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2016 Kanipakam Brahmotsavam / Ganesh Chaturthi Brahmotsavam Celebrations In Kanipakam Temple 2016

Ganesh Chaturthi Brahmotsavam Celebrations In Kanipakam Temple.
Kanipakam Varasiddi Vinayaka Brahmotsavam 2016 Details.
Ganesh Chaturthi Brahmotsavam Celebrations In Kanipakam Temple.

S.No Day / DateTimeVahanam/ Utsavam
1Vinayaka Chaviti / 05-09-16MorningAbhishekam
2Tuesday / 06-09-16MorningDwajarohanam
Day TimeAbhishekam
NightHamsa Vahanam
3Wednesday / 07-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightNemali Vahanam
4Thursday / 08-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightMooshika Vahanam
5Friday / 09-09-16MondayAbhishekam, Chinna Vahanam
NightBangaru Pedda Sesha Vahanam
6Saturday / 10-09-16MondayAbhishekam
NightVrushabha Vahanam
7Sunday / 11-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightGaja Vahanam
8Monday / 12-09-16MorningAbhishekam
9Tuesday / 13-09-16MorningBhikshandi
Day TimeAbhishekam
NightThiru Kalyanam
10Wednesday / 14-09-16MorningDwajaavarohanam
Day TimeAbhishekam. Varayathu Utsavam
NightEkantha Seva

Kanipakam Special Festivals

11Thursday / 15-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightAdikara Nandi Vahanam
12Friday / 16-09-16MorningNightAbhishekamRavanabramha Vahanam
13Saturday / 17-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightYaali Vahanam
14Sunday / 18-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightSurya Prabha Vahanam
15Monday / 19-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightChandra Prabha Vahanam
16Tuesday / 20-09-16MorningAbhishekam
17Wednesday / 21-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightPushpa Pallaki Seva
18Thursday / 22-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightKamadhenu Vahanam
19Friday / 23-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightKalpavruksha Vahanam
20Saturday / 24-09-16MorningAbhishekam
NightPoolangi Seva
21Sunday / 25-09-16MorningAbhishekam

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