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2017 Ninth Day Ganesha Visarjan Date And Timings

Ganesh Visarjan is on Tuesday 5th September 2017

Ganesh Visarjan Timings:
Auspicious Choghadiya Muhurat for Ganesh Visarjan
Morning Timings(Char, Labh, Amrit) = 8:29 AM – 1:08 PM
Afternoon Timings(Shubh) = 2:41 PM – 4:13 PM
Evening Timings(Labh) = 7:13 PM – 8:41 PM
Night Timings(Shubh, Amrit, Char) = 22:08 – 26:30+

Ganesha Visarjan can be performed on the same day of Ganesha Chaturthi festival, at the end of Ganesha Puja. Most Puja Vidhis of Hindu deities usually include either Visarjan or Utthapana after performing the Puja rituals. However, Ganesha Visarjan on the same day of Ganesha Chaturthi is a less popular ceremony.

One and Half Day Ganesha Visarjan:
When Ganesha Visarjan is done on the next day of Ganesha Chaturthi, it is known as ‘One and Half day’ Ganesha Visarjan. It is regarded as one of the most appropriate days to perform Ganesha Visarjan.

Ganesha devotees, who perform Visarjan on the next day of Ganesha Chaturthi, take the Ganapati idols for Visarjan after Madhyahna (Hindu midday), after performing the Ganesh Puja.

Ganesh Visarjan

Since the Ganesha idol was installed on previous day during Madhyahna and it is taken out for Visarjan on the next day in the second half of the day, this type of Visarjan is known as One and half day Ganesha Visarjan.

3rd Day Visarjan, 5th Day Visarjan and 7th Day Ganesha Visarjan
Even though the day of Anant Chaturdashi is the most auspicious day for Ganesha Visarjan, many devotees do it on the 3rd, 5th or 7th day of Ganesha Chaturthi. It may be noted that all these days are odd numbers. The most important day of Ganesha Visarjan occurs on Anant Chaturdashi day, which is the 11th day of Ganesha Chaturthi.

Ganesha Visarjan on Anant Chaturdashi
Anant Chaturdashi is considered as the most auspicious day for Ganesha Visarjan. Besides, Anant Chaturdashi is highly significant day to worship Lord Vishnu in Anant form. On this day, Vishnu devotees observe a day long fast. They tie a sacred thread during Puja, which is believed to protect them from all sorts of troubles.

Ganeshotsav or Ganesh-Utsav begins on Ganesha Chaturthi and ends on Anant Chaturdashi. It is a 10-day celebration in the month of Bhadrapada. Last day of the festival is known as Ganesha Visarjan. In Telugu speaking regions, Ganesha Visarjan is also known as Vinayaka Nimajjanam.
On the eleventh day, Lord Ganesha idol is immersed into a water body such as river, lake or sea. After performing the final rituals of offering flowers, coconuts, and sweets, the Ganesha idol is taken to the water body in a grand procession with much fanfare. Thousands of devotees join the procession and the whole atmosphere reverberates with the chanting of Lord Ganesha. The famous slogans “Ganapati Bappa Morya” and “Ganesh Maharaj Ki Jai” reverberate throughout the procession.

Several traditional instruments like Dhol, Tasha, etc., accompany the street procession. Ganesha Visarjan is celebrated throughout the night till the next morning. In Mumbai, Ganesha Visarjan is organized by Ganpati Mandals.
Some devotees follow their family tradition and accordingly perform Ganesha Visarjan on the 3rd, 5th or 7th day instead of the 11th day. The idol of Lord Ganesha can be symbolically immersed in a water tub or bucket.

2017 Ninth Day Ganesha Visarjan Date And Timings

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