaitanya-deva.

nityanando ´vadhutendur, vasudha-prana-vallabhah
jahnavi-jivita-patih, krishna-prema-pradah prabhu

Shri Nityananda Prabhu is the embodiment of eternal bliss. He is the moon of all avadhutas, and the beloved of the life-breath of Vasudha (his wife). Lord Nityananda is the husband enthusing Jahnavi with life. Nityananda Rama bestows ecstatic love for Krishna, and He is the Lord and Master of the devotees.

Padmavati-sutah shriman, shaci-nandana-purvajah
Bhavonmatto jagat-trata, rakta-gaura-kalevarah

Shri Nityananda is the dear son of Padmavati, and He is full of splendrous transcendental majesty. Nitai is the older brother of Shacimata´s son Nimai. Nityananda Avadhuta is maddened in overwhelming ecstatic emotions. Shri Nityananda Prabhu is the saviour of the universe. His complexion is golden tinged with red.

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